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Qualifications of Staff and Associates

Jim Pearce, President. Jim has BS (1973) and M.Eng. (1974) degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University, and over 35 years experience in design and development of electronic components, spread spectrum, and RF communications systems. He has in-depth knowledge of RF, digital, analog, signal processing, firmware, software, embedded microprocessors, communications and measurement equipment design and development. Many of his designs have been battery powered and hand held, necessitating use of low power design techniques. He has strong skills in Wireless Data/Voice, IF, RF, Microwave, simulation/CAE/CAD, signal processing, DSP, instrumentation, telecommunications, analog / digital cellular hardware / system design and system test / integration. Jim has authored numerous papers in technical journals and technical symposia and has received a number of prestigious design awards. Since October 2000, he has served as Chief Technical Editor of Spread Spectrum Scene Online.
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Jim Pearce, President, Pegasus Technologies
Eric Myers Eric Myers, RF Circuit Design Engineer. Eric came to Pegasus Technologies in May 2005. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 1993 with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He worked in Atlanta for five years for Scientific Atlanta, designing RF circuits used in CATV distribution amplifiers. Moving to the Knoxville area in 1998, he spent several years at CTI, Inc. as a Systems Engineer, where he worked on electronic subsystems used on Positron Emission Tomography equipment. In 2000, he began work for American Magnetics where he designed PCBs for cryogenic instrumentation and a variety of microprocessor-controlled industrial applications.
Click here to see a complete resume for Eric

Larry Boyd, Senior RF Circuit Design Engineer. Larry started work at Pegasus Technologies in November 2006. Before that, he worked for a number of years at Siemens Medical Solutions - Medical Imaging, where (among other duties) he designed the RF section of an 11 MeV proton cyclotron for medical isotope production. In prior experience, he designed and tested digital video set-top box RF tuners and worked for 17 years designing HF radio equipment for commercial and amateur applications. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in all phases of RF engineering, including both digital and analog applications. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in electrical/electronic engineering.
Click here for Larry's full resume.

Larry Boyd

Darryl Roe, Firmware Engineer - Darryl came to Pegasus Technologies in May 2005 from the Houston, Texas area. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering (Communications and Control Specialization) in 1995, Darryl worked for several small engineering companies where he specialized in firmware for test, measurement and control applications using C++ and LabVIEW. He also worked extensively with embedded microprocessors, instrument interface DLLs, and was involved in some hardware design projects as well.
Click here for Darryl's complete resume

Darryl Roe

Danny Simpson

Danny Simpson, Senior Associate -- In addition to his work with Pegasus Technologies, Danny is also Vice President of SSS Online, Inc. and a columnist for Spread Spectrum Scene Online. Danny has over 25 years of strong and diverse experience in Electrical Engineering, specializing in both analog and digital design. For the past year, he has worked on a number of Pegasus Technologies projects, including RF signal conditioning, PLL circuits, oscillator design, and mixer circuits. Responsibilities include circuit design, prototyping, design verification, PCB layout, test procedures, and introduction of design into manufacturing. Previously, was an Research and Development Engineer and Engineering Group Leader for 14 years with Computational Systems, Incorporated, of Knoxville, TN. Click here for Danny's full resume.

Karen Edwards, Business Manager. More than 35 years experience in information management systems, safety management, standards management, labor relations and HR. Karen has a BS with a major in Russian language and literature, and graduate work in Russian Area Studies and Labor Economics. Prior to her work with Pegasus Technologies, Karen worked for the Department of Energy for 25 years in a variety of areas. Karen is the Webmaster and Editor-in-Chief of Spread Spectrum Scene Online, and handles facilities, contracting, HR, and financial matters for Pegasus Technologies. Click here for Karen's full resume.

Karen Edwards, Webmaster

Other Staff: Pegasus Technologies maintains working level relationships with more than a dozen other individuals and specialty engineering companies. These relationships can be used to adequately staff any project that may come along. Associates include PhD level electronics engineers, FPGA specialists, analog and digital engineers, and technical writers, editors and artists for all your project documentation/publication needs.

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