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  TOP PICKS: The Best of the Internet
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The internet is full of all kinds of stuff -- some of our favorite places and interesting rating information from other organizations are given below. Just scroll down, or click on a link to jump to the right section.


Traffic's Top Ten Internet Sites

  2. Google
  3. Yahoo
  5. Microsoft

SSS Online's Favorite Freeware/Shareware for 2008

  • Cute FTP v5.0: Great user-friendly file transfer shareware program -- we use this for SSS Online! Developed by GlobalScape Content Management

  • Post-it Software Notes Lite: This nifty free program by 3M helps you keep your monitor free from post-its. Click the program's small window to create a reminder, then stick it to your desktop. Change the font and color of notes, print or e-mail notes, and trash them when you're done. Undeleted notes reappear after you reboot your PC. Set a Post-it alarm to go off at a specific time, and when it does, a tiny window displaying an alarm clock pops up and makes a ringing sound.

  • Pop Up Stopper: Turn off those pesky pop-ups with this freeware program.

  • SpamAssassin: Open source free mail filter to identify spam. Reduces the clutter in your mailbox!

  • Zone Alarm: Free security software from Zone Labs ). Protect your PC from hackers. Also available for a fee is Zone Alarm Pro.

PC World's Popular Utility Downloads

  1. Ad-Aware SE v1.06 -- Rid your system of adware and spyware with the latest version of this free utility.

  2. Spybot Search and Destroy v1.3 -- Protect your privacy by removing spybots and replacing them with empty dummies.

  3. Pop-Up Stopper Free v3.1.1012 -- Eliminate irritating pop-up windows with this free program.

  4. RegClean v4.1a -- Clean your Windows Registry of corrupted or unused Registry keys.

  5. ZoneAlarm Free 5.5 -- Get protection for DSL and cable connections with this free utility.

  1. Clean System Directory 1.7 -- Remove all those stray DLLs from your system.

  2. Tweak UI v1.33 -- Customize your Windows user interface.

  3. Motherboard Monitor v5.3.7-- Find out if your PC is overheating with this free utility.

  4. Norton AntiVirus 2005 -- Innoculate your PC against all types of viruses with this stalwart veteran.

  5. CWShredder v2.1 -- Eliminate an insidious pest that Spybot and Ad-aware can't stop.


Our Top Ten Game Sites

  1. Yahoo's Videogames Page
  2. Yahoo's Games Page
  3. Game Spot
  4. Propellor's Arts and Entertainment Page
  5. TuCows Games
  6. Games Workshop
  7. Games.Com
  8. Shockwave Games Page
  9. PC World's
  10. Happy Puppy.Com -- All Games


Search Engine Watch's
Top Search Engines
Top 10 Listings
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Windows Live/MSN
  4. AOL
  6. My Web Wearch
  7. Comcast
  8. Earthlink (powered by Google)
  9. Dogpile
  10. My Way (powered by Google)

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