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Litter born May 28, 2005

Sire: AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS FDHF CCA

Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
(SR Highland Hoya MH WCX OS #SN404168/12 x Adirondac My-Tee Marcy MH,CDX,WCX,Can WC,OD,CCA,TDI,CGC #SN480493/01)
Hilfy the rotund, May 23, 2005
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker, 2002

Hilfy's first litter -- and our first litter as Fern Hill Golden Retrievers -- was born May 28, 2005. There were 6 girls and 2 boys, all strong and healthy. We kept one of these puppies (Penny) and the rest scattered across the country. One went to Seattle, Washington as a Search and Rescue dog; four went to hunting and/or competition homes in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Wisconsin; one went to an active pet home in Oklahoma; and our local vet, who has taken care of our animals for 20 years, took one home with her. This was an outstanding litter of gorgeous, well-conformed, smart and ultra-sweet puppies that all tested out as outstanding working prospects and did well in their various fields. Thanks to the seven special families who took care of these dogs throughout their lives. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and have enjoyed the friendships that have developed as the puppies grew up and grew old. The last man standing from this litter was Beau, who passed away at 14 years and 7 months, the day after Christmas 2019.

Click on a name below (listed in birth order) to go to baby pictures of that puppy and links to each puppy's own page. You can also get to each puppy's page via the links filed under Litter Members in the drop down menu above. The "Puppies" link will take you to pictures of puppies in groups.


Abby Rose

Abby was our firstborn. As a puppy, she was bold and bossy, charming, and a little noisy. She's gone to live with the Gyorogs of Wisconsin to be a housepet, hunting dog, and companion (pesty little sister) to their beautiful Speaker grandson Casey. For more pictures and updates from her family, see Abby's page.

Abby with new family
Abby goes home with the Gyorogs, 7/15/05
Sleeping puppy
Abby Asleep, 7/6/05
Puppy at 2 weeks
Abby, June 10 (2 weeks)


Chief, the first boy, was born right after Abby. The two of them could be twins in looks and personality! As a puppy, he was brash, very friendly, a real clown, and loved to wrestle with his littermates. He's a talker like his Dad, and is medium red. His registered name is Fernhill's Hard Charging Chief AKC SR26297502, and he has gone to West Tennessee to hunt pheasant/ducks/geese and be a housepet with the Turpens. You can see more pictures and updates from his family at Chief's page.

Chief with new family
Chief with Donna and Scott Turpen of West Tennessee.
running puppy
Chief bounding thru grass, July 2, 2005
puppy at 3 days
Chief, June 1


Princess Elizabeth of Fernhill (Lis) was born third, just a few minutes after Chief. She was a slightly lighter color and a little less stocky than the first two. She is sweet and a bit quieter than Abby and Chief, with a particularly lovely face. She is very, very friendly. She has gone to live in Oklahoma City with the Walkers, to be the special dog of their daughter Mackenzie. Look for updates and new pictures on Lis's Page.

Lis says goodby to Hilfy
Lis says goodbye to Hilfy as she heads out the door with the Walkers' friend Carol.
Lis, nearly 6 weeks - July 6
Puppy at 3 days
Lis, June 1


Rain Beaux of Fern Hill SR262975/04, was born fourth, shortly after Lis. She's a medium red with a particularly silky-feeling coat. As a puppy, she was stout, sweet, adventurous, extremely hungry, playful and had the brightest shoe-button eyes! I called her our "Thinker" because you could see the gears work when she was trying to figure something out. The biggest pup in the litter, she's gone to live with Jim Wallace, the curator and guiding light behind the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN. During the week she will be the museum dog and official greeter. On the weekends, she will be Mr. Wallace's hunting partner in Arkansas.

Rain with Wally
Rain with Jim Wallace of Memphis.
Puppy thinking
Rain studies the situation (July 4 - 5.5 weeks)
Puppy at 3 days
Rain, June 1, 3 days


Our second and last boy, Beau was born fifth, just before Hilfy took an hour and a half break. He was one of the lightest puppies and was almost a "twin" to the sixth puppy, Penny. He was a very pretty and cuddly puppy with long silky ears, but he was always ready for any kind of rough and tumble play. He's gone to live with Marty and Diana Kurzendoerfer and their senior dog Tuck in Louisville, Kentucky, where he is a housepet/shop greeter/hunting buddy. His registered name is Fernhill Gandalf's Beau SR26297505.

