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Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD OD ("Panda") SR679046/01
Sire: UH Trifecta's Shag-edelic*** MH CD WCX CCA VCX OS "Shag"
Dam: Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI SR262975/06
Born May 28, 2011

Height: 22-1/2" Weight: 57 pounds
Atwater photo of Panda
Panda at the East Tennessee Hunt Test May 25, 2014

Panda was the 1st puppy in Penny's final litter, born on Penny's own 6th birthday. She was the puppy known initially as "Pink" because of her baby collar color. From the first, she was a big and very vigorous puppy. She is a lovely and well-built girl, a delightful companion with a sprightly, cheerful and loving personality -- she's up for anything! She has lots of talent and is ultra stylish in the field. Her trainer Jody Ware says she loves to train, works well, and is especially good in the water -- he now owns one of the puppies from her first litter, Fern Hill RSR's Golden Boy SH ("Willie"), who is being trained and competed periodically but mostly takes care of their youngest son William. Panda completed her Master Hunter title on May 18, 2014, shortly before her 3rd birthday, and earned her WCX on October 26, 2014. We are very proud of her accomplishments! When she is home, we worked her off and on in obedience and she shows a lot of potential for that field as well but we never got her out in competition as the pandemic intervened. She passed all her clearances and had three litters totalling 25 beautiful and talented puppies, in 2015, 2016, and 2018 by outstanding field sires. We have retained two of her daughters for our future competition and breeding program -- Zoey and Py. Panda earned her Outstanding Dam title from GRCA on November 10, 2018 at the early age of 7 years, when her oldest puppies were just 3 years old. Panda is now retired from motherhood duties and enjoys watching over her daughters and granddaughter.

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    CHIC #90680
    Hips: FAIR (OFA GR-108574F24F-VPI)
    Elbows: NORMAL (OFA GR-EL29105F24-VPI)
    Heart clearance: NORMAL (OFA GR-CA22442/14F/C-VPI)
    Eyes clearance: NORMAL (OFA GR-18286/93F-VPI (D1))
    PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy): CLEAR (Optigen accession #13-7352)
    PRA-1 (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, type 1): CLEAR (Optigen accession #13-7352)
    PRA-2 (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, type 2): CLEAR (Optigen accession #13-7352)
    Icthyosis: CLEAR (Optigen accession #13-7352)
    NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis): CLEAR (OFA GR-CL5-233/92F-PI)

Panda's Titles

  • OD: Panda earned her Outstanding Dam title from the Golden Retriever Club of America on November 10, 2018. Her qualifying get, all of which were only two or three years old at the time they earned their qualifying titles, are:
    • "Jake": Fern Hill Meadowbrae Legacy CDX MH TKI WC CCA SR87277701 (By Red)
    • "Willie": Fern Hill RSR's Golden Boy SH SR87277704 (By Red)
    • "Chi": Fern Hill Panda's Sunday Player MH WCX SR96378606 (By Wyatt)
    • "Violet": Fern Hill Panda's Sunday Best MH WCX SR96378610 (By Wyatt)

    We are super proud of these fine dogs and of their owners and handlers who have spent so much time training and campaigning them. All of these dogs are owner trained and exhibited!

    Since earning her OD title, several more of Panda's puppies have earned the rank of Qualifying Get:
    • "Missy": Fern Hill Missy J Bonner MH WC SR96378605 (By Wyatt)
    • "Zoey": Fern Hill Sunday at the Zoo MH SR96378601 (By Wyatt)
    • "Hank": Fern Hill's Most Valuable Player CDX SH WCX CCA CGC SR96378607 (By Wyatt)
    • "Py": Fern Hill Py In The Sky MH SS03438902 (By Red)
    • "Jesse": Fern Hill Meadowbrae Full Circle SH CD SS03438903 (By Red)

    We now have 3 times the number of points needed for the OD title, and 3 times the number of qualifying get. In addition, most of her offspring are still competing and adding more titles and accolades,so these numbers may increase again.

  • WCX: Panda earned her WCX (Working Certificate Excellent) title at the Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty in Bristol, TN on October 26, 2014.

