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We have sold all our cattle and are no longer in the cattle business. After 25 years, this was a big decision -- but we are getting older and wanted to spend more time with our horses and our competition field and agility dogs. Thanks to everyone who has made our program so successful over the last number of years, it has been a fun ride.

We sold the majority of our herd to Rick Blankenship of Double Springs, Alabama. Call him at 205-272-2435 to see what he might have available in the future!

Some of the cattle we have sold in the past:

PB bull, 1 month
FH Dallas 07-14 (1 month)
(Commander x FH Mayfly)
FH Dallas 07-14, BBU #pending: purebred red star-faced bull b. 12/20/14 (Commander x FH Mayfly). Mayfly is our best cow (rated U1-2 by BBU) and is a wonderful mother with a huge amount of milk. This was her second calf in 2014 and both of them are dandies! Dallas is really well built and is growing great. Probably polled; dam is slick polled, sire is scurred -- no sign of horns yet at 3 months. SOLD to Johnne Smalley of Wisconsin in May 2015.
PB bull, 10 months
FH Harlequin 07-12 (10 months)
(Commander x FH Ireland)
FH Harlequin 07-12, BBU #C1026938: purebred polled brown paint bull b. 10/7/12 (Commander x FH Ireland). This one will knock your socks off! He is so flashy -- and also very well built and solid. A big boy, he is polled, and as icing on the cake, he is naturally gentle and friendly although we have not handled him much. His mother is one of our lovely young Osiris daughters and we are thrilled with her first baby. $1,100.
SOLD to Brad Dewees of Mississippi August 2014.
PB heifer, 6 months
FH Valentina 02-12 (6 months)
(Osiris x FH Mayfly).

FH Valentina 02-12, BBU #C1015213,, purebred black polled heifer b. 2/14/12 (Osiris x FH Mayfly). Valentina is a full sister of the elegant Flight. Her first calf was a dandy paint heifer born May 2014.
SOLD to Brad Dewees of Mississippi August 2014.
PB bull, 1 month
FH Cherokee 03-14 (1 month)
(Commander x FH Flight)
FH Cherokee 03-14, BBU #pending: purebred polled (both parents polled) black star-faced bull b. 1/26/14 (Commander x FH Flight). With his star face, white underline, brockled hind legs, and white-tipped tail, this boy is splashy looking. Combine this with his good solid conformation, friendly disposition, and good underline, and this one will add a lot of wallop to your purebred or commercial herd. His mother is one of our lovely young Osiris daughters and her first two babies have been excellent. $1,000.
SOLD to Brad Dewees of Mississippi August 2014.
PB bull, 3 weeks
FH Bruce Coleman 03-14 (12 hours)
(Commander x FH Rain)
FH Bruce Coleman 05-14, BBU #pending: purebred red star-faced bull b. 2/19/14 (Commander x FH Rain). Cute, perky little bull, red with several white candy spots, he is turning into a very good looking boy indeed. Horn status unknown, but both parents are polled so we hope he is as well. Full brother to our gorgeous heifer Liz Perdew, this boy is going to be a good one! For sale: $850 if sold before June 19 (we will keep him here at no charge until weaning), $1,000 afterwards.
SOLD to Diana Bullock of Florida July 25, 2014.

FH Ottawa 01-14, BBU #pending: purebred red or brown heifer b. 1/11/14 (Commander x FH Ireland). Solid red polled heifer with great conformation and excellent underline. Fine quality heifer that would not be for sale if we had a bigger pasture. $1,000.
SOLD to Greggs of Middle Tennessee, July 2014.
PB heifer, 1 week
FH Ottawa 01-14 (1 week)
(Commander x FH Ireland)

PB heifer, 6 months
FH Liz Perdew 06-12 (6 months)
(Commander x FH Rain)

FH Liz Perdew 01-13, BBU #C1026940: purebred brown heifer b. 2/20/13 (Commander x FH Rain). With a white tipped tail, some white on her underline and a roan spot on her left hind leg, this polled heifer is super fancy and elegant, with near-perfect conformation and a very feminine appearance. Both parents are polled. This one was very hard to part with!
SOLD to the Howells of East Tennessee, March 2014.

PB heifer, 6 months
FH Georgina 02-13 (6 months)
(Commander x FH Alexandra)

FH Georgina 02-13, BBU #C1026941: purebred red heifer b. 2/22/13 (Commander x FH Alexandra). This fancy bright red heifer has an especially pretty face and a strong topline; 1/2 white tail, some white on her underline. Polled. Hate to sell this heifer and wish we had the pasture space to keep her.
SOLD to the Howells of East Tennessee, March 2014.

FH Noelle 08-12, BBU #C1026939: purebred black (brindle?) polled heifer b. 12/25/12 (Commander x FH Iris). This girl is Iris's second 2012 calf (the other one, Juliette, was born in February). Our Christmas present from Iris, Noelle is a good looking heifer, with a white lightning splash on her right shouler. Like all of Iris's calves, she is thick, sturdy, and outstanding. She is polled, with two polled parents. It has been many years since we have had a brindle calf, and we are hoping that when she sheds out this spring she still shows the brindling that she showed last summer.
SOLD to the Howells of East Tennessee, March 2014.

