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Fern Hill Missy J SR963786/05 ("Missy J")
Sire: AFC The Sunday Swimmer SR480559/03 ("Wyatt")
Dam: Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD SR679046/01
Born December 5, 2016

Missy J at 7 weeks old

Missy J's name carries a story -- the J stands for Jackie Cochran, a WWII female pilot responsible for forming the WASP. She accomplished much in her life as a pilot, including numerous racing records and first for women in aviation, and retired as a colonel from the Air Force in 1970. As you might guess from this, her new owners are pilots! The Bonners live in Texas, travel extensively with their dogs,both hunt, and their Goldens are a big part of their life. We predict that Missy J will have a life that most dogs would dream about!

News About Missy J:

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Baby Pictures

Skip and Sarah Bonner with their new Fern Hill puppy Missy J.

Missy J at 7 weeks, 1/24/17
6 week old puppy
Lucy at 6 weeks, 1/17/17
puppy, 5 weeks
Missy J at 5 weeks, 1/10/17
Missy J at 4 weeks, 1/3/17
puppy at 3 weeks
Missy at 3 weeks, 12/27/17
Missy at 2 weeks, 12/20/16/30/09
Missy at 1 week, 12/13/17
1 day old, 12/7/16
Mom and puppies
Panda and newborn pups, 12/06/17

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