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On this page, we feature the bulls we've used in our breeding program. Generally, we try to use bulls that have outstanding and well-known bloodlines, "1" conformation (as graded by the Beefmaster Breeders United field representatives, and have specific traits that should improve the quality of calves out of our cows.


Wild Oaks Crimson Commander 15-20 , BBU #C1002662. Our current bull, Commander is a polled (scurred) dark red embryo transfer bull, out of the donor cow Second to None and by Wild Oak's well-known bull Advantage. Born 8/26/10, we purchased him in December 2011 after he won a reserve championship at a show in Arkansas. His first calves are due in September out of four of our lovely Osiris daughters and we are excited to see what he can produce.

purebred bull,24 months
Wild Oaks Crimson Commander 15-20 #C1002662 (24 months)
(Advantage x 208 Second to None)

Sire of Commander
Commander's sire, Wild Oak's herd sire Advantage

Dam of Commander
Commander's dam, donor cow Second to None

Commander's Pedigree

        721 LE C755781, Clark Jones
      CJ's Soul Man U1/2  
        Soulman's Momma 928 C799411
    Advantage U1/2 polled    
        **Spartacus U1/3
      Shady Lady U1/2  
        Cherokee's Secret U
  WO Crimson Commander      
        **CJ's Desperado U1/3
      CJ's Gangster U  
        **Mother's Price
    208 Second to None U1/2    
        **Tailored Warrior U1/2
      78 RR F42146 Young  
        Angus Cross

Prior Bulls

purebred bull,17 months
Osiris (17 months)
(Cottage Farms #10 x Oasis)

purebred bull, May 2011
Osiris at four years, May 2011

Cottage Farms #99, "Osiris", BBU #C940488, U1-3. Osiris was a handsome polled dark red fellow, a natural calf out of the famous donor cow Oasis by a polled Excite son. Oasis is making quite a name for herself as a dam of outstanding herd bulls, many of which have sold for five digits. Born 3/7/07, we purchased him as a 17-month old in August 2008 and used him as our herd sire until his sale in June 2011, after he had bred all our cows for 2012. We have been extremely happy with the quality of the calves he had for us, and with the way he was able to maintain his great condition on grass alone. We currently have 9 of his daughters in our herd and are planning to build our herd around him for some time to come. We sold him to a family in Florida to continue his breeding career.

        Cherokee Phantom
      **Desperado U1/3 polled  
        Polled Beauty
    **Excite U1/2 polled    
        ***Ranger's Pride
      **Miss Lee  
  CF #10 polled     Ed Matrl
      CF 415LE  
    CF 137    
FH Osiris (CF #099)     CF 8313 LH  
        ***Ranger's Pride
      Madera (1-5/5)  
        **Kentucky Princess
  Oasis (CF 655)      
        ***King Cotton
        **Miss Farrah
    CF Sex Life    
      **Sex Appeal  
        **Miss Lee

purebred bull, 3 months
FH Erik (9 months)
(FH Lawrence x Richland)

FH Erik 07-7 #C958878. Purebred red paint star-faced bull born July 1, 2007, this guy was an inbred son of FH Richland and FH Lawrence. BBU Rep Jerry Hemphill saw him in mid-August 2007 and said he was the best bull on the farm -- and we have some nice ones. Heavy boned, built right, with lots of thick muscling. Don't usually do inbreeding, but his sire became fertile at 12 months and we didn't get him away from a couple of cows in time. You'd think we would have learned by now -- he also became fertile at a very young age (11 months!) and before we sold him in fall 2008, he sired two dandy little bulls for us, both of which are now sold.

