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CAD programs today are a dime a dozen -- but some are a lot better than others. Listed below are a few that we particularly like, both for general purpose schematic capture, simulation, and PCB layout and for specialized RF applications. Also included are some other general purpose resources on this subject area.

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General-Purpose Schematic Capture, Simulation, and PCB Layout CAD Packages
Specialized RF CAD/CAE Packages
Other CAD/CAE Resources
Reference Books on CAD/CAE

General-Purpose Schematic Capture, Simulation, and PCB Layout CAD Packages


ORCAD EDA Software Home Page

Altium Logo
Altium Designer - a system development platform
combining FPGA, PCB and embedded software development.

CadSoft Logo
CadSoft Online -- Home of the EAGLE Layout Editor

DipTrace Logo
DipTrace -- a professional and easy-to-use PCB Design software with powerful autorouter and reasonable price

McCAD Logo
McCAD E.D.S software, a complete family of integrated electronic designs systems for MS Windows and Mac OS platforms.

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Specialized RF CAD/CAE Packages

Guided Wave Technology An online waveguide filter analysis and design tool developed for microwave professionals and amateurs.
MagneForce Software Systems Aproduces simulation software for the rotating electric machine industry. We simulate both the machine and its corresponding drive/load circuitry together, in this way we are able to capture the full effects of magnetic, spatial and time based harmonics. Our software is based upon finite element analysis for magnetic field calculation and various time based circuit solution techniques for the circuit simulation portion of the analysis. Our software is specifically tailored to rotating electric machinery and is very powerful but also quite user friendly. We calculate as standard output many parameters of interest to machine designers.
Ansys Home Page Purveyers of computer-based engineering simulation systems used widely in the electronics industry.
Cadence Home Page A multitude of design software packages.
Eagleware Home Page A leader in the development of RF and Microwave design software since 1985
Editor's Note 8/19/05: Eagleware and Elanix merged, and as of yesterday, they have been purchased by Agilent. If this site vanishes, look at the Agilent site.
Optotek Software Page MMICAD Schematic/Layout program including free demo download
Applied Wave Research Home Page Home of Microwave Office, Acolade, EMSight, Voltaire XL/LS, and TX Line
Agilent EEsof EDA Home Page Advanced Design System Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for system, RF, and DSP designers who develop communications products.
R.A. Wood Associates a variety of RF and microwave software products, including RF Spectral Test Executive, SpurFinder, TunerHelper, PathLossSolver, and Painless Extraction.
Computer Simulation Technology Home Page CST's electromagnet field simulation tools provide accurate 3D EM design solutions.
Infolytica Home Page Leaders in electromagnetic design software for low and high frequency applications since 1978.
Vector Fields Home Page Software for Electromagnetic Design and Microwave Design.
Zeland Software Website Electromagnetic Simulation and Electronic Design Automation software.
Elanix Home Page Elanix is the developer of SystemView, a premier design software for communications and DSP applications.
Editor's Note 8/19/05: Eagleware and Elanix merged and have been purchased by Agilent. Look at Agilent's Eagleware site.
APLAC Home Page APLAC Solutions provides advanced electronic design and analysis tools.

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Other CAD/CAE Resources

Download Dr. DWG QuickView .dxf File Viewer
Windows 3.XX Product
-- 1.3 M Zip file.

Download Dr. DWG .dxf File Viewer Plug In
Windows 3.XX Product
-- 1.2 M Zip file.

Download Router Solution's CAMCAD .dxf / HPGL / GERBER File Viewer
for Windows 3.XX, WIN95 or NT
-- 1.2 M Zip file.

Download Labcenter Electronics (UK) / R4 Systems - Canada
PROTEUS for Windows 3.XX PCB Layout Demo
-- 2.7 M Windows Self-extracting file.

Download Protel's EASYTRAX.ZIP
~ 497K - Shareware PCB Layout S/W.

SSS Online's Free Software

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Reference Books on CAD/CAE


Principles of Cad/Cam/CAE Systems, by Kunwoo Lee. Rated 5 stars by engineering reviewers! Hardcover - 432 pages (January 1999).


Inside Orcad Capture, by Paul G. Krol. Paperback - 431 pages 1st edition (May 1, 1998).


Computer Aided Electronic Circuit Board Design and Fabrication: Using OrCAD/SDT and OrCAD/PCB Software Tools , by Akram Hossain. Paperback - 512 pages 1 edition (September 26, 1995).


Orcad Pspice With Circuit Analysis, by Franz J. Monssen. Paperback - 400 pages 3rd edition (December 15, 2000).


CAD Tools and Algorithms for Product Design : Tools and Algorithms, by P. Brunet, C. Hoffmann, & D. Roller (Editors). Hardcover - 380 pages (March 15, 2000).


Computer Aided Design Using Gerber Technolgy, by Jane D. Espinoza-Alvarado. Spiral bound - 362 pages (April 30, 2007).

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