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RF Modules and Accessories

  • PT11MH

    Pegasus Technologies offers the PT11MH RF transceiver module for consideration in your OEM application. This compact, ready-to-use module is available in the 902-928 MHz band and is based on the TI CC1100 transceiver chip combined with a customizable MSP430 microcontroller to enable its use in a wide variety of applications. The module is FCC certified for use in systems and designs without further regulatory testing, and is already in commercial use in several applications. For more detailed information, see our PT11MH page. Other versions of this module in other frequencies and in a lower-power version are under development.

    The PT11MH is only 2.0" x 1.2" x .35"

  • PTSS2011

    This module is a successor to our earlier PTSS2003 transceiver, and is already in use in a few commercial applications. This 902 - 928 MHz Transceiver has successfully passed FCC and Canada compliance testing and has been granted modular certification. For more detailed information, see our PTSS2011 page.

For more information on these modules, please call Jim Pearce at 865-717-9339 ext 201, or email

We no longer offer for sale our previous line of modules based on the XEMICS XE1202 transceiver chip. However, we will still provide support for past customers of these modules (see model numbers listed below for basic information and links to data sheets).

Legacy Products
Item Description
PTSS-2003 XE1202 902-928 MHz Transceiver Module with onboard microcontroller
PTSS-2003LPUS XE1202 902-928 MHz Low Power Transceiver Module with onboard microcontroller
PTRF-915 and 915A
XE1202 902-928 MHz Transceiver Module
PTRF-868 and 868A
XE1202 868 MHz Transceiver Module
PTRF-433 and 433A XE1202 433 MHz Transceiver Module

Warranty:   Click here to see our warranty policy.

Refund Policy: refund within 30 days less 10% restocking fee for undamaged, unmodified modules in re-sellable condition.

Customer support, custom programming for all modules, and design licenses for production are also available. Please call for more information on pricing and options.

For more information, or if you are located outside the US and Canada, please call Jim Pearce at 865-717-9339, or email

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