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Spread Spectrum Scene 

Welcome to SSS Online!

We welcome you to Spread Spectrum Scene Online, the Number 1 online web resource for information about Spread Spectrum, RF, and various wireless technologies. Our pages are filled with useful tutorial, how-to and reference information for the working RF / Wireless engineer, student, or interested layman.

Spread Spectrum Scene Online is brought to you by Pegasus Technologies, an independent new product development and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients design and develop new Spread Spectrum, RF, wireless, FPGA and advanced digital designs, circuits and systems. We also offer customizable microcontrolled RF modules, excel in design reviews and mentoring, and analyze and troubleshoot existing client designs. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of Spread Spectrum, wireless design, RF / microwave circuits and systems, RF design and FCC Part 15 unlicensed products. For more information, click on the icon to the left (the horse's head with the sine wave for a mane), or visit our Pegasus Technologies menu page.

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