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Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) Stuff

Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis has given us a whole new technology of signal generation, modulation and control. PLL frequency synthesizers are therefore becoming ubiquitous. This page provides links to a number of DDS IC manufacturers, DDS Application examples, and to some background theory relating to DDS technology.

Contents of This Page

DDS Theory
DDS Application Examples
Reference Books on DDS Available for Purchase


Some DDS Theory

Communications: Using Direct Digital SynthesisThis tutorial from Rice University introduces Direct Digital Synthesis with prepared code that transmits arbitrary input as an FM radio signal. The module then explains how to program the DDS hardware and concludes with a simple Frequency Shift Keying exercise.

Martin Pechanec's DDS PageIncludes both DDS theory and a DDS Simulator

Hunt Engineering: Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) using FPGA

Identifying Sources of Jitter, by Johnnie Hancock, Agilent Technologies. Euro Designcon 2004 paper, October 2004. PDF file, 2.1M. Not strictly DDS, but interesting and has DDS ramifications.


Download QUALCOMM's Synthesizer Products Databook (1125K -- pdf format)

This 175 page book contains data sheets for all of Qualcomm's ASIC synthesizer products plus three very good application notes on DDS theory and technology -- it's a "must have / must read" reference!

Analog Devices, Inc.

Single-Chip Direct Digital Synthesis vs. the Analog PLL — by Jim Surber and Leo McHugh of Analog Devices.

Selecting Mixed-Signal Components for Digital Communication Systems

DACs are Optimized for Communication Transmit Path

Intersil, previously Harris Semiconductors

Download "The NCO as a Stable, Accurate Synthesizer" Application Note

Download "Quadrature Down Conversion . . ." Application Note

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DDS IC Links:

Analog Devices, Inc.

Download Analog Device's AD7008 Data Sheet

Download Analog Device's AD9830 Data Sheet

Download Analog Device's AD9831 Data Sheet

AD9850 DDS New Product Press Release

Download Analog Device's AD9850 Data Sheet

Download Analog Device's AD9901 Data Sheet

Intersil, previously Harris Semiconductors

Download HSP45102 12 Bit NCO Data Sheet

Download HSP45106 16 Bit NCO Data Sheet

Download HSP 45116 NCO / CMAC Data Sheet

Download Implementation of a High Rate Radio Receiver

Download Burst QPSK Modulator Data Sheet

Download Digital QPSK Demodulator Data Sheet


Qualcomm's CDMA Products

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DDS Application Example Links:

S & S Engineering's Digital VFO Board

Agilent 33120A Function Generator

Data sheet for Texas Instrument's TRF4900 RF Transmitter Chip, which integrates a Direct Digital Synthesizer for portable short-range wireless applications.

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DDS Reference Books

Click on a Title Below for a Direct Link to Purchase


Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists, by Steven Smith. Paperback - 672 pages (September 2002).


Digital Signal Processing , by John G. Proakis & Dimitris K Manolakis. 4th Edition - Hardcover - 1004 pages (April 2006).


Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizers, by Venceslav F. Kroupa (Editor). Paperback - 384 pages (November 1998).


Direct Digital Synthesizers: Theory, Design and Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 614), by Jouko Vankka, Kari Halonen. Hardcover - 2166 pages (July 2001).


Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified, by Bar-Giora Goldberg. Paperback - 352 pages (September 1999).


Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques, by Walt Kester and the Engineering Staff of Analog Devices Inc. Paperback: 368 pages (December 19, 2002).

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