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SSS Online's Help Screen

This is a very, very large site, with more than 450 active .html pages and many hundreds of pdf, exe and zip files. Finding the information you want on such a site can be daunting! Even more so, because we almost never take down actual content. We may "archive" it, but we have been all too frustrated when we go to a link that had some information we want to see again, and it is gone forever. So, if you see it here one time, it will still be here, somewhere, forever -- unless the originator requests that we take it down.

So, we have taken a number of steps to make it easier to find your way around the site:
  • A consistent internal navigation scheme. All our pages are categorized into one of 16 different subjects, which you see listed on the left hand side of this page. Each of those links will take you to a topical menu page listing all the pages for that subject.

  • Easy returns from each page to the next higher page in the navigation system. Just press the logo in the left upper hand of each page. If you're on one of the topical menu pages, the logo will take you back to the Home page. If you're in a content page, it will return you to the topical menu page for that subject matter category. If you put the cursor on the logo, it will tell you where you will go if you click.

  • A Google Site/Web Search box on every topical menu page and on many of our other pages as well. You can use this box to search the site (or the web!) for information on a particular topic or keyword.

  • "Home" and other navigation assistance buttons at the bottom of almost every page.

  • Links to related pages on each of our topical menu pages and on many of our "content" pages.
For more info on our navigation system, go to our Navigation Page. And, if all else fails, email us at and we'll help you find the information you're looking for.

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