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Click on an SS Design link below that interests you.

Design and Implementation Issues for a Wideband Spread Spectrum Radio. Design example: wideband, indoor CDMA system with adaptive multiuser detection (Powerpoint presentation)
Altera's Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Modem Reference Design, September 2001
Physical Layer Design for a Spread Spectrum Wireless LAN, MSEE thesis, September 1996
An Amateur 900 MHz SS Radio Design (TAPR's Neat SS Radio project)
Use spread-spectrum techniques to reduce EMI, by Steve Bolger and Samer Omar Darwish, Integrated Circuit Systems.
Analysis and Design of a Frequency-Hopped Spread Spectrum Transceiver for Wireless Personal Communications, September 2000 (403kb)
A Spread Spectrum Packet Radio Network (Undergraduate Thesis by Darryl Smith, 1995)
Jacobus Glas' 1996 doctoral thesis, "Non-Cellular Wireless Communication Systems." 6.2MB pdf thesis; the first couple of pages are in Dutch but the thesis itself is in English. Look particularly at the section on carrier and code synchronization.
An embedded CDMA Receiver: A Design Example
Fourier Transform based DS/FH Spread Spectrum Receiver

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