PB heifer, 8 months
FH Noelle 06-12 (8 months)
(Commander x FH Iris)

  2x black cow, 2.5 years
FH Iris (2.5 years)
(Summers x Midnight)

FH Iris, 02-5 BBU #S22863 U2-2, 2nd cross Black/mottle faced cow b. 4/15/05 (Summers by LBar 5502 x FH Midnight). Iris had her first calf in May 2007, a heavy-boned black and white paint heifer that was the best of our very nice crop of 2007 calves. Her calves since have always been among our best (see her 2010 model, a black paint bull, and her 6th calf born February 22, 2012, a white faced red heifer. This year's version is a gorgeous black brindle polled heifer that we are keeping as a replacement. Iris is a wonderful mother with copious quantities of milk, and is very caring of her calves. She has had a calf every year and two in 2012; never loses condition, and is still in the prime of her life. A great opportunity to buy a top cow! She is exposed to our polled bull Commander for a spring 2014 calf.
SOLD to the Singletons of Harrogate, TN, August 2013.
FH Alexandra, 04-8 BBU #C958881 U, purebred registered red cow b. 5/17/08 (Chernobyl II x FH Richland). I'm probably going to regret selling Alexandra. She is out of our poster cow Richland and so far has had four heifers for us -- all of them are keeper quality. Alexandra is in on the compact side, very meaty and feminine, and she never lost condition even on her first calf. Solid bright red, carries for paint. We are keeping her 2011 daughter Rain and would like to keep the rest! Alexandra has been exposed back to our polled bull Commander for a spring 2014 calf.
SOLD to the Singletons of Harrogate, TN, August 2013.

Alexandra, while nursing 2 month old calf
FH Alexandra, spring 2013
(Chernobyl II x FH Richland)

FH Hiwassee 06-12, BBU #C1026937: purebred brown or brindle heifer b. 9/29/12 (Commander x FH Flight). This heifer started out red but has turned a dark chocolate with some brindle stripings starting to show, with a white hind sock, a white-tipped tail, and some white on her underline. She just keeps on getting better and better -- long, deep, and smooth with a flashy color. SOLD to the Singletons of Harrogate, TN, August 2013.
PB heifer, 9 months
FH Hiwassee 06-12 (9 months)
(Commander x FH Flight)

PB bull, 6 months
FH Sunday 03-13 (6 months)
(Commander x FH Mayfly)
FH Sunday 03-13, BBU #C1026942: purebred polled red bull b. 2/24/13 (Commander x FH Mayfly). Bright red, super topline and length, very pretty head and neck. Out of our #1 cow Mayfly, this boy is for someone who appreciates outstanding conformation. Polled and both parents are polled.SOLD to the Singletons of Harrogate, TN, August 2013.
FH Juliette 01-12, BBU #C1015180,, purebred red / mottle faced heifer b. 2/10/12 (Osiris x FH Iris). This heifer is great looking with a lot of chrome on her face, underline, heavily brockled legs and white tipped tail. Gorgeous, smooth and classy, she is one we hate to part with. She is exposed to our polled bull Commander for an early spring 2014 calf. SOLD to the Waltons of Kentucky, June 2013. FH Leap Day 04-12, BBU #C1015215,, purebred red heifer b. 2/29/12 (Osiris x FH Alexandra). Leap has three sisters, Isis, Rain, and Georgina. These four heifers place her mama in a very special category as all of them are keeper quality! Unfortunately, we have limited land and can only keep one of them, so regrettably, Leap is for sale. She is exposed to our polled bull Commander, and the calf should be pretty awesome! SOLD to Waltons of Kentucky, June 2013.  
PB yearling heifers
FH Juliette 01-12 (left) and FH Leap Day 04-12 (right)
(Osiris x FH Alexandra).
These heifers are SOLD.

FH Gatlin 05-12: polled purebred red bull b. 9/25/12 (Commander x FH Wings). Wings' first calf is red with some white patches on three feet and some white on his underline. His underline is one of the best we have had. Friendly, quiet disposition. SOLD at the local meat market June 2013 after an accident in the pasture blinded him in one eye.
PB bull, 1 month
FH Gatlin 05-12 (6 months, with his mother Wings)
(Commander x FH Wings)
FH Janiebiker, 01-8 #223394 U, registered second cross black paint cow b. 3/10/08 (Chernobyl II x FH Pasco). Janie is a registered and BBU-inspected second cross cow; all her calves by registered Beefmaster bulls are purebred and can be registered without inspection. She traces back to Angus/Hereford on her dam's side. Janie has had three full sibling calves,and all of them are excellent. We are retaining her two year old daughter Ireland; her son Torrent was sold as a breeding bull to South Dakota, and the heifer at side, Frankie, is quite outstanding. Janie has been bred back to our new polled bull Commander for a spring 2013 calf. Without the heifer, she is priced at $1150. If you want them both, add $800 to the price. We'd be happy to keep the heifer but in that case Janie will need to stay here on the farm till around the end of July or first of August.SOLD with her calf to Ava and Paul Bogan of Kentucky, July 2012.
Alexandra with calf
FH Janiebiker (Chernobyl II x FH Pasco)
and her 2012 heifer FH Frankie by Osiris

PB heifer, 25 months
FH Isis 03-10 (25 months)
(Osiris x FH Alexandra)

FH Isis 03-10,#C989588 purebred registered red heifer b. 3/13/10 (Osiris x FH Alexandra). Isis is a top quality, feminine, well-put together and very meaty heifer with a rich, vibrant red coat. She has a very small white mark just in front of her udder and is otherwise a solid bright red. Bigger than her mother, I like this heifer a lot and she is only available because of our limited pasture space. She has been bred to our new polled bull Commander for a fall 2012 calf, her first. Isis will be taken off our sale list if her full sister Leap Day sells along with Alexandra (see below). $1200. SOLD to Ava and Paul Bogan of Kentucky, July 2012.

