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  • All of the following .zip programs are "zipped" with pkzip -- to use the programs, they must be unzipped with pkunzip!
  • The following .exe programs are self-executing "zipped" files -- just run them in a new, unused directory, and they will "unzip" themselves.
  • Programs marked "DEMO" are demonstration programs which have been supplied to SSS by program vendors.

Antenna & Propagation Software

File Name Short File Description TX Line Very complete transmission line evaluation program for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT (230K) -- Thanks Applied Wave Research.
ilca210.exe Insertion Loss Calculator (ILCALC) v2.10 calculates the attenuation and insertion loss of Andrews HELIAX coaxial cables. (71K) -- Thanks Andrew Corporation
impcvt.exe Impedance -- Converts RF and Microwave impedance values to any format. (64K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
mwpath.exe MW Path -- a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet to calculate the path loss of a microwave link. (18k)
pathloss.exe PathLoss calculates path loss. (18K). Thanks RFGlobalnet
schrt.exe Smith Charting with Stability and Noise Circles: This windows-based program charts stability and noise circles. (155K) -- Thanks
yagimax.exe YagiMax Antenna Design (346K) -- Thanks Tranal V2 -- Transmission line design / analysis program. (51K) -- Thanks Ward College. Tuning -- d0s-based stub & L/C matching circuit design program. (35K) -- Thanks Ward College. Yagicad -- YAGI antenna design / analysis program (76K) -- Thanks TEARA. RF Prop --Radio Propagation Calculator for WIN3.11 or 95. (67K) Rcalc313 -- Wireless RF Performance Evaluator for Windows 3.xx. (182K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet Impedance Calculations for RF/Microwave circuits. This Unix program calculates the line width and impedance (as well as loss, temperature rise and coupling coefficient) of stripline, offset stripline and microstrip circuitry. (41K) -- Thanks Rogers Corporation.

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CAD / CAE Stuff

File Name Short File Description TinyCad, a cute beginners Electronic Schematic CAD package for Windows (170K) ORCAD Capture version 7.01 -- UPDATE for Win3.1X (1.01M). -- You can request a demo CD on the most recent version, OrCAD 16.0 at ORCAD's 16.0 demo site. ORCAD Capture version 7.01 -- UPDATE for Win95 (1.05M)-- Thanks ORCAD. ORCAD Capture version 7.01 -- DXF File Fix (18K). -- Thanks ORCAD.
dxfout.txt ORCAD Capture version 7.01-- DXF File Fix Readme -- Thanks ORCAD.
linesim.exe LineSim -- PC board designer and line simulator (370K). -- Thanks RFGlobalnet. CAMCAD -- .dxf / HPGL / CERBER File Viewer (1.4M) -- Thanks Router Solutions Inc. Dr. DWG -- .dxf File Viewer Plug In (1.13M)-- Thanks CSWL. r. DWG QuickViewD --.dxf File Viewer (1.29M) -- Thanks CSWL.

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