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Fern Hill Riley Reamer ("Riley") SS034389/01
Sire: AFC Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA ("Red")
Dam: Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD OD SR679046/01
Born January 24, 2018

Riley at 7 weeks
Riley at 7 weeks, March 14, 2018

Riley was the 1st puppy in Panda's third 'Mostly girl' litter. She was stout and fearless, loved to retrieve even as a young puppy, and enjoyed tussling with her sisters. She has gone to Texas to live with Brett Reamer and his wife Sarah Bonner. They are active outdoor people, and spend free time on the coast fishing and duck hunting or on a family ranch in the Texas hill country hiking and hunting.

Pedigree    ||    Album

Riley's Pedigree

Fern Hill Riley Reamer (Riley) #SS034389/02
(1/24/18 - )
AFC Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA ("Red")
(4/1/2009 - )

Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD (Panda) #SR679046/01
(05/28/11 - )

News and Photos

Riley's Puppy Pictures at Fern Hill
puppy with new family
Riley with new owners Brett Reamer and Sarah Robbins, March 24, 2018

puppy at 7 weeks
Riley at 7 weeks, 3/14/18
puppy at 6 weeks
Riley at 6 weeks, 3/07/18
puppy at 5 weeks
Riley at 5 weeks, 2/28/18
puppy at 4 weeks
Riley at 4 weeks, 2/21/18
puppy at 3 weeks
Riley at 3 weeks, 2/14/18
puppy at 2 weeks
Riley at 2 weeks, 2/7/18
Riley at 1 week, 1/31/18
Riley at 1 day old, 1/25/18
Mom and puppies
Panda and pups, 1/31/18

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