FH Torrent 03-11, BBU #C1001484 Purebred deep red bull b. 3/5/11. Polled. He's almost solid red, with a small amount of white on his underline and a tiny spot on his forehead. Nice square calf with a lot of masculinity and a very good underline. SOLDto Lonnie Sharping of South Dakota, February 2012.
PB bull, 5 1/2 months
FH Torrent (pictured 8/30/11 at five and a half months)
(Osiris x FH Janiebiker)

FH Sanford 04-11, BBU #C1001485 Purebred red bull b. 3/25/11. Polled. He's a medium clear red, with a white underline, out of our #1 conformation cow Mayfly and he looks very much like her at the same age except for the color. Classy looking bull calf with a good underline, great topline, and a lot of style. We are keeping his full sister for our herd. SOLDto Lonnie Sharping of South Dakota, February 2012.
PB bull, 5 months
FH Sanford (pictured 8/30/11 at 5 months)
(Osiris x FH Mayfly)

FH George Washington 01-11, BBU #C1001482 Purebred red paint bull b. 2/22/11. He's a beautiful colored and very well built calf with excellent bone, great length and a lot of muscle. Son of our great Oasis son Osiris, and out of our super producing cow
Iris, George is a full brother to the handsome Hilton. George is available for $700 until January 1, 2011. Ready to go. An excellent herd sire prospect, he will add a lot of size, meat and bone plus exciting color. Picture taken when he was standing downhill -- sorry about that! SOLD 10/20/11 to Sarah Shaw of Shawridge Farm, Sweetwater, TN
purebred bull, 6 months
FH George Washington (pictured 8/30/11)
(Osiris x FH Iris)

purebred bull, 2008

purebred bull, May 2011

Cottage Farms #99, "Osiris", BBU #C940488, U1-3. Our current herdsire, Osiris is a 4-year-old handsome polled dark red fellow, a natural calf out of the famous donor cow Oasis by a polled Excite son. Oasis is making quite a name for herself as a dam of outstanding herd bulls, many of which have sold for five digits. Born 3/7/07, we purchased him as a 17-month old in August 2008. We have been extremely happy with the quality of the calves he has had for us, and with the way he is able to maintain his great condition on grass alone. He passes on his wonderful hindquarters consistently. We are keeping most of his heifers, including 4 from 2010, the only girl from 2011, and probably all of the ones we have in 2012. Since he is going to be the sire of most of our cows for many years to come, he is regretfully for sale and available for pickup in June as soon as he has rebred our cows for next year. This will be a great chance to own a proven polled (scurred) Oasis son with a bunch of good-looking calves on the ground to prove his worth. Great pedigree, great individual, the best bull and the best producer we have ever owned. $2,000. SOLD June 2011 to Mary and George Clark of Florida. We're sorry to see him go, but wish them the same wonderful calves that he sired for us.

FH Hilton 05-10,#C989590 Purebred registered black paint bull b. 4/3/10. Sturdy, flashy, strong with outstanding bone and eye appeal, and the highly desirable shiny black color with splashy white markings -- this guy is a top herd bull prospect! Lots of size and smooth muscle on this one. Hilton is available for $900. Weaned, dehorned, vaccinated, and ready to go now. SOLD 2/28/11 to Jamie Walton of Lancaster, Kentucky.
2x bull, 6 months
FH Hilton (pictured 10/16/10)
(Osiris x FH Iris)
"FH St. Patricia" BBU#C827681, U2-1 (Flash x Cowie Owie). Top Producing Older Bred Cow A good size, deep red cow, Patty has had a good-looking calf every year by a variety of bulls. Her average calving interval is 11 months and one week. At age 10, she is still in wonderful shape, has a great udder with tiny teats, plenty of milk, and a very agreeable, easy-to-get-along-with disposition. She's had 9 calves for us, including two of our favorites, New Orleans, a heifer by Summers and a full brother, Chernobyl II who sired two of our keeper heifers. Her calf at side is a handsome son of Osiris, solid dark red, who is for sale as a singleton at weaning for $650. ! SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.
Beefmaster cow
FH St. Patricia (Flash x Cowie Owie)

1-month bull calf
FH O Canada (Osiris x St. Patty)

  "FH Richland" BBU#C827682, U2-2 (Flash x FH Easter Clown). Top Quality Older Bred Cow.  Richland is always our visitors' favorite because of her flashy color and great looks. She's a beautiful, cooperative cow and an outstanding producer. This 2001 cow has had 8 calves for us, with an average calving interval of 11.5 months. She is a wonderful mother who still has small teats, loads of milk, and gets her babies off to a great start. We kept two fine daughters as replacments -- see Alexandra, her 2008 heifer by Chernobyl II; and Wings, her flashy 2010 heifer by Osiris. For the quality of her bulls, look at Chrome, a pretty paint bull by Summers who turned out to be a fine sire in his own right. SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.
purebred Beefmaster cow
Richland with her 12-hour old calf Wings, April 10, 2010

purebred Beefmaster cow
FH Richland (Flash x Easter Clown)

  "Pasco" BBU#F41228 Another Top Quality Older Bred Cow / Three-in-One package. This 2001 polled cow is one of three full sisters that we have used, and she is the largest and has the best overall conformation. Her neck is particularly nice, and she carries a lot of meat. We also like her interesting black paint color -- it sure makes her easy to pick out in the pasture. She had 7 calves for us and they have all been dandies. We are retaining her 2008 black paint heifer as a replacement. SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.

