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Look on this page for some of the female ancestors of cattle currently in our herd. If you're looking for the boys, try the Bulls page.


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Purebred Beefmaster Reference Cattle

Cowie Owie (T Bar E 31/6 x Lady War Eagle 3/5)
6/9/90 - 2/13/03

"Cowie Owie" BBU#456344, U2/3, a 1990 red paint granddaughter of **Ranger's Pride and **War Eagle. Our first purebred Beefmaster, we bought her at a 1995 SEBBA auction as a 3-in-one package. She had nine calves for us — 7 boys, finishing with a fine red paint bull on 2/13/03. Unfortunately, she did not survive the delivery and we bottle raised her final baby. She was a great mother with enough milk for triplets. She is well represented in our herd through progeny of her great-grandaughter FH Richland and her daughter St. Patricia, and through Patty's son Chernobyl II. Picture taken August 2002, at 12 years old while nursing a huge calf.

"FH St. Patricia" BBU#C827681, U2-1 (Flash x Cowie Owie). After years of bulls (7 out of 9 calves!), our foundation cow 'Cowie Owie' finally had a heifer on St. Patrick's day, 2000.   A good size, deep red cow, Patty had a good-looking calf every year by a variety of bulls.   Like her mother, she had a great udder, plenty of milk, and a cooperative, sweet disposition. She had 9 calves for us and was sold in August 2010, bred to Osiris for her 10th. We didn't end up keeping any of her daughters, but she is still represented in our herd through her son Chernobyl II, who sired our young cows Alexandra and Janiebiker.
Beefmaster cow
FH St. Patricia (Flash x Cowie Owie)

"FH Easter Clown" BBU#750108. This 1997 granddaughter of Cowie Owie was born on the farm. She was the only calf we had from her mother "Red", whom we sold in 1998. Easter had two lovely calves for us, both of them paints. We retained her daughter Richland in our herd for many years, and currently her line is carried on through two of Richland's daughters, Alexandra and Wings. Easter was sold August 2002 expecting a calf by Secret Weapon.

Beefmaster Cow
FH Easter Clown (Fork Creek 2-77 x Kevin's Heritage 1) 1997-2002

"FH Richland" BBU#C827682, U2-2 (Flash x FH Easter Clown).  This 2001 cow was a great granddaughter of our first Beeefmaster cow, Cowie Owie. For many years she was our "poster girl" and the one that every visitor to the farm liked best. After a string of 6 bulls in a row, she finally had heifers for us in 2008 (Alexandra) and 2010 (Wings), who are still in our herd. We sold Richland in August 2010, bred to Osiris for her 9th calf.  
16 month Beefmaster heifer
FH Richland (Flash x Easter Clown)

PB heifer with first calf
FH Alexandra (at 22 months)
(FH Chernobyl II x FH Richland)

FH Alexandra 04-8, BBU#C958881, U (Chernobyl II x Richland) 05/17/08.   After five bulls in a row, Richland finally produced a heifer in 2008! She's solid red with just a few white hairs on her face and small patches on her underline. She's a pretty and very feminine cow, ultra smooth and meaty with a pretty face, and her first four calves by Osiris and Commander, all lovely heifers, showed her quality as a Mama cow. Her calving interval between her first and second calves was only 11.5 months. She was sold August 2013, exposed to Wild Oaks Crimson Commander, a son of Advantage out of the excellent donor cow Second to None, for her 2014 calf. I hate to sell cows like this; if we had more pasture space she would never have been available.
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Second Cross Beefmasters

FH Iris 02-5, BBU #S22863, U2-2, b. 04/15/05.  This black mottle-faced polled cow was born on Tax Day 2005(IRS = Iris) and looks like a clone of her mother, but with more meat on her hindquarters. She had her first calf in May 2007, a heavy-boned black and white paint heifer that was the best of our very nice crop of 2007 calves. Her calves since have always been among our best (for examples, see her 2010 model, a black paint bull, and her 7th calf born December 25, 2012, a brindle heifer with a splash mark on her shoulder. Like her mother Midnight, Iris is a wonderful mother with copious quantities of milk, and is very caring of her calves. She was sold, exposed back to Commander for a spring 2014 calf, to the Singletons of Harrogate, TN in August 2013 and we will miss her.
2x black cow, 2.5 years
FH Iris (2.5 years)
(Summers x Midnight)

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First Cross Beefmasters
"Midnight" BBU#FC37520. We didn't get this 1996 polled First Cross cow away from her sire in time and she had her first calf at 17 months, a nice-looking heifer. This stunted her growth, but she bred back right away. Her 2007 heifer, Winter was her 10th calf (seven of them heifers!), and she was six months shy of being 11 years old at the time! Her calves were always among our very best. See her daughters Lightning U1-2 and Kansas, as examples, and her very fine 2002 black paint bull calf. Also see her 2005 daughter Iris,, a look-alike 2X cow by Summers that we have retained in our herd. Sold in 2007 to the Shanes of Kentucky along with her heifer Winter.

1st Cross Beefmaster
Midnight (Fork Creek 2-77 "Redson" x Angus)

**September BBU#F40514. This 1999 polled cow was not very tall, but was very smooth and meaty, outstandingly fertile, and a great milker. Her color was an interesting black and brown brindle. Bred to red and red paint bulls, she had two black calves, two black brindle calves, and a red calf.  She had her first baby at 23 months, and had five calves before her sixth birthday. You hate to sell cows like this, but we were out of pasture space. We kept two of her daughters and a full sister -- so she was sold bred back to Summers for 2006. She is represented in our herd by her 2x daughter Mayfly U1-2 and her purebred granddaughter Flight. **September was named a Typesetter cow by the BBU on 9/14/09 because of the superior conformation of her progeny, including ones we kept and ones we sold.  
1st Cross Beefmaster
**September (Flash x Angus)

"Pasco" BBU#F41228 This 2001 polled cow is one of three full sisters that we used in our breeding program, and our favorite. She had a total of 9 calves for us before we sold her in August 2010 bred for her 10th. They have all been dandies. Her daughter Janiebiker, a black splash paint by Chernobyl II, and Janie's daughter Ireland (by Osiris) have replaced her in our herd.  

1st Cross Beefmaster
Pasco (Flash x Angus)

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Our Base Cows

"Angus" BBU#B59042 When we decided to switch to Beefmasters, we kept our two best cows to use for upgrading. This was Angus, who was 3/4 Angus and 1/4 Hereford. She was an 1100-pound 1991 polled cow that had 9 black, polled calves for us -- 8 of them heifers. We have used 4 daughters and 5 granddaughters in our herd, and still have 3 granddaughters and 2 great-granddaughters.
Base Cow #1
Angus (Hankins Angus x Big Nose)

Big Nose
Big Nose
(Angus x Hereford)
1982?-(sold 1993)

"Big Nose" This is Big Nose, a polled 1300-pound black baldy cow that we bought from a neighbor in 1990 as part of our initial 4-cow purchase. She had 3 calves for us (two bulls) before we sold her in 1993. Her daughter Angus became our most prolific base cow, so Big Nose's blood is throughout our herd.
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