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Fernhill Shakin Jake SR500760/07 ("Jake")
Sire: Trifectas Repeat Performance *** MH UD CCA WCX VCX OS CGC Can CD
Dam: Adirondac Hilfy of Fern Hill CDX OD CCA TDI CGC ASCA-CD SR017085/01
Born June 5, 2008
Jake's official portrait, August 2009

Jake was the puppy with the most white on him. In addition to a few white toes on his left fromt foot, as a young puppy, he sported a broad white spot in his forehead that tapered down almost to his nose. It has faded now mostly, although there is still a small bit of extra 'shine' just above his nose! Like his mother Hilfy, he developed a black spot on his tongue as he grew up -- Hilfy's is now almost vanished so it will be interesting to see if Jake's does the same thing as he ages. As a puppy, he was very sweet and cuddly, highly cooperative, a little more laid back than many of the others. From a young age, he thought that people were the most interesting things in the world -- even better than Mommy. He traveled to New Jersey to live with Nina Aversano-Boudria and her family on a farm with horses and other dogs, and is starting his Rally obedience career in Fall 2009. This is a new endeavor for Nina as well, and we wish this talented pair all the luck in the world! Nina's description of Jake: "He is without a doubt, the smartest Golden that I have ever had...(I have had Goldens for over 35 years!) Jake lives with our family in NJ and Florida. He has two other Golden "brothers"...a three year old rescue, named Baby and a 12 year old named Rascal. My daughter is an equestrian and we attend many horse shows with Jake. He seems to relate very well to the horses and enjoys the shows and all the attention."

News About Jake, 2009

August 15: Hope that you are well and that you are enjoying the summer. I have submitted Jake for the Orvis Cover for raises money for canine cancer and I thought it would be fun to show the little fellow off. I am also sending you the photo. It was taken at a horse show. The photographer loved his smile and spotted is certainly an eye catcher. I am sure that his beautiful face will be on the cover of little darling!!!! I will be doing my first rally event in NJ in early October. Jake is loving it! He is definitely better at this than I am...soooo much to remember! Hopefully, I won't chicken out!

July 13: Jake is having fun with his initial rally training. Linda, his trainer, really loves him. She had Ditto's sister for 9 years and, of course, knew Ditto. It is really helpful because she seems to have a good understanding of his temperament and his potential. He is so times a bit stubborn...but all in all, I think he is having great fun with this new challenge. I am doing his training at St. Hubert's which is a wonderful center for dog training, adoption and animal advocacy in NJ. The organization is well known in the tri state area.

July 9: Armed with my camera, I have produced a few photos of Jake and his band of merry dogs! He enjoys life and has lots of playtime with his buddies.

July 7: I decided that I would start Rally training for Jake. He is so smart and willing and his obedience (for the most part...except when he goes a bit puppy mad on me) is going very well. He continues to be an absolute riot...he has a smiling face and is just so much fun! He is so willing and wants to please. So, I decided that he needed more of a challenge and contacted Linda Sperco, who is a trainer here in NJ. I brought the wonderful book that you gave me so that she could get a look at Jake's background....never thinking there would be this connection. She was so excited to have one of Ditto's pups and she knew all about him...and of course, she had his sister. She said that Jake reminded her a lot of Ditto...looks and personality. I plan to take a few private lessons and then join a group in a couple of weeks. Jake enjoyed the work and fell right into it with his usual carefree abandon... "Hey Mom...this is fun...let's do some more" then got himself so mentally exhausted he couldn't lift his head for the entire ride home! Linda would also like to see him do some field training. I am up for whatever Jake is capable of trying...of course, I will probably need more training then he will but I am all for it!

Jake is trained on the invisible fence and romps around with his buddy, Baby, on the property like he is king of the hill. He also loves swimming in the pool fetching tennis balls. He will do just about anything for a tennis is the ultimate treat! Everyone just loves this guy...he is truly a charmer and with a joyful soul! He makes everyone smile and laugh. Jake has done wonders for our little rescue golden, Baby. Baby was very badly abused before we got him and suffered a great deal. It has taken him a very long time to become trusting. Jake's carefree and confident spirit is starting to rub off on Baby! He is becoming a different dog and really enjoying life...thanks to his little buddy...and a lot of love and patience on our end. Rascal, our 12 year old golden, tolerates the madmen and they continue to try to get him to play...which occasionally he does!

March 28: Jake is doing very well. We will be starting a pre rally training course in May and then hopefully over the summer, I will get him into rally training. He is full of energy and still is the most affectionate guy in the world. He wakes us up with a kisses and snuggles every morning. He is funny and energetic and just an absolute delight.

January 21: The lads had a great time in Florida. Jake's training is going very well. The trainer (and everybody else) loves him to bits. She is amazed at how willing he is to do whatever he is asked to do! I will also be starting the basics of rally training. Jake makes us laugh all the time. He is always smiling and up for a good time. My husband calls him Joy Boy Jake...just filled with joy! Here are a bunch of photos...better late than never! These were taken at our home in Florida over the holidays. He's really getting to be a handsome young we need to perfect the 'gentleman' part of his development!

Nina and Jake Larry the Treat Master
Jake making a mess on the sofa Jackie with the lads (that's Jake up on the sofa with her)
Handsome party animal....
Happy New Year from Jake!

News About Jake, 2008

August 17, 2008: Jake is doing great! He weighs about 15.2 lbs and he is making lots of friends wherever he goes. He is responding well to training and we are making progress in all areas. He is a very willing learner and he wants to please. I am attaching some photos of my daughter Jackie with her young horse and Jake...they aren't quite sure of each other just yet!

puppy with Jackie and horse
puppy with Jackie puppy with stick

Some more pictures of baby Jake

August 3, 2008: Jake went to his first horse show today...he nearly caused a riot...people came rushing over from everywhere to pet him and play with him. He is currently in the family room 'dead to the world'! He was great around the horses...and he seemed very comfortable with all the activity...all he wants is for people to pet him and make a fuss and he's in heaven. He really did get a lot of attention! His disposition is very, funny and playful. He is really doing great! The crate isn't quite his favorite thing but we are making progress. He really doesn't like to be by himself at night...I need to find a way to help make him more comfortable.

August 1, 2008: My entire family is in love with Jake as was everyone at the airport...I have never been so popular as I was when I was walking through that airport! People were stopping me every five feet to pet him or talk to me about him. He loved every minute of it!

Last night was 'interesting' but all in all he is a adjusting very well. Rascal is being sweet and very patient...although there were a couple of growls...sort of 'watch your step kid'...type growls...nothing serious. I put his feet on the first step of the pool but he wasn't very interested. I am sure when we all go in he will be eager to be with us.

I am crate training right now...he seems to be doing all right with that...I suspect a couple of days of cheese treats and we will be home free.

Baby Pictures

Jake with new owner
Jake leaving Fern Hill with new owner Nina Aversano-Boudria, 7/31/08.
7-week portrait of sleepy Jake, 7/24/08
Black puppy at 6 weeks old, 7/18/08
Up and At 'em 6/24/08
Zonked! 6/24/08
Sleepy puppy! 6/17/08
week old puppy

Black Boy, 6/6/08

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