1st Cross Beefmaster
Pasco (Flash x Angus)

2x bull, 1 month
FH Coyote (2010 bull calf)
(Osiris x FH Pasco)

Heifer with first calf
FH Cortland
(FH Chernobyl II x FH St. Patricia) with her first calf, FH Friday by Osiris

FH Cortland 04-8 #C958880. First calf heifer - Bred cow or Three-in-One package. A purebred red heifer b. 4/4/08, Cortland is friendly and inquisitive -- so much so that it is hard to get good photos of her as she comes right up to be petted and sticks her nose right in the camera! She is a solid bright red with practically no white, has good sturdy bone, a big frame and an excellent underline, but she is a little rough over the topline near her tail and has a somewhat undistinguished neck. She will mature to be a good-sized cow, and as expected, she has already produced better than herself. Her mother is one of our best cows and a wonderful producer. Cortland had a dandy bull calf by Osiris on April 16, FH Friday. SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.
PB bull, 1 month
FH O Canada (1 month)
(Osiris x FH St. Patty)

FH O Canada 02-10, Purebred, registered solid red bull b. 3/26/10. Very fine young bull calf who is a rich dark with practically no white. His mother, FH St. Patty, is one of our top producers and this boy, her first by Osiris, looks like an excellent prospect. SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.

FH Coyote 01-10, 2X red paint bull b. 3/10/10. Great topline and underline with one of the tightest sheathes we have had on a young bull calf. He is polled, a very attractive golden red with great markings and is an all-around nice looking calf, particularly for people who don't like the big Beefmaster ears -- his are much more modest sized. SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.
2x bull, 1 month
FH Coyote (2010 bull calf)
(Osiris x FH Pasco)

FH Friday 07-10, purebred, registered red bull b. 4/16/10, star face and two hind socks. Very nice calf with good frame, lots of bone, and a pretty face too. Marked like a horse, with a nice-sized star and two white hind socks. This guy has a lot of good genetics behind him and is a darn fine looking calf! SOLD 8/16/10 to the Thomas family of Middle Tennessee.
PB bull, 3 weeks
FH Friday 07-10 (3 weeks)
(Osiris x FH Cortland)

FH SuperCowieFragilistic 04-9, (Osiris x Mayfly), 06/5/09.   Pretty polled purebred heifer with a great long square body, elegant long neck, pretty head, and nice underline. Solid bright red with a white-tipped tail and white underline. Except for the color, she looks very much like her gorgeous mother did at the same age. As both her parents are polled, there is a 50% chance that she is homozygous polled and will never produce a horned calf. SuperCowie is for sale at weaning for $750 (October 2009) as we don't want to breed her back to her Dad next summer. An excellent heifer that is only available because of our space limitations! SOLD11/14/09 to Dalton Johnson of Mississippi -- look for them at the shows!
PB heifer, 2 months
FH SuperCowieFragilistic (2 months)
(Osiris x FH Mayfly)

FH Red Jester 02-9, purebred bright red bull b. 4/1/09. A nice-looking, well built and solid calf who is growing off very well. Very nice underline and good bone. His mother FH St. Patty has had a long string of very fine calves and is a wonderful mother with an abundance of milk. Jester is available for $650 at weaning (~September) until January 1, 2010. This guy will add scope, frame and muscle to your herd! SOLD11/14/09 to Dalton Johnson of Mississippi -- look for them at the shows!
PB bull, 3 months
FH Red Jester (3 months)
(FH Erik x FH St. Patty)
PB heifer, nearly 3 months
FH Ashley (nearly 3 months)
(Osiris x FH Iris)

FH Ashley 03-9, (Osiris x Iris) 05/19/09.   Iris is following in her mother's footsteps, always producing one of our very best calves every year. This polled, dark red mottle-faced heifer (the first-born calf by our polled bull Osiris) is super heavy boned and meaty, with a very pretty head too. She is for sale at weaning, registered, for $750. The ONLY reason she is for sale is that we plan to keep her sire for several more years, don't have room to run two bulls, and her mother is still quite young. This one is definitely keeper quality! SOLD 7/13/09 to Tommy Matthews of North Carolina, for pickup in the fall after weaning.
  2x bull, 24 hours
FH Great Escape (24 hours)
(FH Erik x FH Pasco)

FH Great Escape 01-9. 2X POLLED black paint bull b. 3/24/09 , This is Pasco's 6th calf, and he is flashy with a great frame, bone, and underline. Polled, too! This little guy will be for sale at weaning, $650. SOLD 5/31/09 to Tommy Matthews of North Carolina, for pickup in the fall after weaning.
2x bull, 1 month

purebred bull, 3 months
FH Erik (9 months)
(FH Lawrence x Richland)

FH Erik 07-7 #C958878. Purebred red paint star-faced bull born July 1, 2007, this guy is an inbred son of FH Richland and FH Lawrence. Don't usually do inbreeding, but BBU Rep Jerry Hemphill saw him in mid-August 2007 and said he was the best bull on the farm -- and we have some nice ones. Heavy boned, built right, with lots of thick muscling. SOLD fall 2008.

purebred bull, 3 months
FH Status Quo (3 months)
(FH Chernobyl II x FH Iris).

