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Recent/Ongoing Projects at Pegasus Technologies

We are currently working on a number of very interesting projects. Some of them are listed below. Obviously, we can't tell you much about the ones we're designing for other companies, but we can give an idea of the types of designs, the key challenges, and the technology we're using for these projects.

RF Modules

We have developed a variety of RF digital communication modules. These range from postage-stamp sized low power modules that operate in the 2.4 GHz band using IEEE 802.15.4 protocols, to slightly larger high-power modules that operate in the 902-928 MHz band with up to 1 Watt of RF output power.

Communications Transceiver

We are currently in the final development stages of a voice communications transceiver that will be tested to some of the most stringent standards in the world. It will employ modern components and design for a legacy application in order to improve performance and lower production costs.


We have developed a GEN-2 portable RFID reader that is networked using our 802.15.4-based data transceivers. This allows low-cost mobile RFID integration.

RF Power and Control for Cyclotrons

We continue our extensive work on developing sophisticated controls and RF power amplifiers for cyclotrons used for physics research and radio-pharmaceutical production. Our designs are used by some of the largest corporations and most prestigious research centers in the world.

Animal Health Monitoring

We have developed a very small device that telemeters data from animals, allowing continuous monitoring of certain parameters that indicate the health status of the animals. This technology has wide application in agricultural and wildlife monitoring sectors.

Digital Voice Communication

We have developed short range narrow band digital communications modules that operate in both license-free bands and in licensed public service bands.

Regulatory Certification

We are working with an international manufacturer of RFID products to help them achieve US and Canadian regulatory certification. We are not an FCC / IC certified test lab, but we have extensive experience with shepherding products through the certification testing process, thereby saving time, expense, and headaches for our clients.

Telemetry System with Very Low Battery Consumption

This system operates in the 902 MHz ISM band. It consists of a frequency hopping spread spectrum transmitter and receiver. The transmitter measures a real-world quantity and transmits the value to the receiver where it is sent throught the PSTN to the web. This system operates on batteries on both ends and has a battery life of several years using common batteries.

Wireless Video Link

This system consists of a 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is small, yet capable of almost 1 watt of output power. A scrambling circuit is included to prevent unwanted viewers.

Wireless microphone retrofit

The client desired a modification to one of their standard products to satisfy a key customer. Pegasus is providing a turnkey solution for the design and production of the modified units.

RF impedance measurement system

The client had an idea for an innovative application for a swept RF impedance measuring instrument. The instrument will use direct digital synthesis and a power and phase dector to provide a high quality, low cost solution.

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