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Dogs, Present and Past
Cats, Purebred and Otherwise
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Cats, Purebred and Otherwise

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty, our decorator cat. Born sometime in late May 1997, she picked us out at the local feed store when she was 6 weeks old and has ruled us all ever since.

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

Prince Ranier Prince Ranier Prince Ranier

Bengoria Mabitso Inoshow, AKA Prince Ranier

Sire: RW SGC Bengoria Billy the Kid
Dam: Bitterroot Angeni of Bengoria

This handsome gentleman is a registered Bengal, which is a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard Cat. His official name, Mabitso Inoshow, sounds Oriental -- but say it slowly, and it works out to "Ma Bit, So I No Show." When he was born, his mother got so carried away in cleaning him up that she accidentally bit off part of his tail. So despite his fancy pedigree and good looks, he couldn't be shown in championship competition. After a stint as a breeder, he is now retired to be a much beloved pet. Many thanks to Nancy Prince of PrinceRoyal Bengals for this lovely boy. Be sure to check out Nancy's site for lots of gorgeous pictures of her beautiful Bengals, or to get one of your own!

Taffy Mac
Taffy McClanahan, super hunter. Another feed store cat who led coordinated rat hunts in the barn before his death this past spring at the all-too-young age of 11. We'll miss this guy!

Dogs, Past and Present

Hilfy 9 weeks
Hilfy at 9 weeks, July 2002

This is our Golden Retriever, Hilfy, when she was a puppy. For more pictures of her, see Hilfy's Page, or go to our Fern Hill Golden Retrievers Site.

Omega Man, Taffy McClanahan, and McKenzie. We call this picture "Redheads"; it was an unsuccessful entry in a owner-pet look-alike contest back in 1998. We think it's a winner, anyway! Omega Man was our most wonderful Golden Retriever. You can see more pictures of him here.

3 dogs
Christie (Christine Murphy, a Shetland Sheepdog), Lucky (an Australian Shepherd), and Omega with Ryan in 2001.

The Gathering
Omega, Lucky, Taffy McClanahan, and Snowy Owl in the spring sunshine (April 1997).

Miscellaneous Pets

Ryan and Daffodil
Ryan and friend, 1999 -- Daffodil, a Golden Comet hen

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