FH Chernobyl II 01-6 U. Purebred rich dark red bull born 4/26/06. He's got a good underline, great bone and frame, and carries a lot of muscle. Nice disposition, too. He's from a great cow family, classified U, and became fertile at 11 months of age. All our cows calved by him in 2008 -- three heifers and two very fancy young bull calves. Sold to Steve Oakman of Pennsylvania, we wish him all the best with this fine young bull. We kept two of his daughters for our herd -- Alexandra and Janiebiker, and now have a granddaughter, Ireland, who is a real beauty.

purebred bull,17 months
FH Chernobyl II (17 months)
(Summers x St. Patty)

FH Lawrence 08-5 #930008 U was a bull of our breeding that we used for several months following the sale of Summers to avoid losing a year on some of our young heifers while we searched for another outside bull. Lawrence was a classy purebred brown paint born July 20, 2005, and classified as U by the BBU rep in August 2006, with the comment that "This is a really nice young bull!" He was a very fertile youngster too, as his first calves were conceived when he was barely 12 months old. See our calves page for pictures of his babies. Lawrence was the third full brother out of our poster cow Richland, and it's been an outstanding cross. We sold Lawrence in October 2006 to Jerry & Jodi Ragsdale of Chuckey, TN.
purebred bull, 12 months
FH Lawrence at 13 months, August 29, 2006
(Summers x FH Richland)

Summers U1/3 was our herd bull from August 2002 until April 2006. We purchased him from G.E. Summers and Jackie Fuchs of Virginia at 14 months.   His sire, L Bar (Lasater)5502, U1-2 is one of the Beefmaster breed's premium sires, topping the performance tests for carcass quality held at the University of Texas for a number of years, and siring a number of show ring winners as well. "Summers" is out of a Lasater-bred cow purchased at their annual production sale in January 2001. Cattle from the Lasater herd are famous for their fertility and ability to grow lots of meat on grass alone. His calves for us had great bone, long frames, were very smooth and carried lots of meat. You can see pictures of them on our Calves page. We kept one of his daughters in our herd and she is an outstanding producer.  bull
"Summers" U1-3
(L Bar 5502 x L Bar 9219)
  Secret Weapon's picture
Secret Weapon (Spartacus x Tee Pee 061 LE)

This is "Secret Weapon," a purebred Beefmaster son of the famous typesetter bull Spartacus out of a Tailor Made daughter. We purchased him as an aged bull in August 2001 from his breeder, Tommy Barnett of Athens, Tennessee. We loved his size, squareness, length, bone, and gentle disposition. We only had him for one season, as he developed arthritis in his back legs, but he produced a total of 8 calves for us. He was an excellent cross on our Flash daughters, and we retained three of his heifers for our herd. He is still represented by his daughter Mayfly U1-2, a pretty paint brindle. See our Calves page for pictures of his babies.
Flash (Cherokee Flash x 287-0 Seven Lazy Eleven)
To the left is "Flash" (TBB 323/6, BBU # 708198). This fine son of Cherokee Flash was awarded the highest conformation rating of "1" by BBU, with an underline score of 3 (average). Not only was he wonderfully built with lots of bone, he had an extremely gentle disposition. Our herd sire from 1998 - 2001, he sired a total of 20 calves for us. Our first #1 bull, he made a huge difference in the quality of our calves. We kept 8 of his fine daughters for our herd before swapping him back to his breeder, Tommy Barnett, who used him for several more years as his herd sire. He is still represented in our herd through his granddaughters Mayfly, Alexandra, and Janiebiker, and four great-granddaughters. For some pictures of his descendants, look at our Cows and Calves pages.

This is "Chernobyl" BBU#792754. This good looking 1999 red paint son of Flash sired two nice steers for us out of a couple of young heifers before being sold as a coming two year old to a local commercial herd. Pictured here at 14 months. See his babies on our Calves page.   Chernobyl
Chernobyl (Flash x Easter Clown)
Redson (Oak Creek 45-9 x Lasater Queen)
Fork Creek 2-77, "Red Son," BBU#517152, was our herdsire from April 94 to September 97. His sire was Redman, below, and his dam was the famous cow Lasater Queen, who sold at auction for $17,000. Redson sired a total of 15 calves for us, and is still represented in our herd through a 2X daughter, Iris, who is one of our best producers, and two purebred great-granddaughters out of Richland.

This is Oak Creek 45/9, "Redman," BBU#407338, U2/3. He was a grandson of **Ranger's Pride, ***Levi, and a double grandson of the great cow **Jungle Red. We bought him as an aged bull at a SEBBA auction in April 93 and swapped him a year later for his son Red Son. His sperm count was fine but he didn't breed for us -- low libido or too much arthritis in his back end, as he was a very large bull. He is still represented in our herd through Red Son's progeny (see above).   Redman

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