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Many companies/Universities in the wireless business develop FAQ sheets to help explain some of the key aspects of Spread Spectrum technology. For your edification and reading pleasure, links to some of the best of these are provided in the table below.

Click on an SS FAQ link below that interests you.

Data Delivery Devices FAQ page
WWS International FAQ page
WWS International FAQ page
Ecliptek's FAQ page on Spread Spectrum Oscillators
Center for Wireless Technology, Va. Tech: Wireless FAQ
GPS Introduction - FAQS Lists
How Stuff Works Question, "What is digital spread spectrum as used in cordless telephones?"
DATA-LINC FAQ: Smart Spectrum (Frequency Hopping)
TAPR's Question and Answer article by Steve Bible, What is Spread Spectrum
NAS Wireless FAQ
Proxim's 'Spread Spectrum Information' page

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