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Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart

AUTHOR: Phillip H. Smith
FORMAT: Hardcover, 264 pages
LIST PRICE: $59.00
SALE PRICE: $55.00
PUBLISHED: 2000, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1-884932-39-8
WHOOPS! WE RAN OUT OF STOCK! Please order this directly from until we get some more in.

This is THE classic reference book from the legendary inventor of the Smith chart. The book describes how the chart is used for designing lumped element and transmission line circuits, provides tutorial material on transmission line theory and behavior, circuit representation on the chart, matching networks, network transformations and broadband matching. This revised edition includes a new chapter with examples designs and description of Noble Publishing's winSmith software accessory.

Many computational instruments have succumbed to the power of the digital computer. This is not the case with the Smith Chart. A testament to Phil's genius is that his Smith Chart is still an important training tool and it has evolved into a new role as a display grid on computer and instrument screens.


 1—Guided Wave Propagation
 2—Waveguide Electrical Parameters
 3—Smith Chart Construction
 4—Losses and Voltage-Current Representations
 5—Waveguide Phase Representations
 6—Equivalent Circuit Representations of Impedance and Admittance
 7—Expanded Smith Chart
 8—Waveguide Transmission Coefficient
 9—Waveguide Impedance and Admittance matching
10—Network Impedance Transformations
11—Measurements of Standing Waves
12—Negative Smith Chart
13—Special Uses of the Smith Chart
14—Smith Chart Instruments
15—winSMITH Operation

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