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University Wireless Groups and Projects
Useful References
Wireless Broadband
RF Point-to-Point Modems
RF Packet Radio

University Wireless Groups and Projects

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Useful References

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  • Cingular's Wireless Services page

  • Solectek Corp., based in San Diego California, designs, manufactures and markets a full suite of wireless connectivity products: wireless bridges and routers, LAN / WAN -- spread spectrum communications solutions with data rates up to 11Mbps for ranges up to 30 miles.

  • Proxim -- Proxim is a leading supplier of wireless LAN 2.4 GHz spread spectrum networking products, including adapter cards, access points, bridges, and modems.

  • RadioLan Inc.
    RadioLAN manufactures a family of wireless local area networking (LAN) adapters and access points that provide real wired Ethernet performance. RadioLAN products are compatible with IEEE 802.3 standards and require no FCC licensing. They can plug and play in standard 10BaseT wired networks and are completely scalable, allowing networks to grow along with the business.

  • Motorola's home page -- wireless data LANs.

  • Hitachi's home page -- search on "wireless" for a list of products.

  • Wi-LAN Inc.
    This company has a range of wireless products.

  • Aprisma, developer of network management software including SPECTRUM. A division of Cabletron Systems.

  • Symbol Technologies wireless products

  • Alps Electric (USA) Inc. Various LAN, spread spectrum, and other wireless system components.

  • Harris Corporation's support pages. Harris supplies a wide range of digital microwave radios, wireless local loop telephony systems, broadband wireless access products, secure communications systems, and military radios. NOTE: in 1998, Harris acquired the remnants of Digital Ocean Inc. (its share of the 802.11 technology rights -- Digital Ocean was one of the three companies that hammered out the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Specification that is now used.)

  • Microwave Radio Corp., a provider of microwave links for broadcasters.

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Wireless Broadband

  • Axxcelera Broadband Wireless Corp. - a data networking solutions company that is developing leading-edge technology for the deployment of broadband wireless communications.

  • Proxim Wireless Networds - a global leader in wireless networking equipment for Wi-Fi and broadband wireless networks.

  • Atheros Communications. This company produces the Atheros AR5006X Single chip 802.11a/b/g WLAN Solution

  • Ceragon Networks Ltd., a pacesetter in broadband wireless networking systems, enables rapid and cost-effective ultra high-capacity network connectivity for mobile cellular infrastructure, fixed networks, private networks and enterprises. Ceragon's FibeAir product family is a breakthrough in the wireless point-to-point market, combining spectral and hardware efficiency, modularity, flexibility and upgradeability in a single, compact 1U system.

  • Nokia: "With its family of future-proof, high-density, high-capacity multiservice access products that support all flavors of DSL, as well as support for future line technologies, Nokia provides the connectivity necessary to deliver services to end users.

  • Cisco Systems, Broadband internet and data access -- Wireless LANs, mobile wireless, and fixed wireless

  • Wi-Lan: Their W-OFDM technology delivers lightning-fast wireless broadband capability.

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RF Point-To-Point Modems

  • Carnegie Mellon's Field Robotics Center

  • GRE America, Inc., manufacturers of spread spectrum and wireless products

  • Microwave Data Systems (MDS). This company manufactures spread spectrum radio and Wireless Data Networking products.

  • Young Design, Inc. YDI offers a complete line of Wireless Data Communication equipment, including high-speed Wireless Ethernet Bridges, license free Wireless Internet Solutions, wireless modem , spread spectrum amplifiers and Wireless LAN (WLAN) Products. They also have a wide range of antennas and accessories like lightning protectors, cables, connectors, and specialized low cost test equipment.

  • Futaba Industrial Remote ControlsThis company offers multi-channel manual radio remote controls and spread spectrum technology wireless data communication systems.

  • Vectran Corporation manufactures radio remote control systems for overhead cranes & hoists.

  • Dataradio a designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless data products and systems for mission critical applications.

  • Wicom Communications provides IP-telephony components and communication solutions to the business community.

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Packet Radio

  • Ericsson -- wireless internet, networking, telephones

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Infrared (IR) Applications

  • SilCom provides a variety of specialized network connectivity solutions.

  • Infrared Data Association. IrDA is an International Organization that creates and promotes interoperable, low cost infrared data interconnection standards that support a walk-up, point-to-point user model. The standards support a broad range of appliances, computing and communications devices.

  • Versus TechnologiesVersus Technology, Inc., located in Traverse City, Michigan, develops and markets infrared locating systems. Versus Information Systems (VIS) use infrared technology to deliver precise location-specific information to users. Note: In January, 1997, Versus entered into a license agreement with Precision Tracking FM, Inc.("PTFM") to become the exclusive licensee of PTFM's patents and other intellectual property rights related to IR technology for ten years and nonexclusive thereafter.

  • Apple Macintosh Wireless system

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