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Fern Hill Bruce XX ("Bruce") SR368103/04
Sire: AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS FDHF CCA
Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
Born August 3, 2006

Bruce, 8 months
Portrait of Bruce

Bruce, whose puppy name was "Banana" because of the yellow collar, was born fourth. He was the smallest puppy but still weighed a nice normal 16 ounces at birth and caught up with the others later. As a puppy here on the farm, he was always one of the first to explore new toys, and one of the most people-oriented of this litter of highly people-oriented puppies. He had a good prey drive, liked to follow and retrieve, and most of all liked to cuddle down on people's laps. We got to keep him for an extra week as the Turnbulls had some scheduling conflicts for his pickup, so we spoiled him rotten! He went home to Mississippi with his new owners, who plan to try out hunting with him. For the first year, he shared space with a girl golden just a month older than Bruce named Beulah, who came from Hilfy's home kennel, Adirondac Golden Retrievers. Her mother and Hilfy are 3/4 sisters, so the two puppies are cousins. Bruce then stayed with the Turnbull's son Randolph, while Beulah went with the elder Turnbulls.

News and Picture of Bruce, 2011

March 2011. Bruce is a Great dog. He is constantly with our son Randolph. He is thin but very healthy. He can run forever,is very obedient to Randolph and has a great disposition. Wonderful dog. Living in Tunica, Ms. About the picture, Randolph shoots. Bruce doesn't really do the hunting himself just brings things back. Bruce is very fast. He runs on the Mississippi River levee miles as a time. Are other dogs from this line thin? I know Bruce gets plenty to eat. [Editor's note: No, none of the others are thin although some of them could use more rib spread when you look down on them from the top. With all the running he does, he may just need more food than you would expect for a dog his size.]

Bruce and friends

News and Pictures of Bruce, 2009

Muddy Bruce
Muddy Bruce
Bruce likes to run and play in the mud and water. December 14, 2009.

News and Pictures of Bruce, 2008

Bruce and friends
Bruce (on the left) and friends, 2/1/08

Picture right: head shot, 2/2/08
Bruce portrait

News from the Turnbulls, 2007

September 2007. I will get pictures in Nov. Both Beulah and Bruce have been to a trainer (Basic obedience. ) They are beautiful. Good thing they are young dogs with all the heat this summer.

May 26, 2007. Here are some more pictures.

Dog in the grass
Happy Bruce, 5/26/07
dog sleeping
Bruce asleep on the porch

April 2007Happy Easter! Here are some recent pictures of Bruce.

2 puppies
Bruce in the field, 4/4/07
2 dogs
Bruce with our older golden, 4/7/07.

News from the Turnbulls, December 2006

Christmas pictures. Both puppies are so good.

2 puppies
Beulah & Bruce (on the right) with Randolph
2 puppies
Bruce is on the left in this picture.

Bruce, 4 months
Bruce surveys his kingdom

Randolph is doing great with Beulah and Bruce. They are great dogs. We have never seen such calm dogs. Here are some pictures with some of our family.

Puppy in arms
puppy running
Big feet, full tilt!

(left) Bruce with Randolph Turnbull
People and puppies
Bruce and Beulah with the Turnbulls

Who's happy now?

Randolph is doing great with Beulah and Bruce. They are great dogs. We have never seen such calm dogs. Here are some pictures with some of our family.

Banana with new owners
Banana with new owners Randolph Turnbull and Lindsay Milam, 9/30/06.
8-week old puppy on lap
Banana with Jim, 9/29/06
Banana puppy at 7 weeks
Banana at 7 weeks, 9/23/06
5-week old puppy kissing
Banana & McKenzie kissing, 9/8/06
puppy at 5 weeks
Banana at 5 weeks, 9/8/06
4-week old puppy barking
Banana barks and grins, 9/2/06
puppy at 3 weeks
Banana at 3 weeks, 8/25/06
2-week old puppy
Banana attacking Ryan's thumb, 8/18/06
puppy sleeping
Crashed Banana, 8/15/06
4-day old puppy
Teacup puppy, 8/7/06
Banana boy puppy
Banana boy, one day old 8/4/06

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