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The PTSS2011 902 - 928 MHz Transceiver

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is pleased to present the PTSS2011 902 - 928 MHz Transceiver. This device has successfully passed FCC and Canada compliance testing, has been granted modular certification, and is already in use within several applications.

PTSS2011 Specifications

Product Overview

The PTSS2011 is a compact, ready-to-use, FCC-certified Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum transceiver that operates in the license-free 902-928 MHz band.   It is ideal for OEM applications that require a wireless data connection, and it can also be easily integrated into existing systems.    This versatile module will simplify the task of using wireless to send and receive data, using the latest RFIC technology and a customizable TI MSP430 microcontroller.

The PTSS2011 can work in systems with or without an external processor. In situations where there is no host for the system or for specialized applications, Pegasus can easily customize the microcontroller firmware to meet your needs.

Low operating power requirements and very low power consumption in shut down mode make this the ideal module for applications where long battery life is important.

For complete details and pricing, please see our RF Products page, email, or call Jim Pearce at (865) 717-9339 .

Front and reverse sides of the PTSS2011

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