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Fern Hill & Gingrock's Miss Parr ("Mizz") SS311884/02
Sire: Max Q Saint Louie RN MH CCA *** VCX ("Louie")
Dam: Fern Hill Sunday At The Zoo MH SR963786/01 ("Zoey")
(AFC The Sunday Swimmer OS FDHF x Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD)
Born December 28, 2021

Ms Parr destroys a box
Miss Parr destroys a box -- a favorite activity -- March 12, 2022

Miss Parr was the second and last puppy born from Zoey's second litter. She was the "Green Girl," in honor of Christmas. She became a singleton when her sister Red Girl died at 5 weeks from a developmental heart condition, so we integrated her into our pack immediately so she wouldn't be alone. She was immediately accepted by her grandmother, aunt, and half sister, and won all our hearts with her spunky, charming personality, brains, obvious self-confidence and willingness to do whatever was asked of her. Her new owner is Field Trial and hunt test competitor Anna Curry of Texas, who operates under the Gingrocks kennel name. We are excited for Miss Parr and hope to hear many good things from her in the future. She is a very special puppy!

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Miss Parr's Pedigree

Fern Hill & Gingrocks Miss Parr (Mizz) #SS311884/02
(7/14/21 - )
Max Q Saint Louie RN MH CCA *** VCX ("Louie")
(5/27/2013 - )

Fern Hill Sunday At The Zoo MH SR963786/01 ("Zoey")
(12/6/16 - )

News and Photos

Miss Parr's Puppy Pictures

Miss Parr at 7 weeks with Anna Curry
Miss Parr meets her new owner Anna Curry, while Zoey watches, February 16, 2022.

puppy getting bath at 7 weeks
Miss Parr's first bath, 2/15/22
puppy at 7 weeks
Miss Parr's first bath continues
puppy at 7 weeks
Miss Parr at 7 weeks, 2/13/22
puppy at 6 weeks
Miss Parr at 6 weeks, 2/8/22
puppy at 5 weeks
Miss Parr at 5 weeks, 2/2/22
puppy at 4 weeks
Miss Parr at 4 weeks, 1/25/22
puppy at 3 weeks
Miss Parr at 3 weeks, 1/18/22
puppy at 2 weeks
Miss Parr at 2 weeks, 1/11/22
puppy at 1 week
Miss Parr at 1 week, 1/4/22
1-day old puppy
Miss Parr, one day old, 12/29/21
Zoey with her 3-day old puppies, 12/31/21
Zoey with her 3-day old puppies, 12/31/21

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