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Fernhill Smoky Mt. Surprise SR500760/02 ("Paxton")
Sire: Trifectas Repeat Performance *** MH,UD,CCA,VCX,WCX,OS,CGC,Can CD
Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
Born June 5, 2008
Paxton at 10 months
Paxton, April 18, 2009

This little guy was born second, and was the second heaviest and the biggest boned puppy in the litter. He also had the thickest puppy coat, with long and beautiful curly ears. A very noisy and happy puppy, he was always one of the first to come running. He was second to climb out of the laundry basket, and he's quite athletic and birdy. This boy has loads of talent! He has moved to Nashville to join his new owner Wendy Fly, who will work with him in obedience, agility, and maybe some field work as well.

News about Paxton 2009

April 18, 2009, Editor's Note: Paxton and Wendy came to a training lesson that Lorie Jolly (Owner of the illustrious Mr. Speaker) gave at her place. It was a huge thrill for me to see Hilfy and four of her puppies all together at the same place! In addition to Pax, Ryley, Chilli, and our Penny were all there. Pictures below are of Pax, Wendy (yellow slicker) and Lorie during this session.

Pax at Lorie's Pax at Lorie's
Pax at Lorie's Pax at Lorie's

News about Paxton 2008

November 11, 2008: Here is a pic from the start of our hike yesterday. He looks so "big" now!!!

Pax puppy

October 22, 2008: It was great to visit with you and the "pack o' goldens" on our last trip through East TN. It seems Pax has had another growth spurt and his feathers and tail are starting to have that adult look. We were at the vet yesterday. Everyone loves him, the techs fawn over him, my 2 vets love his energy... Anyway, he weighed in at 31 lbs, so he is offically bigger than Murphie. She's gotten used to it, but doesn't let him push too far. I do want to get in the obedience ring and do our thing. He also (not a great surprise) is showing talent in many questions, so many ways to screw up being a good dog mom...
      In other news, Pax has a mouth full of new teeth. I always knew he was secretly a teeth every hour almost! The really good part is the chewing is finally beginning to subside. I don't mind the chewing or unstuffing of toys, but I will be glad when he stops pooping mulch from the countless sticks he still finds. Pax is a super sneak and will stash sticks away for later chew-fests - I'm glad he doesn't yet understand that under the kitchen table is not the best hiding place...

Paxton at 4 months
Paxton, 10/7/08

Pax at Fern Hill Pax and Wendy at Fern Hill
Pictures at Fern Hill, Wendy and Pax's visit 10/7/08

September 13, 2008:It's been a minute since I last wrote, so I thought you might want a Pax update. He is doing very well. I've changed his food from the Wellness large breed puppy to Eagle's Holistic Select large breed puppy. It seems that after about a month on the other food, he just stopped digesting it. I thought possibly he developed some food allergy to chicken (or some ingredient) so I moved him to another protein source. He seems to love it, and at each meal he chows down like I never, EVER feed him. We're still at 3x/day, slightly less than a cup each time. Anyway, he's growing like a weed, weighing in at 19.5 lbs this past Monday at the vet. Dr Ladd and all the techs have (of course) fallen in love with him, and Paxton (of course) soaks it all up.
     With the 3rd set of shots under our belt, I've felt more comfortable about going places with Pax. This week has been a blast. We started puppy class - what a hoot! He knocks out the obedience part, already beginning to associate hand signals with verbal commands. He's such a smart guy. However, turns out he's a bit of a bully to the smaller pups in the class. We've worked that issue quite a bit this week by starting the long down, and I've really cracked down on this chase/mouthing game that he and Murphie play. Maybe it's not the fun game I thought it was...
      Paxton and the lake made introductions this week as well. I took him down to my "put in" cove and boy did he love the water! He had played in the plastic kiddie pool at the house, but I didn't really expect him to swim right away. In puppy class, we were to have a new experience with our pups for homework and then share with the class the following week. Pax's thing was the lake and swimming, so I had to brag on his breeding and the amazing gene pool. Really, I did ZERO training. I took him there, let him play a bit and then tossed the frisbee in the water and he just did his thing. Of course it was followed with massive excitement and praise, praise, praise. (No, I don't enjoy this little guy at all...) I think training for the WC might be easier than I thought based on his retrieves of the tennis ball yesterday and frisbee today. Tomorrow, if Ike doesn't rain us out, we shop for a Pax sized float coat and go for our first paddle. The kayak has been on the floor in the garage for a few days and Paxton's pretty comfortable playing on it. We'll see how he does when it's on the water - should be fun!
     I'm sending some new photos so you can see how big he's gotten.

Puppy at the lake Pax swimming
Pax at the lake 9/12/08
Tired Pax Sleep Puppy #2
Pax 8/28/08

July - August 2008

August 14: Hard to believe it's been only a few weeks since Paxton came home with me. We've made the transition pretty well so far. Housebreaking is going very well - no mistakes in the crate after day 2 at all, and as long as I do my job, we don't have mistakes in house either. He's only had a few accidents, and past day 3 or so, they were my fault. Anyway, we're getting a good vocabulary happening. "Sit" is about 85% with no guiding, 'kennel' is great, 'down' is about 50% and still guided into place, and 'come'...well we still need lots of work with that because outside has some really wonderful smells and sticks and grass and bird feathers and the neighbor's dog and dirt get the picture.

Got our second round of shots last Monday. Of course everyone at the vet was thrilled to see him again and his tail was quite the blur almost the whole time. (Pax wasn't so excited about the fecal check - like you could blame him!) He weighed in at 13 lbs and we've upped the food a bit because he is growing like a weed! Dakota is still Paxton's favorite chew toy, and I'm using some bitter apple to try and stem the tide. Dakota is so laid back he won't give any corrections to Paxton at all. Murphie, on the other hand, took almost 5 days before she would tolerate Pax, but now you should see them play! They chase and have terrific conversation (Murphie is part beagle, so she does this bark/howl thing) quite a bit. Finally Murphie has someone that can (and does) give her a run for her money...

Paxton in mid-August.

Pax with soccer ball
Soccer is FUN!!

One Tired Puppy

two dogs in one bed
Do I really have to share?????
puppy leaping

Here I Come!!!

July 31: Wow, I don't know how you did it with 9 pups. Paxton is reminding me of all things puppy...He has great energy and of course loves to chew. I've had to really stay on top of him, but he learns quickly and is remembering sooner each time he tries to eat the cabinets that there are other, much more acceptable things to chew on. Dakota is VERY tolerant (especially when Pax decides Dakota's tail is the best chew toy in the world) and Murphie is coming along. We've had just a tiny bit of 'here are the boundaries' from her, and Pax's reaction is to back off, play bow and wag, wag, wag. I'd say we'll be rolling right along in about another week. Housebreaking is going well (as long as I do my job) and we've started on sit and down.

I wish I had the camera handy when I first put the ice (Dakota and Murphie love the ice) in the water bucket. Turned my back for a minute and Paxton had both front paws completely submerged and was bobbing for ice cubes! By the time I finished laughing, I had to mop the floor to get all the water up - the things you forget!

Pax with friend
Pax is happy, but Dakota doesn't look too thrilled about this

Pax and Friend (?)

Baby Pictures at Fern Hill

Paxton with new owner
Paxton leaving Fern Hill with his new owner Wendy Fly, 7/28/08.
Seven week portrait, 7/24/08
Six week portrait, 7/18/08
Indigo Outdoors, 7/1/08
6/17/08, too sleepy to open his eyes for the camera
1 week old puppy


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