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I have owned horses since 1966. For a number of years in the 80's we were active in showing and breeding; but then kids came and the horses became just beloved pets and pasture ornaments. Shown below are the horses we have owned -- most of them registered purebred and partbred Arabians, but some others as well. Our horses are part of the family -- they get lots of attention, twice daily feedings, and plenty of pasture time.

running horses

Current Horses

Tsunday (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Farah-Rose)
1985 grey mare, 15.1 hands, Bred by Fern Hill Arabians, Lenoir City, TN

Tsunday was Farah's 4th filly. She is big and pretty, very feminine, pleasant to ride, but a bit lazy. She hated the showring, and much prefers the quiet life on the farm. Shown at left with her foal, Dancer, in 1994.

Tsunny as a two year old, summer 1987
Tsunny's pedigree

Felicity Rose (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Farah-Rose)
1994 chestnut mare, 15.1 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians

Felicity Rose was Farah's last foal, and a full sister to Tsunday pictured above. She is big and athletic, quick as a cat, and she loves to run. She's a bit of a pasture bully, but sweet as can be to people. She is a "horseman's horse" -- not as typy as some, but with gorgeous working conformation.
Felicity Rose
Felicity Rose, April 1995

Dancer as a yearling, April 1995
Samurai Raindance (Rohara Samurai x Tsunday)
1994 chestnut mare, 15.1 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians

We expected a grey, and were suprised when she stayed chestnut -- but with her dark coat, red mane and tail, and neat white markings, she's quite a lovely girl. She worked in dressage for a while, and has lovely, springy gaits and a quiet disposition. Like her mother, she's a bit lazy and would rather eat than work. And, that's mostly what she does these days.
Dancer at one month

Marrakesh Express (Nasark x Ming Empress)
1987 grey 3/4 Arab gelding, 15.1 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians

Marrakesh was sold to a friend who loved and rode him for many years. Unfortunately, her family situation changed and she was no longer able to keep him, so he is now back home with us where he will stay for the balance of his life.

Marrakesh is a very handsome horse -- light grey now -- who would have been a halter champion if he had ever been shown. He's also a talented dressage horse, with a big, powerful trot and lots of forward movement. Well trained through level 1, but a bit rusty as he hasn't been ridden for several years.
Marrakesh Express
Marrakesh, April 1993
Marrakesh, April 1993

This is Dapple, our 1980 Welsh pony gelding. He's carried countless children to ribbons in small hunter and driving classes before coming to live with us in 1992. He's found a permanent home here! Dapple
Dapple and Ryan, May 1993
Dapple and McKenzie, May 1996
Dapple, Summer 2001

Past Horses

Farah-Rose 152178
(Rafaramus x Gay Rose Gal)

1977 grey mare, 14.3 1/2 hands, bred by Horseshoe Lake Arabians, Lake Elmo, MN

We purchased Farah from her breeder in April 1981. She had a gorgeous head and neck, a great body, and legs like iron. We never showed her, but she was a wonderful riding mare and broodmare. Her lifetime foal total was six fillies. Farah was gentle and very easy to handle, but rather aloof. She was happiest in the pasture with other horses nearby -- but not too close. She died May 8, 2009 at the age of 32.
Farah Rose
Farah at 22 years, spring 1999
Farah in 1983

Fern Hill Nova
(Melayah Royal x Farah-Rose)

1981 grey mare, 14.1 hands, bred by Horseshoe Lake Arabians, Lake Elmo, MN

Farah's first filly -- we purchased her when she was 4 days old. She was a wonderful friend and companion, with a heart and disposition that couldn't be beat. Enthusiastic and eager to work, she started in Western Pleasure, but in her later years moved to dressage. Never the prettiest or the most athletic horse, her personality shone like her namesake, and she was my favorite horse of all time. She died just two months short of her 30th birthday on January 17, 2011 and is much missed.

