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Fern Hill Duck Call ("Quincy") SS368660/06
Sire: Wynwood's Over The Top MH13 QA2 CCA SR91901001("Topper")
Dam: Fern Hill Py In The Sky MH SS034389/02 ("Py")
Born September 18, 2022

Quincy at 10 weeks
Quincy at 10 weeks

Quincy, the Dark Blue Boy, was born 6th in Py's first litter. He was one of the quieter, thoughtful type puppies; smart, excellent at retrieving and quick to learn new things, but always polite and not 'over the top' rambunctious. He went to live with Victor and Jo Ann Burk of Tennessee, who have two other Goldens with multiple titles in obedience and field. Quincy is slated to learn both and we hope to see him competing in a year or two! Since he is local, we look forward to seeing lots of him in person as well!

Quincy's Photo Album

Quincy Grows Up
puppy at 10 weeks
Quincy the philosopher, 12/19/22
sleeping puppy in lap
Laps are where puppies should sleep!
Puppy Pictures
Quincy with Victor Burk
Quincy says goodby to Mama Py, with his new owner Victor Burk at Fern Hill. November 6, 2022

puppy at 7 weeks
Quincy at 7 weeks, 11/6/22
puppy at 6 weeks
Quincy at 6 weeks, 10/30/22
puppy at 5 weeks
Quincy at 5 weeks, 10/23/22
puppy at 4 weeks
Quincy at 4 weeks, 10/16/22
puppy at 3 weeks
Quincy at 3 weeks, 10/09/22
puppy at 2 weeks
Quincy at 2 weeks, 10/02/22
puppy at 1 week
Quincy at 1 week, 9/25/22
1 day puppy
Quincy at 12 hours old, 9/19/22
Mom and puppies
Py and day-old pups, 9/19/22

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