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Fern Hill Meadowbrae Legacy JH SR872777/01 ("Jake")
Sire: AFC Topbrass Hawks Red Wing MH CCA ("Red")
Dam: Fern Hill Pandemonium MH WCX SR679046/01 ("Panda")
Born April 16, 2015

Jake, summer 2016

Jake was the firstborn, a strapping big puppy who from the time he opened his eyes would sit and STARE at things -- very bright, very thoughtful, very active. Very smart boy! We were thrilled that he went home with the Koguts of New York, who were the breeders of our foundation dam Hilfy all those years ago. His name "Legacy" acknowledges the connection back to Joan's old girl Marcy, Hilfy's dam; Meadowbrae is the Kogut's current kennel name. Jake is loving life on the Kogut's upstate farm with his great-aunt Brandi and his cousins Bonnie and Rose. He loves training and has been an amazingly quick and enthusiastic learner. He made his competition debut at the 2015 Golden Retriever National Specialty in Ohio, JAMMing in the Puppy Stakes field event. In 2016, he earned his Junior Hunter title in four straight tests at 15 months old, and had passed three Senior Hunter tests before turning 18 months old. He only needs one more to title; should be out again finishing up in the spring and starting on Master soon afterwards! So far, he has passed all 7 of the tests he has entered, with both Ken and Joan handling.

News About Jake:

Ken & Jake after JH title run Jake, JH Hunt Test, July 2016
Date: Jake went to two double Junior Hunter tests on two weekend in July 2016, and passed them all to earn his JH title. Congratulations, Ken, Joan, and Jake!
Jake JH at home

Summer 2015

Rose, Bonnie, Joan and Jake Rose, Bonnie, Joan and Jake
Date: 08/22/15. Jim and I spent a weekend in New York with the Koguts, other friends, and lots of dogs! Here is Joan with cousins Rose, Bonnie, and Jake, and a portrait of Jake by the flowers (they are delicious).

Jake in the water Jake in flight
Date: 07/04/15. Jake learns to swim and leap off docks....

Jake and cat puppy
Date: 06/15/15. Jake at his new home in NY -- meeting the cat, looking cute...

Baby Pictures

Left to right: Grandmother Penny, mother Panda, Joan and Jake, Great Grandmother Hilfy

puppy 7 week old puppy
Joan and Jake, 7 weeks, 6/3/15
6 week old puppy
Jake at 6 weeks, 5/28/15
Jake at 5 weeks, 5/21/15
Jake at 4 weeks, 5/14/15
Jake at 3 weeks, 5/7/15
Jake at 2 weeks, 4/30/09
Jake at 1 week, 4/23/15
2 days old, 4/18/15
Mom and puppies
Panda and 2-day old pups, 4/18/15

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