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Introducing Pegasus Technologies

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is an independent new product development, consulting and sales firm dedicated to helping clients design and develop new wireless designs, circuits, and systems. In addition to offering a full line of custom design services, we also provide complete, customizable RF modules to incorporate into your design. In addition, we excel at analyzing and troubleshooting existing client designs. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of wireless design, microwave circuits and systems, RF design, and FCC Part 15 unlicensed products.

In October 2000, Pegasus Technologies took over as publisher of Spread Spectrum Scene Online. Since 1992, this deep content website has served the RF, Wireless and Spread Spectrum industries. We thank Randy Roberts, SSS Online's founder, for entrusting us with this responsibility, and we have been working hard to keep it the premier wireless resource on the internet.

Pegasus's President, Jim Pearce, brings over 33 years of experience in SS and RF systems. Jim is a BSEE and MSE graduate of Cornell, and has extensive private industry experience in both large and small companies. In addition to our in-house staff, Pegasus Technologies also utilizes a number of associates in support roles, as needed, to provide needed expertise and added capabilities.

With this extensive knowledge and experience, Pegasus Technologies can assist you with your SS / RF / Wireless problems, fixes, design support, test support / planning, training, and documentation / publication needs. Pegasus Technologies also has significant experience in the areas of intellectual property matters, including patent disclosure preparation / review, patent claim analysis, prior art research and expert witness in patent litigation matters.

Jim Pearce
Jim Pearce, President of Pegasus Technologies
Some of our staff

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