Nova in dressage, summer 1993
Nova's pedigree
Nova grazing
Nova at 27 years, spring 2008
Nova grazing
Nova at 4 years, summer 1985
Nova on pony duty
Nova giving pony rides, spring 1990
Nova herding a cow
Nova helps with the cows, March 1991
Nova at 4 months
Nova and Karen, July 1981
Nova as a yearling
Nova at one year, summer 1982

Starlight Sonata (*Hal Gazal x Farah-Rose)
1982 bay mare, 15.3 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians, Lenoir City, TN

A halter winner and multi-champion at Class A shows in Open and Amateur English Pleasure, Starlight was our premier show horse for many years. What a trooper this girl was! After retiring from the show ring, she worked dressage for fun and relaxation, and because she didn't like being idle. She was a beautiful, steady, and elegant mount. Sadly, she died from acute colic December 25, 2006.

Starlight, July 1986
Starlight Starlight, May 1982 Starlight Starlight, July 1986

Snowjade (*Malikitoa x Farah-Rose)
1983 grey mare, 15.1 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians, Lenoir City, TN

A wonderful, athletic, and very beautiful mare, Snowjade learned tricks as a yearling. She was brilliant, easy to train, and moved like a cloud. Unfortunately, she had a massive allergic reaction to multiple ground bee stings in August 1990, foundered severely, and had to be put to sleep that October when her feet started to separate.
Snowjade, May 1987
Snowjade Snowjade, May 1990

Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers, September 1987
Ginger Rogers 377297(Nasark x Farah-Rose)
1987 chestnut mare, 15.0 hands, Bred by Fern Hill Arabians

Our first part-Egyptian, Ginger was by the Region XII Top 5 Stallion and many times Most Classic champion Nasark. We sold her as a three year old to a woman who planned to use her in dressage. We lost track of her soon after and sadly, don't know what became of this mare. We hope she has had a long and happy life and is still alive and much loved.

Ming Empress (Dark Storm x Rose Marie)
1980 bay roan/grey half Arab mare, 14.3 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians

Ming was our first foal, born on our wedding morning. She was quite a present! She inherited a roan gene from her mother, and a grey gene from her father -- for many years she was a stunning steel gray color with a black mane, tail and legs, but eventually faded to a mildly speckled light gray. A multiple champion in halter, English Pleasure, and Park in her younger years, she was also our first show horse. A funny, quirky mare, she loved to eat and spend time with her favorite son, Marrakesh Express. She died in February 2009 of a stroke, at almost 29 years of age.

Ming as a weanling, winning Futurity Half Arabian Fillies at the Knoxville Arabian Horse Show, 1981
Ming winning English Pleasure Championship at the Shelbyville Arab show, summer 1985
Ming with her first born son, Orient Express, in 1987
Ming won several halter championships and reserves at Class A Arab shows in 1983-1986

Orient Express
Orient Express as a yearling, August 1987
Orient Express (Nasark x Ming Empress)
1985 3/4 Arabian grey gelding, 15.2 hands, bred by Fern Hill Arabians

This was a really lovely gelding. He won a halter championship the only time we showed him, at the Kentucky Horse Park, against a Top Ten Gelding. He was a great mover, too. Since he left us as a three year old, he has gone on to Atlanta where he was shown successfully as a hunter/jumper and dressage horse for many years.

Stormy, with Ryan riding. Stormy's registered name was Brandy's Reality AQHA 1563111. She's was a 7/15/79 Bay Mare by Breeze's Realto 757719 out of Red Vans Brandy 287139. We purchased Stormy November 1, 1997 for Ryan's 10th birthday. Ryan was never very interested in riding, but she proved to be a very amiable and cooperative horse and became our 'guest horse' as anyone could ride her safely. After a lifetime of moving from place to place every two or three years, Stormy found a home with us and stayed here on the farm until her overnight death on February 27, 20112 at the age of 32 years and 7 months. She was fine the day before and we hope her heart just finally gave out. Stormy

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