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Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI SR262975/06
Sire: AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS FDHF CCA
Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
May 28, 2005 -- September 28, 2018
Height: 23.5" Weight: 60 pounds
Penny sitting by pond
Penny, May 2009
Photo by Jeannie Harrison, Close Encounters of the Furry Kind LLC
This picture was selected for October in the 2014 Browntrout Golden Retrievers Slimline Calentar.

Penny was the 6th puppy from Hilfy's first litter, born May 28, 2005. She was the puppy identified originally as "Lavender" because of her purple collar color. We chose the name "Pennyroyal" as her permanent name because it's a medicinal herb in the mint family useful for treating stress and anxiety, with small lavender or blue flowers -- so it seemed like a nice carryover from her puppy name plus expressed a bit about her place in our family.

All of the puppies in that litter were wonderful, and it was a hard choice deciding which one to keep -- but we're pleased with our selection! Penny is one of those dogs that is so smart, it's scary -- show her something once and she learns it. She has been a wonderful working competition dog for my husband -- his first dog so he doesn't know how unusual this is! For a complete list of her titles, see below. Penny finished her show career with a Novice Agility Preferred title in December 2013 at the age of 8 and a half.

Penny had two litters for us totaling 18 puppies, and is the dam of our beautiful and stylish Panda.

Penny picked up an infection on September 27, 2018, and it rapidly went system-wide. By the next afternoon, despite being on antibiotics, she was unable to walk and fading fast. Rather than taking the chance that IV antibiotics might cure her, and not wanting her to die alone in the hospital, we made the decision to put her to sleep that afternoon. She was 13 years and 4 months old. She is much missed by us all, human and canine alike.

Penny on September 24, 2018, 4 days before her death.

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    Hips: OFA GR-94703F31-PI)
    Elbows are NORMAL (OFA GR-EL16018F24-PI)
    Heart clearance: NORMAL (OFA GR-CA14411/34F/C-PI)
    Eye clearance: NORMAL, CERF GR-40398/2014-114 (11/24/14)
    Both parents genetically tested clear for PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)

Penny had a serious bout with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from September 1, 2013 through the end of the year. Happily, she recovered -- except for some mild neurological issues, kidney damage, a chronic inflammatory condition and a weakened immune system. She was mostly healthy and happy for the rest of her life, but had to be retired from competition following her illness. She was still passing the CERF eye exams at age 9.5, and her vision and hearing were good to the end!

Penny's Pedigree

Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI #SR262975/06
(05/28/05 - )
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker #SN141241/08
MH OS CCA FDHF (2/24/94 - 11/19/09)

Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill #SR017085/01
CDX, OD, CCA, ASCA-CD, TDI, CGC (05/06/02 - )

Penny's Titles

Penny Does Agility!

After a couple of years out of the competition ring, Karen decided to work with Penny in Agility. Because she was already almost 8 years old at the time we started, we decided to do Preferred. Penny is a tall girl, and would have to be in the 24" class otherwise; with Preferred, she only has to jump 20". Although she has never shown any signs of lameness, we felt that the decreased height would be safer for her. For the same reason, we decided to limit her activity to only the standard agility rather than doing Jumps and Weaves and Fast. In only three shows during the spring and fall of 2013, Penny earned her Novice Agility Preferred Title at the TVKC Show in Harriman, TN on December 7, 2013. She scored 100 in two of her runs and 90 in the third, and won the blue ribbon each time!

Penny, Junior Hunter!

Penny earned her 4th JH leg and her title at the East Tennessee Retriever Club Fall Hunt Test in Birchwood, TN on October 30, 2010. This test involved her first walk up and a tricksy set of water marks where the dog had to go through an opening in the blind at the start, in high winds. Penny took it all in stride. Her other qualifying tests were last May -- a double test at ETRC and the single Middle TN Spring Hunt Test. She says this hunt stuff is way more fun than obedience!

Penny Earns Her First Utility Leg!

Penny passed her first Utility leg with a first place win at the local Knoxville Cluster show November 6, 2010. Two more to go! Unfortunately, there aren't any nearby shows till next year and we aren't much for traveling far for competition, so we may not be able to finish her up before she is bred. But, we'll keep trying.

Penny Passes her TDI test

Penny easily passed her TDI test in February 2010. We have not been active in therapy work, unfortunately, as our schedules just haven't permitted adding this to our plates. We hope this will happen sometime in the future, as Penny is a very friendly and kissy girl.


Jim and Penny finished up their Companion Dog Excellent title at the Greeneville, SC trial on February 13, 2009 with a score of 192 for 5th place. What a Valentine's day present!

Penny's 2nd leg was a first place win (and a score of 189) at the Franklin, TN cluster January 22, 2009.
  Penny and Jim with judge and ribbon
Penny and Jim with judge and ribbons Jim and Penny got their first CDX leg at the Knoxville obedience trial on November 2, 2008. To top it all off, she earned a score of 191 1/2 and a blue ribbon for her effort! Here is a picture of a happy handler and dog with the judge -- and those ever-important ribbons. One down, two to go! Thanks to our obedience instructor and friend Shannon Shepherd (Leashes by Design) for all the help and for the picture.