FH Status Quo 05-8 #C958882. purebred red white-faced bull b. 5/18/08. Massive bone, lots of meat, a real quality young bull. $650 at weaning (~September) until January 1, 2009. Will really add scope, frame and muscle to your herd!
SOLD fall 2008.
purebred bull, 2 weeks
FH March 02-8 (2 weeks) (FH Chernobyl II x FH Mayfly).

FH March 02-8. Purebred black polled bull born March 22, 2008, this guy is just what you've been looking for -- black, polled, and built right. He has only a small amount of white on his underline. $750 at weaning (~September) until January 1, 2009. Don't miss this one! SOLD 5/15/08 to Matt Williams of Johnson City, TN, for pickup in the fall after weaning.

FH Cedar 04-6. Purebred red star-faced bull born July 15, 2006, the first calf of our lovely young U 2-1 cow Devin. This guy is stocky and well built, very smooth, with the best underline we've ever had on a bull calf - a "1" for sure. Dehorned, dewormed, vaccinated and tattooed, and classified U. Ready to work, and available for $900. SOLD 3/25/08 to James Layne of Whitwell, TN.
purebred bull, 13 months
FH Cedar
(Summers x Devin)

Above at 13 months. At right, 22 months.
purebred bull,22 months


FH Chernobyl II 01-6. Purebred rich dark red bull calf born 4/26/06. He's got a good underline, great bone and frame, and carries a lot of muscle. Nice disposition, too. He's a fine young bull from a great cow family, classified U, and already has six dandy calves on the ground. Take a look at his full sisters Shiloh and New Orleans. Dehorned, dewormed, vaccinated and tattooed. Sold March 2008 to Steve Oakman of Pennsylvania. Best wishes with this fine young bull!

purebred bull,17 months
FH Chernobyl II (17 months)
(Summers x St. Patty)

  PB bull, 4 months
FH Denso (4 months)
(FH Lawrence x FH St. Patty

FH Denso 05-7. Purebred dark red paint star-faced bull born May 21, 2007, out of our good 2-1 cow St. Patty. Chunky, good-looking young bull, good frame, will be big. Attractive coat pattern. Sold to Steve Oakman of Pennsylvania March 2008 for use on his Hereford cows.

Sold to Skillet Fork Beefmasters summer 2007:

"Midnight" BBU#FC37520. We didn't get this 1996 polled First Cross cow away from her sire in time and she had her first calf at 17 months, a nice-looking heifer. This stunted her growth, but she bred back right away. Her 2007 heifer, Winter was her 10th calf (seven of them heifers!), and she was six months shy of being 11 years old at the time! Her calves are always among our very best. See her daughters Lightning U1-2 and Kansas, as examples, and her very fine 2002 black paint bull calf. Also see her 2005 daughter Iris,, a look-alike young 2X cow by Summers that we have retained in our herd. The Shanes took a chance on Midnight despite her age because of her calving record and her great condition. We predict she will reward them with another couple of outstanding calves.

1st Cross Beefmaster
Midnight (Fork Creek 2-77 "Redson" x Angus)

FH Nikki 06-5, BBU #S22864, U 08/04/06.  Good looking, black, and polled — just what we ordered! Born June 18, 2005, we planned to keep this heifer in our herd. She had her first calf in May 2007, a loud-colored black and white paint bull (see below).  
2x black heifer at 12 months
FH Nikki at 12 months
(Summers x **September)

FH Winter 01-7, BBU not yet.  Shiny black polled 2nd cross heifer with a small amount of white on her underline. Midnight's 10th calf, born January 31, 2007, she is a a full sister to FH Iris. Winter has an especially good hindquarters which don't show in this picture.  
2x heifer, 7 weeks
FH Winter (7 weeks)
(Summers x Midnight)

FH Tuck 02-6, BBU not yet.  Strong, sturdy polled heifer with a star face and several small roan patches on her sides, this girl was born June 30, 2006. She's got an amazing frame on her already, and a great neck. Another one we never thought we'd sell, she is bred for 2008 to our young bull Chernobyl II.  
2x heifer, 9 days
FH Tuck (9 days)
(Summers x Pasco)

FH Tuck (Summers x Pasco)

FH Giuliani 08-4, BBU#S22547.  This heifer was born September 11, 2004, and is named in honor of the New York Mayor. She was Terra Nova's first calf, and we're pleased with the result. Giuliani is scurred, medium sandy red, with some white on her underline, a tiny roan patch on her back, and some roaning on the bottom of her hind legs. She is our biggest cow. She was inspected 2X and classifed as "U" in July 2005. Picture taken January 2006, in her winter coat. She's shiny in the summertime!  
2X heifer, 16 months
FH Giuliani
(Summers x FH Terra Nova)

2005 purebred heifer
FH New Orleans (Summers x St. Patty)
at 15 months

"FH New Orleans 01-5", BBU#C910436, U 08/06. A very fancy red heifer b. 4/11/05, we had intended to keep this one. New Orleans is a full sister to Shiloh below, but is a lighter color, has more white on her underline and a little bit of roaning on her lower hind legs. A really stoutly built girl! She had her first calf, a brown paint heifer, on April 27, 2007.
purebred heifer, 8 month
FH Rood (8 months)
(Summers x Shiloh)

