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Pseudo-Noise (PN) Codes

PN codes are the very heart of EVERY Spread Spectrum system. To design, build or understand a Spread Spectrum system requires a working knowledge of and a thorough insight into these somewhat "mystical" codes. This page provides links to PN Code information, theory, implementation and practice.

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PN Code Information on SSS Online


PN Code Information on the Web

"The Effects of PN Sequences on the Misconvergence of the Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA)", by R. A. Axford, Jr., L. B. Milstein, and J. R. Zeidler, 1998 paper in IEEE Transactions

Spreading Sequences and PN Sequences, 2000 paper by Byoung Jo Choi, University of Southampton, United Kingdom Mobile Multimedia Research Group

Dr. Andy Klapper's Papers on PN Codes

"Pseudonoise Sequences in DSSS Technique," Fall 2000 presentation slides, Dr. Steve Russell, Iowa State U

"Regenerative Pseudonoise Ranging -- The effective return ranging power could be increased greatly," June 2001 paper from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

"Elliptic Curve Pseudorandom Sequence Generators ," 1999 paper, Guang Gong et al, University of Waterloo

A Bibliography on Linear Complexity and Related Topics

Prof. Jack Glas' 1996 online Textbook/Thesis: "Non-Cellular Wireless Communication Systems". The link leads you to a page where you can download the pdf. The first couple of pages are in Dutch, but by the time you get to the thesis itself it is in English.

Visit the Virginia Poly Site for More Great SS & Wireless Information

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