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Fern Hill Maisy Peaches Dobbs ("Maisy") SS034389/05
Sire: AFC Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA ("Red")
Dam: Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD OD SR679046/01
Born January 24, 2018

Maisy at 9 months
Maisy at 9 months, October 24, 2018

Maisy was the puppy known as "Marigold" in Panda's third litter. From the first, she stood out for her engagin personality. She was super people oriented, a little bit noisy, and cute as a button! We were very pleased to place her with a family with young kids, where she gets lots of attention -- and some solid training and discipline from the parents. Maisy is local, and we have been pleased to see her periodically as she grows up. She is cuter every time we see her!

News About Maisy:


Maisy with kids
Above: Maisy plays with the kids, March 17, 2018. At right, Maisy relaxes in the garden on May 25, 2018.
Kepes explores

Baby Pictures

The Dobbs going home
Amy and Jeff Dobbs with their new puppy Maisy, 3/17/18
puppy at 7 weeks
Maisy at 7 weeks, 3/14/18
puppy at 6 weeks
Maisy at 6 weeks, 3/07/18
puppy at 5 weeks
Maisy at 5 weeks, 2/28/18
puppy at 4 weeks
Maisy at 4 weeks, 2/21/18
puppy at 3 weeks
Maisy at 3 weeks, 2/14/18
puppy at 2 weeks
Maisy at 2 weeks, 2/7/18
Maisy at 1 week, 1/31/18
Maisy at 1 day old, 1/25/18
Mom and puppies
Panda and pups, 1/31/18

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