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  • All of the following .zip programs are "zipped" with pkzip -- to use the programs, they must be unzipped with pkunzip!
  • The following .exe programs are self-executing "zipped" files -- just run them in a new, unused directory, and they will "unzip" themselves.
  • Programs marked "DEMO" are demonstration programs which have been supplied to SSS by program vendors.



The following titles were the most popular software downloads from SSS Online for 2008. Check them out -- they're popular for a reason!

File Name Short File Description Advanced Smith Chart Software (July 2000 version) with lot of features, such as S-parameter import/export, stability, gain and noise, Q & VSWR circles. (306K)
This nifty Excel Workbook takes reflection coefficient data in real and imaginary format and plots it on a Smith Chart. (53K) Radio propagation calculator for Windows. (82K)
Agilent's classic S-parameter interactive tutorial plus QT movie. (1216K) A Great Smith Chart (257K)
yagimax.exe YagiMax Antenna Design Software YAGI antenna design / analysis program.
A Postscript Smith Chart (23K) Nifty RF propagation program. (82K) Smith Chart Impedance Plotting Program (~ 50K) Motorola's Impedance / Smith Chart Matching Program (96K)
schrt.exe Windows program that charts Smith Chart stability and noise circles (~ 155K)
impcvt.exe Converts RF and Microwave impedance values to any format. (65K).



Here is where we feature titles added most recently.

File Name Short File Description
Posted 1/6/03
NetCalc -- Windows-based RF Network Analysis program for PCs(343K) -- Thanks, Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)
Posted 1/6/03
NetCalc -- An RF Impedance Calculator for the Macintosh (505K) -- Thanks, Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)
Posted 1/6/03
HyperCard Version of NetCalc for the Macintosh (125K) -- Thanks, Harry Whitfield (G6AUC)

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