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  • 2018 Litter, Red x Panda SS034389 Individual pages coming soon
    • Fern Hill Lavender puppy, unnamed ("Sage or Sandie")
    • Fern Hill Pink puppy, unnamed ("Py or Finn")
    • Fern Hill Meadowbrae Full Circle ("Jesse")
    • Fern Hill Kepes Arany Napsugar ("Kepes")
    • Fern Hill Maisy Peaches Dobbs ("Marigold J")
    • Fern Hill Peaches puppy, unnamed ("Nimbus")
    • Fern Hill Limeberry puppy, unnamed ("Angel, Little Rose, or Electra")
    • Fern Hill Daisy ("Daisy")
    • Fern Hill Miss Reykjavik ("Rey")

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