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Fern Hill Fiona McCool SH ("Fee") SS167172/03
Sire: Bravhart KC Run For The Border MH QA2 WCX OS ("Jessie")
Dam: Fern Hill Sunday At The Zoo MH SR96378601
Born January 28, 2020

Fee, May 4, 2023
Fee, May 4, 2024

Fee was the 3rd puppy in Zoey's first litter. Out of 8 puppies, 6 of them were girls and all of them were good 'uns! Fee was the busiest puppy in the batch though, and won us over with her obvious intelligence and bold, cooperative spirit. At 3 months, she was doing 80 yard retrieves with a full-size bumper, was doing great with her obedience, and knew a number of tricks including the cutest, funniest "dead dog" you have ever seen. She is splitting time between home and with trainer Jody Ware of Razor Sharp Retrievers, and in fall 2022 passed four Senior Hunter tests in a row. She finished up on April 1 and 2, 2023 with two more passes and is now on to Master tests.

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(Fee's clearances can be verified on the OFA website here.)

    Hips: EXCELLENT (OFA GR-137784E28F-C-VPI)
    Elbows: NORMAL (OFA GR -EL57396F28-C-VPI)
    Heart: (OFA GR-BCA4865/29F/P-VPI)
    Eyes: (GR-EYE27784/29F-VPI (7/22))
    PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy): CLEAR (OFA GR-PRA1521/5F-PI)
    PRA-1 (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, type 1): CLEAR (OFA GR-GR1-1500/5F-PI)
    PRA-2 (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, type 2): CLEAR (OFA GR-GR2-1332-5F-PI)
    Ichthyosis: CLEAR (OFA GR-ICH1593/5F-PI)
    DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): CLEAR (OFA GR-DM1233/5F-PI)
    NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis): CLEAR (GR-CL5-2481/5F-PI)

Fee earned her Senior Hunter title on April 1, 2023 at the Central Kentucky Hunt Test. She earned an insurance leg the next day at the same test. These were her 5th and 6th passes; she has passed every test entered to date. We are proud of her! Now she will begin testing for Master Hunter, starting with tests in late April and May.

Fee's Pedigree

Fern Hill Fiona McCool SH (Fee) #SS167172/03
(1/28/20 - )
Bravhart KC Run For The Border MH QA2 WCX OS ("Jessie")
(6/26/2012 - )

Fern Hill Sunday At The Zoo MH (Zoey) #SR963786/01
(12/06/16 - )

Fee's Photo Album

Fee Grows Up

Fee, May 4, 2023
Fee, May 4, 2023
Fee, April 5, 2023
Fee, April 5, 2023
Fee at 14 months
Fee at 14 months
Fee at 9 months
Fee at 9 months
/Fee retrieving
Fee at Jody's, 9/15/20
Fee with trainer
Training, 9/15/20

Fee's Puppy Pictures
Fee at 2 months
Fee at 2 months
puppy at 7 weeks
Fee at 7 weeks, 3/16/20
puppy at 6 weeks
Fee at 6 weeks, 3/9/20
puppy at 5 weeks
Fee at 5 weeks, 3/4/20
puppy at 4 weeks
Fee at 4 weeks, 2/25/20
puppy at 3 weeks
Fee at 3 weeks, 2/18/20
puppy at 2 weeks
Fee at 2 weeks, 2/11/20
Fee at 1 week, 2/4/20
Fee at 12 hours old, 1/28/20
Mom and puppies
Zoey and pups, 1/28/20

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