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Dictionaries and Other Miscellaneous Technical References

Look at one or more of the outstanding reference sources on the web. These places offer a wealth of facts as well as reference books!

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Wireless and Cellular Standards Organizations:

  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  • Bellcore - Bell Communications Research
  • CDG - CDMA Development Group
  • CDPD - Cellular Digital Packet Data Forum
  • FCC - US Federal Communications Commission
  • ITU - International Telecommunications Union
  • Intelsat - Intelsat Consortium
  • EIA - Electronics Industry Association
  • DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center (Many Worldwide Standards available for downloading, and extensive links to online information resources)

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Bibliography Shelf

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Spread Spectrum Technical Article Shelf

Technical Abstracts of Significant Papers on the Web

Also see our PDF Index of all PDF Files on SSS Online

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Articles by SSS Online Staff
FSK Chip Developments -- February 2003
-- by Jim Pearce, 2003
FCC Considerations for Spread Spectrum Systems -- by Jim Pearce, 2001
The Universal Serial bus
-- by Danny Simpson, 2001
Prototyping with Surface Mount Components
-- by Jim Pearce, 2000
What's all this Eb/N0 Stuff Anyway?
-- by Jim Pearce, 2000
Dealing with Parts Shortages In Design
-- by Danny Simpson, 2000
Spread Spectrum Opportunities
-- by Randy Roberts, 1998
Primer on Spread Spectrum
-- by Randy Roberts, 1998
Introduction to Spread Spectrum
-- by Randy Roberts, 1998
All About Correlators
-- by Randy Roberts, 1998

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