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Looking for a particular subject on SSS Online? We realize that can be a challenge, but do not despair! One or more of the tools below can help you out:
  • Our Internal Navigation Scheme. For a full explanation of this system, see our Navigation page.

  • Our topical menu pages. Each of these lists all the pages included in that topic, as well as a list of related pages and a site/web search box. These topics are as follows:

    • Ezine Topic. This topic includes our quarterly newsletter, back issues, some history about our site, an events calendar, various feature pages, news pages, and archived news items.

    • Spread Spectrum Topic. Our primer, tutorial, history, future prognostications, and technical information on a variety of spread spectrum issues such as PN codes, synchronization, acquisition, and FCC regulations and proposed regulations.

    • RF Topic. Here you will find information on the RF spectrum, RF safety, Smith Charts, UWB, link budget data, and various links related to RF. If you don't find it here, try our Wireless Topic below.

    • Wireless Topic. This topic includes wireless and radio history, antenna links, information on WLANs, WLL, GPS, VSAT, OFDM, CDMA, W-CDMA, 3G, and a host of other flavors of alphabet soup. If you don't find what you're look for here, try our RF Topic above.

    • Design Topic. Look here for information on signal propagation, chip reviews, S parameters, PIC stuff, PLD, thermal management, DDS, synthesizers, etc. This topic is closely related to our Tech Notes and Tips topic below.

    • Tech Notes and Tips. In this topic, we have lots of practical information on specific design problems, including CPM codes, oscillators, PN generators, correlators, parts shortage issues, and prototying techniques. Also check out our Design Topic above.

    • Design Tools. There are many software programs and hardware tools that are essential in the RF / SS / Wireless / FPGA / advanced digital design field. In this topic, we discuss some of them, including CAD/CAE, Impedence Calculators, Spice, meters, and more, including a number of useful calculators and links to thousands more.

    • Software Downloads. Possibly our most popular section, this topic contains hundreds of shareware/freeware programs for download.

    • Reference Topic. Look here for our extensive online glossary, our PDF archive, links to FCC rules, technology briefings, and various other reference links.

    • Ham Topics. We're also very interested in amateur radio. Check out this topic for extensive ham-related information and links and a great practical communications theory tutorial.

    • Links. We have favorite RF / SS related links sorted by category, and general links of interest. You will also find more links on many of our technical reference pages.

    • Assorted Topics. We're interested in some other areas as well, and here we list a few -- personal finance links, high tech investor links, small business and home office information, and web design.

    • Community Topics. We're very proud of our East Tennessee community, and of our RF / SS / Wireless community as well. This section includes East Tennessee links, our free job listings and resume postings, a forum, a consultants page, and information about our family and agricultural enterprises.

    • Site Basics. In this topic we cover pages such as this one, navigation help, site maps, our website awards, various search engines, free classifieds, advertising information, our change directory, our bookstore, and more.

    • Pegasus Technologies. Last but not least are the pages on our design consulting corporation. Pegasus Technologies, which manages and maintains Spread Spectrum Scene Online, offers top-notch RF products and RF, Wireless, and advanced digital/FPGA design consulting services. We can help you get your quality RF products to market! We have information on our services, qualifications, past and current clients, business philosophy, sample contracts and NDA agreements, and more.

  • Our Google site search tool: Just enter a search term or terms in the box, which will expand to hold up to 225 characters, and then press 'search.'

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