"FH Rood 05-6", BBU#C930017 , purebred red heifer with several small spots and white hind pasterns b. 7/23/06. This is Shiloh's first calf, and she is a nice, stocky heifer with good bone. With all her funny little polka dots, she almost certainly carries for paint. Although she is an incest-bred calf, which we don't usually like to do, she is an extremely nice heifer, very smooth and meaty with a moderate frame, and should have very nice calves.
"FH Surprise Surprise 02-7,", BBU#C943690, purebred brown and white paint heifer b. 4/27/07. Interesting coat pattern, terrific bone and frame -- her mother is a beauty and this is her first calf. Would have liked to keep this one!  
PB heifer, 3 hours
FH Surprise Surprise (3 hours)
(FH Lawrence x New Orleans

"FH Splash 03-7,", BBU#943691, purebred black and white paint heifer b. 5/3/07. Flashy, well built heifer, her mother did herself proud with her first calf! She may be the best from our 2007 calf crop.  
PB heifer, 12 hours
FH Splash (12 hours)
(FH Lawrence x Iris

  FH Chrome 06-6. Purebred red paint bull born August 8, 2006. Full brother to FH Lawrence listed above, this is the fourth straight full brother that Richland has had. He's maybe the best of all, although that's hard to say yet as the others were all pretty classy -- but he's certainly the loudest color! He's going to be a good-sized bull.
purebred bull, 8 months
FH Chrome (8 months)
(Summers x Richland)
purebred bull, 3 weeks
FH Chrome (21 days)
(Summers x Richland)
2X heifer, 15 months
FH Devin (at 15 months)
(Summers x FH Smuggler)

FH Devin 03-4, BBU #S22545, U2-1. This is another one we never thought to sell. Devin was born 5/21/04. Mostly red with one white shoulder/upper leg and a small spot on the other side, this young cow is polled, big, bright red, and very pretty. She was the only heifer we kept from her mother Smuggler, who was the only heifer we kept from her grandmother as well. She calved easily, and raised a very fine young bull calf by Summers. 10 months later, she had a dandy polled paint heifer by FH Lawrence.
"FH Shiloh 02-4", BBU#C894623, U2-1 red/brown cow b. 4/7/04. This is Patty's first calf by Summers, and she's got everything you want to see in a young brood cow -- great bone, long body, lots of muscle -- all in a plain brown wrapper. Actually, it's a very beautiful dark mahogany red wrapper, several shades darker than it appears in this picture. She's got a wonderful underline, too. She had her first calf, a dandy red heifer in late July 2006. In this picture, taken August 29, 2006, she had been nursing the calf for a month and is holding her weight unusually well for a first-calf heifer.  
2004 purebred heifer
FH Shiloh (Summers x St. Patty) at 2 years

  FH Amalie 03-6, cute and perky purebred red and white paint polled heifer b. 7/8/06 (Summers x FH Mayfly). She's bright red with an interesting coat pattern, a big star on her face, and two hind socks. Good body, growing off very well.
purebred heifer
FH Amalie (8 months)
(Summers x Mayfly)

  FH Rally 04-7, BBU#C943692, excellent purebred red and white paint polled heifer b. 5/19/07. She's loud colored and has the looks to go with it. One we would have kept under other circumstances.
  PB heifer, 24 hours
FH Rally (24 hours)
(FH Lawrence x FH Devin
  FH Memorial Day 06-7, BBU#C943689, Black and white paint bull b. 5/28/07, the first calf from his mother Nikki. He's a dandy, and one that you won't lose in the pasture for sure!
  PB bull, 12 hours
FH Memorial Day 06-7 (12 hours)
(FH Lawrence x Nikki

Other Cattle Sold:

purebred bull, 12 months
FH Lawrence
(Summers x FH Richland)

FH Lawrence 08-5 #930008, U 8/4/06. Classy purebred brown paint bull calf born July 20, 2005. This bull would add frame, meat, and color to your purebred or commercial herd. He is good sized, extremely handsome, and solidly built, with a particularly good hindquarters. He's the type of bull that will really stand out in a crowd with his rich mahogany and white coloring. This is the third full brother out of our poster cow Richland, and it's been an outstanding cross. Take a look at the fourth bull calf from this cross above. At 12 months, he settled 4 of our first-calf heifers, which is extremely early fertility for a Beefmaster bull. Dehorned, dewormed, vaccinated. $950. Pictured at 13 months on August 29, 2006. SOLD 10/13/06 to Jerry & Jodi Ragsdale of Chuckey, TN
purebred bull, 10 months

FH Ghost 09-5. Polled purebred red paint bull whose coat pattern will knock your socks off. Born October 26, 2005 out of our beautiful U1-2 cow Lightning. This guy is looking better every day. Pictured at 10 months, and almost as big as our sizeable yearling. Regretfully for sale, as he is too closely related to all our cows. Don't miss this one, he's got star quality! $950. SOLD 8/28/07 to Herman Presley of Missouri.
We purchased Summers from G.E. Summers and Jackie Fuchs of Virginia in August 2002 at 14 months. He was classified by BBU as U1-3, which means his conformation is superior (1 out of 5), and his underline score is average (3 out of 5). He's a smooth, meaty bull,very gentle, and moderate in size (about 1800 pounds).   His sire, L Bar (Lasater)5502, U1-2 is one of the Beefmaster breed's premium sires, topping performance tests for carcass quality held at the University of Texas for the past several years, and siring many show ring winners as well. "Summers" dam was a Lasater-bred cow purchased at their annual production sale in January 2001. Cattle from the Lasater herd are famous for their fertility, milking qualities, and ability to do well on grass alone. Summers' babies have great bone, long frames, are very smooth and carry lots of meat -- see our Calves page for pictures! We sold him in order to retain a number of his heifers in our herd. A proven, top quality registered bull by the famous L Bar 5002, available at a very reasonable $2,000 -- he will pay for himself with your first year's calf crop! SOLD April 2006 to a commercial herd.

