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Spread Spectrum Scene 

Spread Spectrum Enigmas Page

Do you feel like RF Engineers talk in riddles? Do they use obscure terminology? Do you need the modern-day equivalent of the Rosetta Stone to understand their writings? Do RF and spread spectrum technologies seem mysterious and almost magical?

WE CAN HELP. SSS Online exists to demystify the enigmas associated with spread spectrum and other advanced wireless technologies. Check out our various topical menus to the left for tutorials and information on a wide range of topics, or take a look at the list below and hop directly to our pages explaining some of the more esoteric subjects important to this field.

Eb/N0 Explained Information on how signal-to-noise ratios are used in link budget analyses
S-Parameters Find out more about Scattering Parameters
SS Acquisition Acquisition is one of the biggest issues in spread spectrum
SS Synchronization If you don't have it, you don't have spread spectrum
PN Codes PN codes are the very heart of EVERY Spread Spectrum system.
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing -- What's THAT!!??
New SS Chips Reviews of some of the available chips
PRISM Chipset Old but still accurate nfo on the Intersil PRISM chipset.
PRISM Lessons Learned Read this to avoid learning the hard way.

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