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FREE Software/Shareware, Part I

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  • All of the following .zip programs are "zipped" with pkzip -- to use the programs, they must be unzipped with pkunzip!
  • The following .exe programs are self-executing "zipped" files -- just run them in a new, unused directory, and they will "unzip" themselves.
  • Programs marked "DEMO" are demonstration programs which have been supplied to SSS by program vendors.

General RF Software

File Name Short File Description
aimsp16.exe AIM SPICE Evaluation Edition v. 2.2 for Windows 3.1. (1323K) -- Thanks, AIM-Spice.
aimsp32.exe AIM SPICE Evaluation Edition v. 4.0a for Windows XP/2000/NT/ ME/98/95. (3342K) -- Thanks, AIM-Spice.
an_dig.exe An_dig.exe uses the PC's game port to convert analog signals to digital. (54K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
aplac7.txt APLAC 7.0 Capabilities Description -- APLAC is a general purpose nonlinear circuit, system, and electromagnetic FDTD simulation and design software. APLAC is available for several platforms -- Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4, Linux, HPUX, and Sun Solaris. Click for a high level text description of APLAC capabilities. -- Thanks APLAC Solutions.
aplac7a.txt APLAC 7.0 File descriptions -- for demo programs below. (Thanks APLAC Solutions.
dem700e1.ZIP APLAC 7.0 PART 1 -- Very Nice Analog / Mixed Mode / RF & EM circuit simulation & analysis program (1300K). -- Thanks APLAC Solutions.
dem700e2.ZIP APLAC 7.0 PART 2 Very Nice Analog / Mixed Mode / RF & EM circuit simulation & analysis program (1200K). -- Thanks APLAC Solutions.
dem700e3.ZIP APLAC 7.0 PART 3 Very Nice Analog / Mixed Mode / RF & EM circuit simulation & analysis program (900K). -- Thanks APLAC Solutions.
nasse172.exe APLAC's Nasse172 is a schematic entry program -- companion to APLAC, above (922K) -- Thanks APLAC Solutions.
bc_3e.exe Bitcalc is a Cypress-developed software tool designed to support their older clock devices (prefix ICD). It automatically calculates the serial programming word to use for a required frequency (MS Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98, or Windows NT) Note: The current version of Bitcalc is Bitcalc3, which was released in May, 1996. Cypress has since developed several new frequency synthesizers that are not supported by Bitcalc. (511K) -- Thanks CYPRESS.
clksetup.exe CyClocks v3.41: Complete Installation File (Unix). (1934K) -- Thanks CYPRESS.
capcad.exe Capcad.exe -- A Capacitor Calculator. Find S-parameters. (262K) -- Thanks
coil.exe Coil -- This Unix program calculates the number of turns needed for a given inductance. (39K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
digsim.exe DigSim -- A digital logic simulator. (64K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
eef202.exe A reference of electrical and electronic formulas. (93K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
eefortrn.exe EE Fortran -- (57K) -- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk1.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 1 of 6. (134K) -- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk2.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 2 of 6. (155K) -- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk3.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 3 of 6. (104K) -- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk4.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 4 of 6. (67K) -- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk5.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 5 of 6. (146K)-- Thanks Industry.Net
eepddsk6.exe Library of public domain EE utilities. Part 6 of 6. (166K) -- Thanks Industry.Net EE Reference, 2/16/2000 version. A Freeware/Shareware collection of engineering equations, conversions and references. Math tables, standard resistor values, periodic table, SAE & metric bolts, solder types, filter equations, coax cable specifications and many more. Over 150 windows. Windows/DOS, (281K) -- Thanks, RF Globalnet.
eeszip.exe EES, The Engineering Equation Solver. (305K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
egraph.exe Egraph -- an Engineering graphing program for Windows. (202K) --Thanks RF Globalnet EMC Filter Insertion Loss Simulation program.(213K)
eng-asst.exe Engineering Assistant -- for windows. (515K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
engcalc.exe Engcalc.exeAn engineering conversion calculator. (86K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
faisyn20.exe FAISYN v2.0. A simple Uniz-based filter synthesis program. (74K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
fft32.exe FFT -- Displays the spectrum analysis of sounds input through the microphone of a sound card. (221K) Thanks RF Globalnet
formbank.exe Formula Bank -- A simple menu-driven formula bank of many common electronic calculations and conversions. (56K) Thanks RF Globalnet
fortrnf.exe Fortrnf.exe -- A library of Fortran tools for engineers. (57K) -- Thanks Industry Net.
