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Fern Hill Rock the Boat SR581829/09 ("Laker")
Sire: GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH, CCA OS ("Drake")
Dam: Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX JH NAP RE CGC TDI SR262975/06 ("Penny")
Born August 31, 2009

Laker, the ninth puppy, was one of the four smallest at birth but grew rapidly. From the first, he was a scrambler, a bit feisty but still a cuddler, and quite active! He will be a medium red with some lighter feathering.

Baby Pictures

puppy with new family
Laker's family, Brian and Robin Lasey and their children, live in Arkansas. Laker is slated for a career in competition agility.

Skyblue at 6 weeks, 10/11/09
Skyblue Boy, 4 weeks
Skyblue Boy, 3 weeks, 9/20/09
Skyblue Boy, 2 weeks, 09/14/09
One week portrait, 9/7/09
Day old portrait, 9/1/09

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