Penny competed in three shows (Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville) under three different judges, and earned her CD degree with one first place finish, a third, and a 4th.


At the Knoxville Cluster Dog Show, Penny completed her Rally Excellent title, with two first places and a 2nd (tied for first on points, placed second on time). She also got her first leg towards her CD title, placing first in her Novice A class.

Penny earns her CD title
Jim &Penny with Judge after her CD run, 11/3/07
Penny earns her RE title
Jim with Penny RE at the Knoxville show, 7/15/07


At the Oak Ridge Kennel Club Dog Show on May 26, 2007, Penny completed her final leg for her Rally Advanced title in the minimum 3 shows, with two first places and a fourth. She then came back the next day in Rally Excellent and earned her first leg toward that title with a first place finish.

Penny wins her RA degree
Jim with Penny and judge Nancy Davis, 5/26/07


Penny wins her RN degree   At the Tennessee Vally Kennel Club Obedience Trial on November 5, 2006, Penny qualified for her third leg and placed 1st in her Novice Rally A class. She qualified in the minimum 3 shows, with increasingly better performances each time. She qualified but didn't place in her first class, placed fourth in her second leg, and finished up on a high note with a blue ribbon. We are very proud of this girl, who isn't quite 18 months old yet!

  Penny's Puppies

Flowers for Penny, 9/3/09

Penny whelped her first litter of 11 puppies on August 31, 2009 -- seven boys and four girls. The sire was the very accomplished and ruggedly handsome Canadian dog Drake, officially known as GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH CCA OS. This was an outstandingly talented, sweet, and beautiful bunch of puppies and Penny proved to be an excellent and caring mother.

Penny had her second litter of 7 puppies on her own 6th birthday, May 28, 2011. This was a great group of puppies by the talented Shag, whose official name is UH Trifecta's Shag-edelic CCA CD WCX MH *** VCX. We kept a puppy from this litter, our cuddly hotshot Panda.

Penny is now done having puppies. If you might be interested in one of our puppies from a different girl, see our Puppy Information page, or drop us an email at: Working/ competition homes are preferred, but the quality of the home is most important and we are always happy to place puppies into active pet homes.

Penny's Photo Album

agility, April 2013
Penny passes an Agility Novice Preferred competition: 100 points, blue ribbon
agility April 2013
Same competition, April 7, 2013. We are showing Preferred since Penny is nearly 8 years old.
Penny and McKenzie
Penny posing with our daughter McKenzie -- October 2010. Photo courtesy Barry Brown Images.

dogs in the snow
Penny (in the middle) playing in an early snowfall with her mom and sis, 11/26/10
Penny with Jim and Judge
Penny and Jim win their first Utility leg, 11/6/10
Penny dressed in ribbons
Penny's 3 Junior Hunter ribbons, 5/30/10
Penny at the blind
Penny waiting at the blind, 5/22/10
Penny in the water
Water retrieve 5/22/10
Penny with a duck
Land retrieve 5/22/10

Penny in the water
Field training at Lorie Jolly's 4/19/09
Penny on the sofa
Relaxing at home 4/14/09
Penny in the Gator
Penny the farm dog -- we're off to feed the cattle! 3/23/07

Penny on the sofa
On the sofa 11/11/06
Penny at home
Penny curled up on the rug
Penny at home
September 30, 2006

Penny retrieving duck dummy
Penny retrieving duck dummy
Penny -- water sports
August 19, 2006
Penny outside
Penny at almost 10 months, March 25, 2006
Penny and Hilfy
Penny & Hilfy
The Well-behaved Office Dogs
September 16, 2005
Penny, 3 1/2 months
Penny sprawled on Jim's lap
Still a lap puppy -- barely!
September 9, 2005

Picture at left -- Penny at Karen's office
September 16, 2005

At the end of September 2005, Penny is 4 months old and weighs about 30 pounds. She is getting her permanent teeth (we won't miss the little puppy needles!), is housebroken, and is very charming and outgoing. She is a terrific grass ripper, grabbing huge mouthfuls and tossing them up in the air, then going back for more. In addition, she loves chewing -- rawhide bones, books, papers, socks .... whatever fits in her mouth. She is taking puppy class, where she is the most outgoing puppy, and is learning basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. They're all very easy to learn, and she's happy to do them unless something more interesting presents itself....! The world is her oyster, people are divine, her mother is her best friend, and life is wonderful.

Penny on toilet seat

Baby Pictures

In the Mondo Grass (July 5, 2005)
Sleeping, July 6, 2005
Exploring, June 23
Penny with Ryan, June 21, 2005
June 21
Lavender kisses Karen
Kisses for Karen, June 10
June 10
Lavender, with Pink
Lavender (Penny) and Pink (Lis), June 1 (3 days old)

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