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VSAT technology has emerged as a very useful, everyday application of modern telecommunications. VSAT systems can provide a variety of services including broadband communication systems, satellite-based video, audio, Internet and data distribution networks as well as worldwide customer service and support.

VSAT stands for "Very Small Aperture Terminal;" it refers to receive/transmit terminals, installed at dispersed sites and connecting to a central hub via satellite using small diameter antenna dishes (0.6 to 3.8 meter).

VSAT technology represents a cost effective solution for users seeking an independent communications network connecting a large number of geographically dispersed sites. VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, LAN, and voice/fax communications, and can provide powerful, dependable private and public network communications solutions.

This page provide background information, tutorial material and links to a variety of VSAT information / service / hardware providers. Please browse these links to find out more about VSAT technology.
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VSAT Tutorials and Basic Information
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VSAT Tutorials and Basic Information

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OTHER VSAT Resources

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Reference Books

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VSAT Networks, by Gerard Maral. Hardcover: 294 pages. 2nd edition (March 5, 2004).

The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook, by Bruce Elbert. Hardcover: 383 pages (November 1, 2000).

Introduction to Satellite Communication (Artech House Space Applications Series) , by Bruce R. Elbert. Hardcover: 447 pages, 3rd edition (June 30, 2008).

Satellite Communications, by Dennis Roddy. Hardcover: 636 pages. 4th edition (January 20, 2006).

Satellite Communications Systems: Systems, Techniques and Technology , by Gérard Maral, Michel Bousquet. Hardcover: 816 pages; 4th edition (May 2002).

ITU Handbook on Satellite Communications, by International Telecommunications Union. Hardcover: 1104 pages. 3rd edition (February 15, 2002).

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