frqrsp.exe Freq Resp -- a Bode Plot frequency response utility. (72K) Thanks RF Globalnet
flydemo.exe Flydemo.exe -- Flyback / switching power supply design (288K). For a newer and more complete, but much larger version (4,220K), see Power 4-5-6 Demo Release 8.exe below. Thanks Ridley Engineering, Inc.
fourier.exe Fourier 3 This Dos program illustrates that ANY periodic waveform can be made by adding pure sinusoids that are harmonics of the fundamental frequency of the periodic waveform. Excellent for learning Fourier synthesis or analysis. (69K) -- Thanks Ward College.
hepcat06.exe Hep Cat, a pop-up memory resident calculator for engineers (53K). -- Thanks RF Globalnet HP APPCAD Circuit AnalysisNifty, multipurpose, accurate RF / Microwave circuit design and anaylsis software with its own s-parameter database. (568K) -- Thanks Hewlett Packard
impcvt.exe Impedance -- Converts RF and Microwave impedance values to any format. (64K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
induct30.exe Induction: Calculates coil strap and wire inductance. (55K) -- Thanks Ironcore Novice Version -- a novice level toroid core inductor design program with many of the same features of TOROID Pro. Does not have the SRF, AUSS, OERSTEDS AND Peak Q frequncy range calculations, 45% fill, the pulldown calculator or come with a manual. for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT (108K) -- Thanks B & E Engineering.
kelfilt.exe KeL-fil -- Unix program, helps in selection of K & L Microwave dielectric resonator bandpass filters. (71K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
lfsr.exe Lfsr.exe -- a very nice DOS program for generating / testing maximal linear shift register sequences (67K). Thanks Best Proto.
linesim.exe LineSim -- Windows-based PC board designer and line simulator. (370K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
loopfilt.exe Loopfilt.exe -- PLL loop filter design and simulation program. (719K) Thanks National Semi. Math plotting program (326K)-- Thanks Ward College.
megacalc.exe MegaCalc -- Scientific calculator with many Trig, Calculus, EE and Financial functions. (163K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
metric50.exe MetriCon v5.0 -- Over 30,000 unit conversions possible with on-line help, imperial/metric, etc. (245K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
mic_fft.exe mic_fft.exeReal-time spectral analysis with a Sound card. -- Thanks Industry.Net.
multimod.exe MultiMod (138K)-- Thanks
Netcalc.exe Netcalc, a great DOS based RF Network Analysis program for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT (51K) For More Info see: NETCALC - an RF Impedance Calculator -- Thanks Ian White, G3SEK NetCalc, Windows-based RF Network Analysis program for PCs(343K) For More Info see: NetCalc - an RF Impedance Calculator for PCs and Macs -- Thanks Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)
NetCalc.sit Netcalc, An RF Impedance Calculator for the Macintosh (505K) For More Info see: NetCalc - an RF Impedance Calculator for PCs and Macs -- Thanks Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)
NetCalcStack.sit Netcalc, HyperCard Version of NetCalc for the Macintosh (125K) For More Info see: NetCalc - an RF Impedance Calculator for PCs and Macs -- Thanks Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)
ntscref.exe NTSC Reference -- Complete reference guide on the NTSC television standard. (219K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
ohmslaw.exe Ohms Law calculator for student engineers. (55K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet PCs in the Hamshack program, revised 7/28/98 (448K) -- Thanks ARRL.
phycalc.exe AstroFormulaCalculator v3, part spreadsheet and part calculator. (217K) -- Thanks
pld.exe PLD: Programmable Logic Design Shell (1265K). -- Thanks
POWER 4-5-6 Demo Release 8.EXE Power 4-5-6, Release 8 Complete switching power supply design software (4,220K). For an older but much smaller version (only 288K), see flydemo.exe above. Thanks Ridley Engineering, Inc. PSPICE -- 1/3. (1016K) -- Thanks, Cadence. PSPICE-- 2/3. (1160K) -- Thanks, Cadence. PSPICE -- 3/3. (909K) -- Thanks, Cadence.
