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FREE Software/Shareware, Part III

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  • All of the following .zip programs are "zipped" with pkzip -- to use the programs, they must be unzipped with pkunzip!
  • The following .exe programs are self-executing "zipped" files -- just run them in a new, unused directory, and they will "unzip" themselves.
  • Programs marked "DEMO" are demonstration programs which have been supplied to SSS by program vendors.


Windows Software

File Name Short File Description
ie6 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - Browser + News/Mail (6 - 17M). Link to download directly from Microsoft.
NSSetup.exe Netscape 7.0 -- fast, easy, and free internet browser/ email/ IM for Windows 98 or higher. Link to download directly from Netscape.
Firefox 3.0.2 Firefox, a Mozilla-based browser -- Thanks Mozilla.
CSE 3310 HTML Validator, Version 2.55 Shareware HTML validation program for Windows -- finds ALL known problems with your HTML files, works well with HomeSite! (930K) -- Thanks AI Internet Solutions
Map This Cool shareware program to quickly and easily build image maps for WEB pages using auto HTML generation. (890K)
Media10 Windows Media Player 10 -- industry-leading all-in-one player/jukebox (13.3M)
zaSetup_1001.exe Zone Alarm -- super new free firewall program for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP (3.6M) -- Thanks ZoneLabs.
PopUpStopper.exe Pop-Up Stopper -- stop pop-up ads, free for personal use. Runs on Win 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 or XP. (442K) -- Thanks Panicware, Inc.! See their site for more internet privacy solutions.
Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player v.10 -- free web player that lets you view animated and interactive websites, movies and other web content created using Macromedia Flash. (1.8 MB). Download from Macromedia. FTP Explorer: Shareware FTP client for Windows 95/NT -- works very much like Windows Explorer. Free for home/educational use -- Thanks, FTPx Corp Win32s with OLE (needed for 32 bit apps). (3M file, use "-d" when unzipping).
nettoob.exe Nettoob, Another Netscape add-on for video viewing. ThunderByte -- Anti-Virus program for Win 3.x -- Thanks Schaft. FTP client program
regcln.exe MS Registry Cleanup program for WIN95 -- MUST HAVE!
tcp32b.exe Microsoft TCP/IP-32 version 3.11b for Windows for Workgroups 3.11

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File Name Short File Description ORCAD Capture version 7.01, UPDATE for Win3.1X (1011K) -- Thanks ORCAD. ORCAD Capture version 7.01, UPDATE for Win95 (1050K) -- Thanks ORCAD. ORCAD Capture version 7.01, DXF File Fix (18K) -- Thanks ORCAD.
dxfout.txt ORCAD Capture version 7.01, DXF File Fix Readme -- Thanks ORCAD. DOS Extender, required for many Windows 3.x, 95 & NT application programs (157K)
dosxmsf.exe DOS extender program required for many Windows 3.x, 95 & NT application programs (384K)
fortrnf.exe Fortrnf.exe -- A library of Fortran tools for engineers. (57K) -- Thanks Industry Net.
frqrsp.exe Freq Resp -- a Bode Plot frequency response utility. (72K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
hepcat06.exe Hep Cat, a pop-up memory resident calculator for engineers (53K). -- Thanks RF Globalnet
megacalc.exe MegaCalc -- Scientific calculator with many Trig, Calculus, EE and Financial functions. (163K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
metric50.exe MetriCon v5.0 -- Over 30,000 unit conversions possible with on-line help, imperial/metric, etc. (245K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
ntscref.exe NTSC Reference -- Complete reference guide on the NTSC television standard. (219K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
phycalc.exe AstroFormulaCalculator v3, part spreadsheet and part calculator. (217K) -- Thanks
pld.exe PLD: Programmable Logic Design Shell (1265K) -- Thanks
teslac2.exe Tesla C2: Utility for designing TESLA coils. Many options (115K). -- Thanks
timcrftr.exe Time Crafter, A Windows-based timing diagram generator. (47K) -- Thanks
timtrend.exe Time Trends for Windows. (876K) -- Thanks
uc20.exe Universal Converter -- Over 600 different conversions with many unusual calculations. (90K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet
veh_dsn.exe Vehicle Designer -- Engineer your own vehicle. Designs human-powered Land or ATV's (61K). -- Thanks
winmet30.exe Winmetric for Windows -- Scientific Reference tool with unit converter, periodic table, database of properties and more. (610K) -- Thanks RF Globalnet Math plotting program (326K)-- Thanks Ward College. WSNW Utilities -- Various WEB utilities (158K).
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