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Litter born March 26, 2007

Sire: AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS FDHF CCA

Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
(SR Highland Hoya MH, WCX, OS #SN404168/12 x Adirondac My-Tee Marcy MH,CDX,WCX,Can WC,OD,CCA,TDI,CGC #SN480493/01)
Hilfy, heavily pregnant
Pregnant Hilfy, March 21, 2007
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker
Rosehill's Mr. Speaker at 11

Hilfy had four large, active puppies on March 26, 2007 - three boys and a girl. We now have 17 full siblings on the ground from this very successful cross -- see also our litter of 8 whelped May 2005 and the litter of 5 boys born in August 2006. These pups are proving to be as outstanding as their older brothers and sisters. For You-Tube video clips of these puppies, click here.

Click on a puppy name below (listed in birth order) to go to baby pictures of that puppy and links to each puppy's own page. The "Puppies" link will take you to pictures of puppies in groups.

Reilly ||  Chilli ||  Hunter ||  Sedona ||  Puppies


Reilly (Boy Blue) was born first and latched onto a teat before he was even completely out. He weighed in at a strapping 22 ounces, but Hilfy didn't have much trouble getting him born -- guess he was hungry! He was the only one with a small white spot on his forehead like his mother Hilfy, which faded before he flew off to Boise, Idaho at 8 weeks. He was the second biggest at going-home time, and is a handsome, well balanced puppy. He is also very, very sweet and cheerful. He has gone to live with Erik Carlson and Jennifer Bremer, who plan to try him in obedience and agility. We wish them the best with this most happy fella! For more pictures and updates from his family, see Reilly's page.

Riley with new owners
Reilly with new owners Erik Carlson and Jen Bremer, 5/21/07.

puppy at 6 weeks
Reilly's 6 week portrait, 5/5/07
puppy in grass
Reilly's first trip outside, 4/20/07
10-day old puppy
Blue puppy blinks, 4/6/07
puppy in hotdog bun
Our daughter has a weird sense of humor... Blue at 12 hours


This little guy was born second, and weighed 18 ounces. He is the smallest puppy in the litter, but is still a good sized boy. He is the clown of the litter, but he does have a temper! He also has an incredible prey drive. He is second lightest in color and will be a medium red. We started calling him Chili Pepper at a young age because of his spicy, bouncy personality, and the name seems to have stuck! See Chilli's Page. for news updates, growing-up pictures, and more puppy pictures.

Chilli with new owners
Chilli with his new family -- Tim and Sandy Farr, and their other dogs, Burberry and Danny, 5/15/07.

Chili on the way to the barn, 5/10/07
6 week old puppy
Portrait of Chili, 5/5/07
puppy at 10 days
Red has eyes! 4/6/07
12-hour old boy puppy
Red Boy, 12 hours


Hunter (whose puppy name was 'The Green Dragon') was born third, after a lengthy (1.5 hour) wait. He was the largest puppy from the start, and the darkest in color. He is also the one with the most stamina -- always the 'last man standing' after a play session. As a puppy, he was bold, cheerful, cuddly, and good natured. He went home to New York State, near Albany, where he will join his handsome granddad SR Highland Hoya MH WCX OS as a hunter, hunt test competitor, and housepet for Jack and Donna Bussey. He has a lot of potential in this field, and we are excited to see how he does! See Hunter's Page for news updates, growing-up pictures, and more puppy pictures.

Summer & puppy
New owner Jack Bussey with Hunter at Fern Hill

Hunter's 6-week portrait, 5/5/07
month old Puppy
Hunter at 4 weeks, 4/25/07
10-day old puppy
Green looks at the world, 11 days old
12-hour old boy puppy
Green Dragon at 12 hours


Sedona, aka 'The Pink Princess', was born fourth and was our last chance for a girl. We gave Hilfy a big kiss for her! She was in a hurry and came out within minutes of Hunter. She weighed a healthy 18 ounces at birth and is the lightest color of the bunch. She has gone to New York State, near Buffalo, to live with Diane and Tom SanFilipo and their other goldens -- her Aunt Summer, Hilfy's littermate, and her Uncle Sundance (Hilfy and Summer's half brother). She will be learning hunt and obedience. She is a character, very bold and beautiful, regal even as a puppy, and very full of herself. She had no trouble mixing it up with her brothers, and is a large puppy, always within an ounce either side of Boy Blue. See Sedona's Page for news, at-home pictures, and more baby shots.

Sedona with new owners
Sedona with new owners Tom and Diane Sanfilippo, and their other dogs -- Sedona's Uncle Sundance and her Aunt Summer, 5/15/07.

Sedona's 6-week portrait, 5/5/07
puppy on patio
Sedona explores the patio, 4/25/07
10-day old puppy
Pink with eyes, 4/6/07
girl puppy
The Pink Princess, 12 hours old 3/26/07


mom and pups
Apres lunch, 4/1/07
puppies napping
Puppy Pile, 3/31/07
puppies nursing
Growing family with proud Hilfy, 3/31/07
4-day old puppies in laundry basket
Puppies in the laundry basket, 3/30/07
12 hour-old puppies
Puppies at 12 hours
Newborn puppies nursing
First picture of the new family, 3/26/07

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