qfld40.exe QuickField for Students , a super version of an EM field (electrostatic / electromagnetic) analysis and simulation design program for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT (2901K). Thanks, Tera Analysis Company. Rcalc313 -- Wireless RF Performance Evaluator for Windows 3.xx. (182K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet RF Cascade Workbook is a comprehensive set of tools for calculating cascaded parameters using advanced features of the MS Excel spreadsheet program. Extensive stage-by-stage calculations, graphing of min/nom/max values, and numerous calculators makes this an indispensable tool for the RF system designer. (617K) -- Thanks Waypoint Software. RF Workbench, 3/16/99 version. FREEWARE/SHAREWARE. Great RF tool -- Complete up/down converter system analysis. Extensive features include cascade analysis, spurious mixer product analysis, frequency planning, parameter conversions, link budget, filter noise BW calculations, and online help. Win/Dos. Requires 80386, 2 MB RAM, 1 MB Hard Disk, VGA Color Monitor, Mouse (303K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet. Great RF CAE Tools (195K) -- Thanks Teledyne Microelectronics. Receiver Workbook: 1998 Cascade budget calculation spreadsheet for MS Excel. Complete parameter specification including Gain, NF, IP2, IP3, NBW, VSWR, Temperature, Tolerances. Predefined graphs for all parameters, parts list, DC power budget, A/D converter calculations. (157K) -- Thanks Waypoint Software. SIMetrix SPICE Introduction / Demo SW. -- (1244K). Thanks, Newbury Technology. Smith Chart Freeware, July 2000 version. Advanced Smith Chart Software with lot of features (S-parameter import/export, circles, etc.) Win/DOS. (306K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet.
schrt.exe Smith Charting with Stability and Noise Circles: This windows-based program charts stability and noise circles. (155K) -- Thanks
swtchps.exe Switching Power Supplies: Switching Power supply design made simple. (141K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
teslac2.exe Tesla C2: Utility for designing TESLA coils. Many options. (115K) -- Thanks
timcrftr.exe Time Crafter, A Windows-based timing diagram generator. (47K) -- Thanks
timtrend.exe Time Trends for Windows. (876K) -- Thanks Toolkit Several Nice RF Design Tools. (37K) Toroid Pro, Excellent professional level toroid core inductor design program DEMO for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT. Toroid is a iron powder toroidal core tool box which is designed for DC to microwave frequencies with an emphasis on the higher 1 to 200 MHz ranges. (291K) -- Thanks B & E Engineering. Tranal V2 -- Transmission line design / analysis program. (51K) -- Thanks Ward College.
trans.exe Trans, Class A transistor amplifier modeling. (46K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
transtek.exe Transtech -- Windows-based CAD and Transtech parts selector guides for dielectric resonators. -- (46K) Thanks RF Globalnet Tuning -- d0s-based stub & L/C matching circuit design program. (35K) -- Thanks Ward College. Tunekit 2: RF / IF Bandpass filter circuit & coil design program. (43K) -- Thanks TEARA.
tw70demo.exe Top Spice -- PENZAR's Top Spice V7.06 Demo for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. (5.2M)( TX Line Very complete transmission line evaluation program for Windows 3.x, 95 & NT (230K) -- Thanks Applied Wave Research.
uc20.exe Universal Converter -- Over 600 different conversions with many unusual calculations. (90K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
winmet30.exe Winmetric for Windows -- Scientific Reference tool with unit converter, periodic table, database of properties and more. (610K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet Yolin 230, Design software for Yagi antenna optimization using piecewise linear current approximation. For Windows. (76K) Yolin 36, Same as Yolin 230, but will work (slowly!) on a 80286 or older processor. For Windows. (43K) Yolin 96, Same as Yolin 230, but not quite as fast. For Windows. (76K) Zcalc, Impedance Matching Program.(29K)

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