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  Indoor Radio Propagation, Page 3
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This is page 3 of our Indoor Propagation information, which includes a variety of resources including reference books and other useful links. To return to page 1, press here or click on the first link in the table of contents. Dr. Rappaport's interview is on Page 2.


See Also: SSS Online's Technical Note on Radio propagation
-- A good Introduction to All Radio Propagation Effects

Reference Books on Indoor Radio Propagation

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Wireless Network Coexistence, by Robert Morrow. Hardcover: 350 pages (August 1, 2004). 2nd chapter is devoted to indoor propagation characteristics.


Principles of Communication Systems Simulation with Wireless Applications, by by William H. Tranter, K. Sam Shanmugan, Theodore S. Rappaport, Kurt L. Kosbar. Hardcover: 600 pages 1st edition (June 15, 2002).


Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice, by Theodore S. Rappaport. Hardcover - 736 pages 2nd edition (December 31, 2001).


Wireless Personal Communications : Channel Modeling and Systems Engineering (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science), by William H. Tranter, Brian D. Woerner, Theodore S. Rappaport, Jeffrey H. Reed (Editors) Hardcover: 272 pages 1st edition (November 30, 1999).

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Cellular Radio and Personal Communications Self-Study Course, by Theodore S. Rappaport (Editor). Paperback Package edition (July 1995).


Wireless Personal Communications : Emerging Technologies for Enhanced Communications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science,, by William H. Tranter, Theodore S. Rappaport, Brian Woerner (Editors). Hardcover (November 1998).


Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications : Is-95 and Third Generation Cdma Applications, by Joseph C. Liberti, Theodore S. Rappaport. Hardcover - 528 pages (April 1999).

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Smart Antennas : Adaptive Arrays, Algorithms, & Wireless Position Location, by Theodore S. Rappaport (Editor). Paperback - 500 pages (September 1998).


Cellular Radio and Personal Communications : Selected Readings, by Theodore S., Dr. Rappaport (Editor). Paperback - 522 pages (April 1995).


Cellular Radio and Personal Communications : Advanced Selected Readings, by Theodore S. Rappaport (Editor). Paperback - 560 pages Vol 2 (May 1996). Our Price: Click for Price and Availability
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Wireless Communications, the Mobile Communications Handbook, by Theodore S. Rappaport, Jerry D. Gibson (Editor). Hardcover (January 1998).


Wireless Personal Communications : Improving Capacity, Services, and Reliability (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 424), by Theodore S. Rappaport, Brian D. Woerner, & Jeffrey H Reed (Editors). Hardcover - 240 pages (October 1997).

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Resource Links on Indoor Propagation

Related Pages on SSS Online

Radio Propagation Page
University Research Briefings
Technology Briefings

Links to Other Websites

Bell Labs Wireless Research Laboratory — Research summaries and links to research reports

MULTI-CARRIER CDMA IN INDOOR WIRELESS RADIO NETWORKS — 1994 PDF paper, 38K, by Nathan Yee, Jean-Paul Linnartz, and Gerhard Fettweis, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley & Teknekron Communications Systems, Inc.

Measuring the 2.4 GHz Band for Indoor Wireless Communications — 2000 PDF research paper, 631.5K, by Enrique Ulffe, Manuel Platino and Daniel Barreto, Stanford University Graduate EE245 Wireless Design Lab project.

Sputnik White Paper, "RF Propagation Basics" April 2004 — PDF, 102K. This paper steps through the theoretical calculations that are useful in planning deployments of 2.4 GHz wireless networks, assuming standard WiFi-enabled laptops on the client side.

Ofcom's Propagation Studies page — links to British research papers.

"Indoor Propagation Issues for wireless LANs" — By Dan Dobkin, article in RF Design, Sep 1, 2002

Indoor Propagation Prediction Accuracy and Speed Versus Number of Reflections in Image-Based 3D Ray Tracing, by Reinaldo A. Valenzuela, Steven Fortune, and Jonathan Ling, Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies,

Indoor Radio WLAN Performance: Range Performance in a Dense Office Environment, by John C. Stein. Iincludes a basic overview of indoor propagation effects.

"A New Statistical Model for Site-Specific Indoor Radio Propagation Prediction Based on Geometric Optics and Geometric Probability" — PDF paper (377K) from IEEE Transactions, January 2002

"The Indoor Radio Propagation Channel" — PDF paper (1073K) from IEEE

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