 Summers, purebred Beefmaster bull
"Summers" U1-3
(L Bar 5502 x L Bar 9219)

2X bull, 5 months
At 5 months in October 2006
2X bull, 9 months
At 9 months, January 26, 2006
FH Cinco de Mayo 04-5 (Summers x FH Pasco)

FH Cinco de Mayo 04-5. Gorgeous 2X bull calf born May 5, 2005, a wonderful young bull for a commercial herd. He's big, meaty, with a flashy colored coat and a gentle disposition. This boy has a solid pedigree for fertility and quality. Paint is recessive, so if bred to solid color cows, they will mostly be solid unless some of them also carry for paint. Dehorned, dewormed, vaccinated, and ready to go. $800 until May 1 2006. If he were purebred, the price would be much higher -- we're really impressed with this fella!
SOLD 3/12/06 to John Ringley, Jamestown, TN to be his next commercial herd bull.
purebred heifer, 5 months
FH Ginny
(Summers x FH July Surprise)

FH Ginny 05-5. Solid black purebred heifer born May 29, 2005. Black is the hottest color in Beefmasters these days, and this heifer is inky, shiny blue black with a small amount of white on her underline. She's a nice looking calf, with good size, very smooth body, and a pretty head. Horned at present, will be dehorned in the next several weeks. Pictured with her mother at 5 months on October 27, 2005.
SOLD February 10, 2006 to Joe Calabro of Florida.
  FH Terra Nova 02-2, BBU#F41778 Splashy black and white paint first cross cow born April 2002. She was by our U1-3 bull Flash out of a solid black Angus/hereford cross cow. Inspected and accepted as a 1X by BBU in 2003, she's a full sister to Pasco and **September. She's tall and pretty, and boy does she stand out! Her first calf was born September 2004 (see pictures and information about Giuliani below) and is due for a full sibling later this summer or early fall. Two-in-one package carrying a late summer 2005 calf by Summers. $950 bred.
SOLD June 26, 2005 to Ben Allison and J.T. Howell of Lenoir City, TN.
1st Cross Black Paint Beefmaster
Terra Nova (Flash x Angus)

  FH Smuggler 02-0, BBU#F41226 This handsome June 2000 polled first cross cow was by our U1-3 bull Flash out of a solid black cow that was 3/4 Angus and 1/4 Charolais. Inspected and accepted as a 1X by BBU 8/6/02, she was a big, handsome and well-built cow. She had four calves for us before we sold her in 2005 bred back to Summers as a two-in-one package. Her normal calving interval was a little over 11.5 months.
SOLD June 26, 2005 to Ben Allison and J.T. Howell of Lenoir City, TN.
1st Cross Beefmaster
FH Smuggler (Flash x Charlotte Russ)

  FH July Surprise, BBU#S22027 A July 2002 polled second cross heifer, **September's second calf. She is a black brindle like her mom. Pictured at 24 months. Inspected and accepted as a 2X by BBU 8/4/03. She's for sale because we also have her mother, a full sister, and a half sister, and have very limited pasture space. We're keeping her BLACK purebred heifer born May 29, 2005 by Summers, so she isn't available until the end of August. By that time she should be bred back the same way. $950 bred.
SOLD June 26, 2005 to Ben Allison and J.T. Howell of Lenoir City, TN; stayed on the farm until her calf was weaned in late October.
2nd Cross Black Brindle Beefmaster
July Surprise (Secret Weapon x **September)

  FH Monsoon 02-3, BBU#C876655 Born May 2003 in a howling rainstorm, this purebred heifer is a lightly roaned red with a small star. Inspected and classified as U at 14 months, she is a good-looking heifer, daughter of our fine young cow St. Patricia by the paint Spartacus son Secret Weapon. Will be sold bred to Summers for a 2006 calf. $900 bred.
SOLD June 26, 2005 to Ben Allison and J.T. Howell of Lenoir City, TN.
purebred Beefmaster
(Secret Weapon x St. Patricia) at 15 months

  FH Belmont 04-4, BBU#S pending This cute heifer was born 6/5/04, the same day as the Belmont Stakes. She's a pretty deep red with a parti-colored face and a white underline. Great, smooth body and lots of muscle. She's a half sister to our beauty queen Lightning, and a full sister to the good-looking heifer Kansas and the 2005 model, a BLACK parti-faced heifer that we plan to keep. Belmont is pictured here at 3 months -- more recent picture coming soon! She will be inspected for her acceptance as a 2X by BBU in July or August of this year, and can be put with a bull around the same time for a purebred calf in summer 2006. $750 now, $900 registered and bred.
SOLD June 26, 2005 to Ben Allison and J.T. Howell of Lenoir City, TN.
2X heifer, 2 months
FH Belmont at 2 months
(Summers x FH Midnight)

