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Fern Hill Sunday at the Zoo ("Zoey") SR963786/01
Sire: AFC The Sunday Swimmer SR480559/03 ("Wyatt")
Dam: Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD SR679046/01
Born December 5, 2016

Zoey at 22.5 months
Zoey at almost 23 months, October 30, 2018

Zoey was the 1st puppy in Panda's second litter. We had five girls to choose from, but we eventually settled on the "White" (baby collar color) puppy. She is bold, confident, a little bit sassy, very sweet and people-oriented, and a little bit eccentric like her Grandma Penny. In fall 2017 she won two Puppy Stakes at our retriever club trials and AKC Hunt test, and she is now working on her Senior Hunter title. We hope to finish Senior in Spring 2019 and move on to Master by the fall. If all goes well and she passes her clearances, she will be our next in line to carry on the Fern Hill tradition of talented and good-looking working goldens.

Pedigree    ||    Album

Zoey's Pedigree

Fern Hill Sunday at the Zoo (Zoey) #SR963786/01
(12/06/16 - )
AFC The Sunday Swimmer SR480559/03 ("Wyatt")
(2/12/2008 - )

Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX (Panda) #SR679046/01
(05/28/11 - )
AFC The Sunday Swimmer
Panda with her WCX Rosette

Zoey's Photo Album

Zoey Grows Up
Dog running
Zoey in the field, 10/30/18
dogs on sofa
Zoey and her Mom Panda schmoozing on the sofa, August 8, 2018
Dog on back
Zoey's invitation, July 24, 2018
Dog in tall grass Zoey at 11.5 months
Above, Zoey at nearly a year old, November 25, 2017. At left, Zoey in tall grass, 043018.
Zoey on leash Zoey helping with farmwork
Above, Zoey at 6 months, helping with farmwork, May 28, 2017. At left, Zoey with her trainer Jody Ware, demonstrating basic puppy obedience training to a retriever club seminar. Zoey went to Jody's for training from mid-June until Thanksgiving.
puppy in mondo grass
Zoey adores the mondo grass, 3/05/17
puppy sitting
Zoey learns the sit command, 3/05/17
puppy with cast on leg puppy in ex-pen
At left: We stepped on Zoey and broke her leg on Valentine's day 2017. Above: Panda babysits with Zoey in confinement on 2/22/17. She wore the cast for two weeks and then had 6-8 more weeks of very carefully controlled exercise. Luckily, it healed perfectly without any setbacks and she is fully sound.
puppy on bed
Zoey at 3 months
puppy at 9 weeks
Zoey at 9 weeks, 2/11/17

Zoey's Puppy Pictures

Zoey at 7 weeks
Zoey at 7 weeks 1/24/17
puppy on toilet
Zoey starts her toilet training, 1/23/17
puppy at 6 weeks
Zoey at 6 weeks, 1/17/17
puppy at 5 weeks
Zoey at 5 weeks, 1/10/17
puppy at 4 weeks
Zoey at 4 weeks, 1/03/17
puppy at 3 weeks
Zoey at 3 weeks, 12/27/16
puppy at 2 weeks
Zoey at 2 weeks, 12/20/16
Zoey at 1 week, 12/13/17
Zoey at 1 day old, 12/7/16
Mom and puppies
Panda and newborn pups, 12/06/17

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