  • Master Hunter: Panda earned her Master Hunter title May 18, 2014, finishing with qualifying runs at the Middle Tennessee double master spring test in Lavergne, TN. She was still two years old at the time she titled. We get many, many compliments from pros and other exhibitors about her style, drive and speed, and her pro trainer took one of the puppies from her first litter.

Panda with her WCX Rosette
Panda with her WCX Rosette

Panda wearing Master Hunter ribbons
Panda with her Master Hunter ribbons

Training, March 1, 2014
Training for Master, March 1, 2014

  • Senior Hunter: Panda earned her Senior Hunter title May 26, 2013, just a few days shy of her 2nd birthday. Since we didn't take her out for Junior, she needed 5 legs to title. She accomplished this in 3 consecutive weekends, at the MidSouth, Middle Tennessee, and East Tennessee Hunt Tests, with Jody Ware handling. Panda has lots of drive and style and loves every minute of the work!

Training, March 1, 2014
Panda training, March 1, 2014

Panda's Pedigree

Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD (Panda) #SR679046/01
(05/28/11 - )
UH Trifecta's Shag-edelic (Shag) #SN926373/06
*** MH CCA CD WCX VCX (10/7/2002- )

Fern Hill Pennyroyal #SR262975/06
CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI (05/28/05 - )

Panda's Litters

Litter 9: Panda was bred to AFC HRCH Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA, ("Red") for her third and final litter born 1/24/18 (8 girls and 1 boy). Her first litter with Red was so outstanding that we decided to repeat the breeding and keep a girl puppy, Py, so that we will have two half-sisters to carry on in the future. The litter pedigree is here and the litter page is here (Py is the Pink puppy in the pictures).

Litter 8: Panda was bred to AFC The Sunday Swimmer OS FDHF OS FDHF, ("Wyatt") for her second litter. Wyatt was a handsome Field Trial dog who has qualified for and competed through the 5th series at the all-breed National Amateur Field Trial for both 2014 and 2015. She whelped 10 puppies (5 girls, 5 boys) on December 6, 2016. We have kept a girl from this litter -- Fern Hill Sunday at the Zoo MH, aka Zoey and couldn't be more excited. The puppies have gone to wonderful new homes, and several of them will have a chance at top level competition in field and obedience. The litter pedigree is here and the litter page is here.

Litter 7: Panda was bred to AFC HRCH Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA, for her first litter of 6 puppies (4 boys, 2 girls) on April 16, 2015. In addition to his many titles, Red was also a participant in the National Amateur Field Trial in 2015 and competed through the third series. The litter pedigree is here. The puppies went to wonderful homes, and all are showing loads of talent, wonderful dispositions and trainability, and handsome 'old gold' looks. The litter page is here.

Panda's Photo Album

   Grey-faced Panda
Panda at age 10, 9/19/19

Dog in office chair
Panda at the office, 2/13/14
Santa's Helper, Christmas 2013

Panda has a great water entry -- April 13, 2013

Off at Boot Camp
Panda in the holding blind, 2/18/12
After work, waiting for her next turn, 2/18/12


Growing Up at Fern Hill
Panda relaxing in the office, 12/4/11
First visit to Jody's, 12/03/11
First visit to Jody's, 12/03/11
Working on 'place,' 10/16/11
Working with Jim
puppy in chair
Panda in my chair at 4 months, 10/2/11

Panda's Puppy Pictures
Panda and toy, 8/4/11
Playing in the kitchen, 8/04/11
Lap puppy (7/30/11)
Panda begins her toilet training (7/19/11)
7 week formal photo
7 weeks, with feather (7/16/11)
Panda, 6 weeks (7/9/11)
Panda on far right, with Ted, Scout, and Charlie (7/9/11)
5 weeks (7/2/11)
Panda outside at 4 weeks (6/26/11)
Panda kisses Penny (6/16/11)
girl puppy
Panda at 2 weeks 6/10/11
week old puppy
Panda at 1 week 6/4/11

One day old, 5/29/11

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