Diana and Marty Kurzendoerfer with Beau
Beau with the Kurzendoerfers.
puppy in bucket
Beau with bucket, July 2, 2005
Beau at 2 weeks
Beau, June 10


Born sixth, Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI SR262975/06 (Penny for short), was the puppy we decided to keep for ourselves. Selecting her was a hard decision, as we would have been happy with any of the puppies in this litter. She was one of the lightest puppies in color, and is about one shade lighter than Hilfy with silky blond feathering. Penny was sturdy and brave even as a very young puppy, very outgoing and friendly, and was the first to learn how to lap milk out of a bowl. She was one of the clowns of the litter, and could be found in some really silly positions. She still can! For more pictures, see Penny's page.
puppy in the mondo grass
Penny in the Mondo Grass (July 5, 2005)
Puppy at 2 weeks
Penny, June 10


The seventh puppy, Fern Hill Jenna Lenhard SR262975/07, reminded us of an apple-head doll with her appealing, wrinkly little face. She was one of the friendliest puppies, very stoutly built, and a bit of a talker. She was the darkest and reddest of the pups, and was the immediate favorite of our vet, Dr. Andrea Lenhard of Jackson Square Animal Clinic, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We are happy that Jenna is living close by, and although we don't see her often we hear many tales of her exploits at the house and in the lake. For updates, see Jenna's page.
Jenna in the Mondo grass (July 5)
Puppy, 2 weeks
Jenna, June 10 - 13 days old


Athena was born last after another hour and a half break. She was the smallest puppy, but was full of energy and liked to talk. She was always stirring up trouble with her littermates, and was the first to learn how to climb out of the whelping box, scramble up the a pile of stacked boxes, and use the outdoor dog pen as a ladder to go up and out. She was another lighter colored puppy, and has a truly lovely face. She has gone to Seattle, Washington to learn to be a search and rescue dog. For more pictures and updates, see Athena's page.
Athena with her new owner
Athena with her new owner Quincy Vidauri, August 8, 2005
Side view of Athena, July 15
puppy at 3 days
Athena, June 1 (3 days)


6 puppies outside
Here's 6, where are the rest? (July 14)
puppies nursing
Hilfy grits her teeth (July 15)
Jim and puppy coming back from the barn
Jim and puppy at the barn (July 14)
puppies playing
Penny and Jenna (July 9)
Pup in food dish, 6 weeks
Who's for dinner? (July 6)
puppies with Jim
Puppy Love (July 4)
Pups running, 5 weeks
Charge of the Light Brigade, July 2 (5 weeks)
puppies playing with bucket
Fun with a bucket, July 2
Pups feeding, 5 weeks
Feeding Frenzy, July 2. Hilfy says they've turned into little barracudas!
puppies at wading pool
Exploring the wading pool, July 2 (5 weeks)
Pups outside, 3.5 weeks
Playing outside, June 23. That's Beau, Abby, and Rain
Lis and Jenna together, 3.5 weeks
Puppy bouquet -- Lis and Jenna, June 22
Pups eating from feeder, 3 weeks
A new way to eat! June 20, 2005. The pups still nurse, but this helps Hilfy out some.
Puppies at 3 weeks -- June 17, 2005
Pups playing, 3 weeks
June 17, 2005. Playtime!
Pups nursing, 2.5 weeks
Hilfy nursing, June 15, 2005. She's an old hand at this now. The puppies have tripled in size!
Puppy Pile
Puppy pile, June 10, 2005.
Beau and Athena
Beau and Athena, June 10
Hilfy and her daughter Lis
Hilfy and Lis, June 10
Karen with Penny
Got Milk? First meal not from Mom, 6/10/05 (13 days)
three puppies
Athena, Penny, and Chief, 6/1/05 (3 days)
Pups nursing, 1 hour old
Hilfy with her newborn puppies, May 28, 2005. Left to right: Lis, Chief (boy), Rain, Abby, Penny, Beau (boy), Jenna, and Athena.

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