FH Ice Show, Very nice bright red purebred bull calf born August 8, 2004 by our Lasater-bred U1/3 bull out of our "poster girl" U2/2 cow, Richland. Good frame, heavy boned, lots of eye appeal -- a real quality young bull. He carries for paint. His full brother sold to New York State. SOLD June 2005 to Joshua Dennison of West Tennessee.  
purebred bull
FH Ice Show (at 8 months)
(Summers x Richland)
2nd Cross Beefmaster
FH Kansas (at 12 months)
(Summers x Midnight)
FH Kansas. A good looking, flashy-colored heifer, she was inspected and approved as a second cross by BBU in August, 2004.   All her calves by purebred Beefmaster bulls will be purebred without further inspection. She's a top quality heifer, with a fantastic performance pedigree -- our Lasater-bred U1-3 bull out of a cow that has had 7 excellent calves already at 8 years old. Kansas is a half sister to our U1-2 cow, Lightning.   Ready to breed this fall to your bull -- we only have her father here and would prefer not to breed her to him. She's for sale because we want to keep her sire for another couple of seasons, and don't have enough room to run two bulls. $800 open.
SOLD December 2004 to Terry Skeen of Loudon, TN.
Commercial heifer
FH Quince (at 8 months)
(Mr. Hankin's Angus Bull x Lightning)
FH Quince. Our neighbor's registered Angus bull got into our pasture after a storm dropped a tree on the fence, and this heifer, out of our best cow, is the result. She was born January 14, 2004 and is an extremely nice heifer. She's polled, solid black, and carries 3/8 Beefmaster breeding. For sale to someone wanting a top quality replacement heifer for their commercial herd. $600 open.
SOLD December 2004 to Terry Skeen of Loudon, TN.

FH Times Square (at 13 months)
(Secret Weapon x Lightning)
FH Times Square, Purebred Beefmaster bright red bull born December 31, 2002. This really fine-looking fellow was to be our junior herd bull, until he took a direct kick to a testicle, which ended his breeding career before it even started. We sold him at the meat market, but we show him here because of his excellent quality.

FH Valentino (at 8 months)
(Secret Weapon x Cowie Owie)
FH Valentino, Purebred Beefmaster bright red/white paint bull born February 13, 2003. Extremely gorgeous and intense color and pattern, good frame, long neck and great bone, this is Cowie's last calf and he is a dandy. Quiet, sweet and friendly disposition too. Should be ready to service cows this spring. $1,200.
SOLD February 2004 to Nancy Warncke of Lansing, TN -- for use in her commercial herd and as the nucleus of her purebred breeding program.
1st Cross Beefmaster
Muffet (Flash x Charlotte Russ) at 16 months

"Muffet" BBU#F pending This 2001 First Cross Beefmaster polled heifer is a large, well built, bright red cow. She had her first calf, a chunky, solid red steer by Summers in late May 2003.Reluctantly for sale, as we are out of pasture space and are retaining a full sister. She sells bred back to Summers for a late May 2004 calf. She has been inspected by BBU and accepted into their upgrade program. $800.
SOLD February 2004 to Nancy Warncke of Lansing, TN.

FH Vermont (at 2 months)
(Summers x FH Richland)
FH Vermont, Purebred Beefmaster dark red bull born June 22, 2003. Richland's first calf, this boy is classy and attractive. Good bone, great forequarters, well muscled. SOLD October 2003 to Kevin and Martha Sisson of Berne, NY for future use with their commercial herd.
Purebred 14-month old bull
Queen's Jubilee at 15 months
(Secret Weapon x St. Patty)
FH Queen's Jubilee. This very fine young Spartacus grandson, born June 4, 2002, is ready to start breeding cows right now. He is large for his age, has a great frame, long neck, and rich dark red/brown color. Classified U and registered. He'd make a good herdsire for a commercial or purebred herd. $1400.
SOLD September 2003 to Charlie Fuller of Clarkrange, TN for use with his herd of Beefmaster, Beefmaster cross, and Brahma cattle. We're looking forward to seeing his babies next summer!
FH Grigorovich, Second Cross Beefmaster black and white paint bull born March 10, 2002. He's the one in the background of this picture. Full brother to our U1-2 cow Lightning and just as good except for the plumbing. Sold May 2003.  

FH Grigorovich
(Flash x Midnight)
"FH Easter Clown" BBU#750108. This 1997 granddaughter of Cowie Owie was born on the farm. She had two lovely calves for us, both of them paints and both much prettier than she is (see pictures of her first and second calves). Sold August 2002

Beefmaster Cow
FH Easter Clown (Fork Creek 2-77 x Kevin's Heritage 1)

1996 U1-3 bull, sold to Tommy Barnett of TBB Beefmasters in August 2001. We kept 9 of his daughters for our herd. Great individual, great sire, great disposition. This picture doesn't begin to do him justice.  Flash
Flash (Cherokee Flash x 287-0 Seven Lazy Eleven)
Purebred Beefmaster Bull
FH Canadian Carnival (Flash x Cowie Owie)
FH Canadian Carnival, 1999 purebred, registered Beefmaster paint bull, pictured at 16 months. This bull was dynamite, with a massive frame. We sold him in November 2000 to a commercial herd.
Purebred Beefmaster Bull
Fern Hill Chernobyl (Flash x Easter)
FH Chernobyl, another 1999 registered Beefmaster paint bull, pictured at 15 months. This pretty, smooth bull sired two calves for us before we sold him in January 2001 to a commercial herd.

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