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All About Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Company Name: Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Business Type: We are a product development/sales and consulting firm, incorporated in the state of Tennessee, that specializes in providing innovative engineering solutions for today's RF, wireless and Spread Spectrum needs. In our designs, we utilize state of the art RFIC and ASIC technology along with the newest computer technologies and computer programming techniques. Our specialties are in the fields of RF, wireless and spread spectrum systems design. Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is owned by Jim Pearce, who is also President and CEO. Along with one of Pegasus Technologies' associates, Danny Simpson, we own SSS Online, Inc., which is devoted to the maintenance of the premier RF and Spread Spectrum website, Spread Spectrum Scene Online.

Jim Pearce, President
Pegasus Technologies, Inc.
108 Pawnook Farm Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771

Karen Edwards, Business Manager
Pegasus Technologies, Inc.
108 Pawnook Farm Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771

What Pegasus Technologies Does: We are a leader in custom RF design of RF circuits, modules, spread spectrum, wireless, and other electronic products and designs.

Pegasus Technologies -- The Source For Spread Spectrum New Product Design and Development

History of Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Beginning full time operation in 1999, Pegasus Technologies has set out to become a significant force in the development of new Spread Spectrum products. Our purchase of in October 2000 highlighted our commitment to providing the best possible services in this area. The combination of a world class information resource which also serves as a built-in advertising and promotion medium, along with the skills, capabilities and talents of the Pegasus team, is a winning partnership.

Initially a subsidiary of Pegasus Consulting Corporation, Pegasus Technologies split from its parent company in August 2002 to become a stand-alone corporation. We have expanded our staff and associates to provide a wide range of custom electonic/wireless design services. See our Staff Page for information and links to resumes for our staff.

In addition to custom design and consulting services, we also offer a variety of low-cost, low power, configurable RF transceivers using a variety of state-of-the-art RF chips. Using these modules as part of your design can significantly decrease both costs and development time. For more information on these versatile modules, see our Products page or call Jim Pearce to discuss your needs.

The President of Pegasus Technologies

Jim Pearce is the dynamic force behind both Pegasus Technologies, Inc. and SSS Online. Jim has over thirty years in the field of electronics, RF, and spread spectrum engineering and has a wealth of system, RF and practical experience. To find out more: Read Biography of Jim Pearce.

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Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is a Tennessee Corporation.
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