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Litter born August 3, 2006

Sire: AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS FDHF CCA

Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
(SR Highland Hoya MH WCX OS #SN404168/12 x Adirondac My-Tee Marcy MH,CDX,WCX,Can WC,OD,CCA,TDI,CGC #SN480493/01)
Hilfy in waiting, July 30, 2006
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker, 2002

Hilfy had five large, active puppies on August 3, 2006 - all boys. This litter was a repeat of the outstanding litter of 8 whelped May 2005. All went to wonderful homes, and we are enjoying hearing about them from their owners as they grow. To see You-Tube video clips of these puppies, click here for indoors and here for outdoors.

Click on a puppy name below (listed in birth order) to go to baby pictures of that puppy and links to each puppy's own page. Additional links to litter members are in the drop-down menus in the green bar above. The "Puppies" link will take you to pictures of puppies in groups.


Blueberry puppy, whose new name is Rusty

Blueberry was the first born and the biggest newborn, weighing a whopping 21 ounces at birth. Hilfy really looked relieved when he was finally out! He was the first to open his eyes and see the world, at 10.5 days old on Sunday morning, August 14. He is an outstanding hunt prospect, very birdy with a very strong retrieval drive. He likes water and has plenty of energy. On top of that, he loves people and is a particularly gorgeous puppy. He's gone to live with Greg and Lauren Young of Nashville, Tennessee where he will be Greg's hunting companion and share the limelight with Tom's older, semi-retired dog Chase. His registered name is Young's Rusty Speaker of Fernhill. For more pictures and updates from his family, see Rusty's page.

Blueberry with Greg Young
Blueberry going home with Greg Young, 9/23/06
puppy face
Blueberry's going home portrait 9/23/06
puppy at 3 weeks
Blueberry at 3 weeks, 8/25/06
4-day old puppy
Blueberry, day 4

Apple, now known as Trooper

Trooper, who was born second, was the darkest puppy in the litter, with a wonderful wrinkly face that looks just like Hilfy's when she was a puppy. He was first into the wading pool, and always one of the first at the gate when people come to see him. He was the least vocal puppy in this litter -- he can bark & growl with the best of them, but usually doesn't. He had the most adorable habit of standing on his hind feet with his front paws tucked against his chest, and leaping up towards you -- a really good ploy for getting picked up and cuddled! He has gone to live with Mark and Tracy Preston of Ohio. They have 3 kids, 2 cats, and a Westie, so he will be busy and have lots of friends to play with. See Trooper's Page. for news updates, growing-up pictures, and more puppy pictures.

Trooper with new family
Apple, now "Trooper" with Hilfy and the Prestons of Columbus, Ohio
Apple outside for the first time
Apple explores the world, 9/2/06
Apple puppy playing with stuffed duck
Apple the Fierce, 8/27/06
puppy in hands
Apple puppy with eyes, 8/18/06
4-day old puppy
Apple, day 4

Kiwi, now known as Ryder

Kiwi was born third, and showed early signs of being very athletic -- was the first to master this idea of walking instead of swimming, climbed out of a large laundry basket (where he was stashed while the whelping box was being cleaned) at one day past 2 weeks, and was the first to make it out of the whelping box at 3 weeks. Another climber like his older sister Athena! He thinks he is very fierce and likes to tell you all about it. He's pouncy and prancy! Ryder has gone to live with Summer Lee of Richmond, Virginia, and her two other Goldens. He will learn obedience and rally, possibly tracking and agility, and will assist in therapy work when he's old enough not to be rowdy. His registered name is "Fernhill's Wild Ryde CDX JH RA." See Ryder's Page for news updates, growing-up pictures, and more puppy pictures.

Summer & puppy
Summer Lee and Kiwi (now Ryder)
Puppy portrait
Kiwi's going home portrait, 9/23/06
3-week old puppy
Kiwi at 3 weeks, 8/25/06
Puppy climbing
Kiwi the Climber 8/27/06
4-day old puppy
Kiwi at 4 days


Banana was born fourth, but he was in a hurry and came out within minutes of Kiwi. He was the smallest puppy but still weighed a nice normal 16 ounces at birth and has caught up with the others since. He's always one of the first to explore new toys, and one of the most people-oriented of this litter of highly people-oriented puppies. He has a good prey drive, likes to follow and retrieve, and most of all likes to cuddle down on people's laps. We got to keep him for an extra week as the Turnbulls had some scheduling conflicts, so we spoiled him rotten! He has now gone home to Mississippi with his new owners, who plan to try out hunting with him. See Bruce's Page for news, at-home pictures, and more baby shots.

Banana with new owners
Banana with new owners Randolph Turnbull and Lindsay Milam, 9/30/06.
Banana puppy at 7 weeks
Banana at 7 weeks, 9/23/06
5-week old puppy kissing
Banana & McKenzie kissing, 9/8/06
2-week old puppy
Banana attacking Ryan's thumb, 8/18/06
Banana boy puppy
Banana boy, one day old 8/4/06

Orange, now known as Cash

Last, lightest, and loudest, Orange waited for nearly two hours after Banana was born to make his appearance. He's a scrapper and loves to tussle with his brothers, but he's also very sweet and cuddly with people. He loves to lie on his back, and he LOVES to eat. He's very self-confident and likes to explore. He is extremely birdy, crazy about the water, and likes non-stop activity. He is making his new home with Tom and Katie Thagard and their three sons from Birmingham, Alabama, where he will be known as Johnny Cash of Fernhill(Cash for short). Tom goes hunting almost every weekend at a nearby lake, so Cash should have an ideal life! You can see more pictures of him, and news about how he's growing up, at Cash's Page.

The Thagards with Orange, now Cash
Cash (Orange) with the Thagards.
5 week old puppy
Orange's going home portrait, 9/23/06
5 week old puppy
Orange comes to say hi, 9/8/06
3 week old puppy
Orange at 3 weeks, 8/25/06
4-day old puppy
Orange, 8/7/06


swarming puppies
Attack of the barracudas, 9/8/06
2 puppies in wading pool
Orange & Kiwi check out the wading pool, 9/8/06
sleeping pups
Pooped puppies after their trip outside, 9/2/06
Puppies asleep in their pen
Trying out the new sleeping arrangements, 9/2/06
Puppy room
Puppy room rearranged without whelping box, 9/2/06
Puppies riding in carriers
Ready for their first car trip, 8/30/06
puppies eating from dish
new way of eating, 8/29/06
nursing puppies
nursing at 3 weeks, 8/27/06
Puppy pile
Puppy pile with teeth, 8/27/06
A new way to nurse, 8/25/06
Two puppies
Orange (upside down) and Banana, 8/18/06
5 puppies nursing
Growing by leaps and bounds, 8/18/06
3 puppies sleeping
Puppies sleeping, 8/10/06
puppies nursing
Puppy Pile, 8/9/06
puppies nursing
Growing family, 8/7/06
4-day old puppy
Apple & Orange, 8/7/06
1-day old puppies
Puppies at one day
Newborn puppies nursing
First picture of the new family, 8/3/06

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