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Fern Hill Doc Bonner ("Doc") SS280510/01
Sire: Max Q Saint Louie RN MH CCA *** VCX ("Louie")
Dam: Fern Hill Missy J Bonner MH WC SR963786/05 ("Missy J")
(AFC The Sunday Swimmer OS FDHF x Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX OD)
Born July 14, 2021

Doc at 7 weeks with Missy J and the Bonners
Doc at 7 weeks with his dam Missy J and the Bonners

Doc was the 1st puppy in Missy J's first litter. He was an exceptionally smart and thoughtful puppy, and showed amazing trainability and impulse control starting from about 5 weeks. He was a demon about birds, loved swimming, and was looking forward to a happy life with the Bonners, his mother Missy J, and their two other Goldens and rescue dog, and a stellar career in field work. Unfortunately, he was also a puppy who ate everything he could fit in his mouth, and had a fatal encounter with a death cap mushroom one afternoon. Despite several days in the veterinary ICU, he could not recover and died on November 17, 2021. Heartbreaking loss for the Bonners!

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Doc's Pedigree

-->Fern Hill Doc Bonner (Doc) # SS280510/01
(7/14/21 - )
Max Q Saint Louie RN MH CCA *** VCX ("Louie")
(5/27/2013 - )

Fern Hill Missy J Bonner MH WC SR963786/05 ("Missy J")
(12/6/16 - )

News and Photos

Doc's Puppy Pictures
puppy at 7 weeks
Doc at 7 weeks, 9/4/21
puppy at 6 weeks
Doc at 6 weeks, 8/25/21
puppy at 5 weeks
Doc at 5 weeks, 8/18/21
puppy at 4 weeks
Doc at 4 weeks, 8/11/21
puppy at 3 weeks
Doc at 3 weeks, 8/6/21
puppy at 2 weeks
Doc at 2 weeks, 7/28/21
Doc at 1 week, 7/21/21
Doc as a newborn, 7/14/21
Mom and puppies
Missy J and newborn pups, 7/14/21

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