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Award-Winning Design Experience

Our staff members have designed a wide variety of awarding winning electronic and RF products over a combined total of more than 130 years of professional experience. Applications have included work on cyclotrons, medical devices, thermometers, strain gauges and other machinery monitoring tools, digital video and audio systems, remote machinery / device control systems, search and rescue systems, and more. We have experience over a wide range of frequencies and different modulation techniques including Zigbee, UWB, Bluetooth, and CDMA, to name just a few, using a variety of RF chips and microcontrollers. A few examples include:

PT-Series Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver Modules

Over the past several years, Pegasus Technologies has designed a number of different transceiver modules using embedded microcontrollers and customizable firmware. Many of these modules are FCC certified /approved for EU use, and are available in several different frequencies and ranges of output power. We pay particular attention in our module designs to small size, low power usage, and versatility for application to a wide variety of different products. See our RF Products page or Contact Jim Pearce at (865) 717-9339 for more information and pricing.

Spread Spectrum Digital Audio Systems

Projects have included HF and VHF voice transceivers; a high-quality stereo audio broadcast system, and work on high-end microphones. Technical challenges have included small size, long battery life, innovative proprietary sound enhancement techniques, cost considerations, and high performance in a variety of non-standard environments.

High-Power RF Amplifiers

Pegasus staff has significant experience in the design of such amplifiers for both scientific and communication use, in devices ranging from ham radios to cyclotrons.

Scientific domestic animal and wildlife tracking / monitoring systems

Projects have ranged from cattle eartags that provide permanent, positive ID and health status, to implantable transmitters / receivers used for tracking fish movement.

RF / Wireless Machinery Monitoring / Control Systems

We have designed a variety of such systems, ranging from simple thermometers and strain / vibration monitors, through wireless door locks and aircraft emergency lighting systems, to high-frequency cyclotron controllers and other complex machinery monitoring systems for monitoring and controlling multi-factor performance in hard-to-reach locations and extreme environments. Our experience is all-inclusive, including design of sensors, transceivers, communications protocols, microcontroller firmware, and operator interface software that go to make up such systems.

Design Awards

Products designed either by Pegasus Technologies or by our President, Jim Pearce, have won a number of prestigious design awards, including the following:
  • Frost and Sullivan's Product of the Year award;

  • Processing Magazine's Breakthrough Product of the year award for the Palmer Wahl DST600 RTD Thermometer System that we designed. Read more about it here.

  • MSA Product of the Year SILVER award in Plant Services Magazine's annual Product of the Year contest;

  • Gold Award Winner in Plant Engineering Magazine's annual Product of the Year contest in the category of Power Transmission Equipment;

  • Best Overall Industry Contribution award, National Manufacturing Week conference in Chicago;

  • Best New Product Showcase award, National Plant Engineering and Management Show and Conference .

  • Product of the Year, National Plant Engineering and Maintenance conference.

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